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Red Rising | Pierce Brown
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I am #overpowered by the number of books on my iPad. And this is after I took a ton off. #tuneinnovember

GlassAsDiamonds Do you delete them completely or just from the device? (Trying to decide how to handle some a *hated* then kept buying...🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️). 2y
LibrarianRyan I delete it so I can not see it at all. Mostly it's stuff I read. I do keep any notes or bookmarks in case I need it again. Only audiobooks we I delete the file but keep the book. And then it's not@ally a@space thing. Most audiobooks I won't listen to again so once I'm done I compleatly delete it so I can no long see it. Does that make sense? 2y
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Sybil | Flora Rheta Schreiber
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I bought this one a few years ago, and I still need to read it, but I think it's perfect for #TuneintoNovember #Overpowered. Sybil is one of the most famous cases of multiple personalities disorder. She is overpowered by blackouts when one of her 16 other personalities take over.

Cinfhen Excellent! 2y
IamIamIam I read this many years ago but I'm thinking it may be due for a reread! Enjoy! 2y
Kaylamburson You liked it @IamIamIam?? I need to move it up my TBR. 2y
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IamIamIam I remember liking it and the film with Sally Field is incredible! 2y
Lidia The film was great! I didn't know about the book but it sounds really interesting. 2y
Centique I loved the film too. Stacked! 2y
Kaylamburson I had no idea there was a film! I'll have to find that and watch it! @IamIamIam @lidia @Centique 2y
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Purple Hibiscus: A Novel | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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As my #litsypartyofone continues, I'm enjoying my first Adichie very much. Not easy to witness how #overpowered the 15-year-old main character and her family are from her father's ultra- strict interpretation of what it means to live a godly life.
This #tuneintonovember post is a day late because I looked up Roisin Murphy and listened to her album with the tagged song today- great stuff- thanks @Robothugs for introducing me to her 😃🎶

Robothugs Isn‘t she the best?! 😍 I‘m glad you found someone new to listen to through the challenge!! 2y
merelybookish Nice pic! 🍷📙☺️ 2y
Cinfhen Nice! Once again I'm echoing @Robothugs finding new songs & books #priceless 🏆 2y
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I really enjoyed this creature feature!! It‘s exciting, well-written and just plain fun! It‘s a darkly exciting sort-of sciencey #Fantasy that draws easy comparisons to similar books in the sub-genre with humans #Overpowered and fascinating creatures with a #Bellyful of manmeat! Hard to put down!! #NoteworthyNovember #TuneIntoNovember #YESvember17 @Jess7 @Cinfhen @Robothugs @Libby1

Robothugs I‘m sold! Stacked! 2y
Cinfhen Well played 💚#multitasking 2y
TorieStorieS @Cinfhen Thanks!! I was happy it worked out so fittingly!! 😊 2y
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Landline | Rainbow Rowell
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So on first listen, #overpowered sounds like a break-up song, and this was he first book I thought of as a recent read that was about (potentially) a breakup and all of the feelings that go along with that. It wasn‘t a favorite read for me, but it was pretty solid. #tuneintonovember @Robothugs @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Yay for listening to the lyrics😍 2y
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The Hatching: A Novel | Ezekiel Boone
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#TuneIntoNovember #day3 #Overpowered Playing catchup already, there's so many great photo challenges, I feel like I need to do them all but then I get really behind like last month and give up. So I'm keeping it to my fave 3. In The Hatching, the world is being overpowered by giant flesh eating spiders. This book made my skin crawl, j kept thinking something was crawling on me & freaking out. Plus the nightmares were awful. Not for arachnophobics!

Robothugs 😳 Totally don‘t think I could read this! 2y
Lizpixie @Robothugs @Cinfhen I have the sequel Skitter in my tbr mountain, not sure if I can handle more eight legged creepy crawlies! 2y
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Overpowered | Cheyanne Young
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Cinfhen Ha! 🙌🏻‼️ 2y
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#TuneIntoNovember #Overpowered I don't think I'm overpowered by them, but I do have several food & cookbooks with 'power' in the title or subtitle & after looking up this (unfamiliar to me) song's lyrics, they mention 'amaranth feelings' & brain oxy-toxins. Amaranth is grown & processed as food-it's GF & has protein & a host of other nutrients. Although I didn't go & look, it could easily be in one of these books. (See how I made that work?!)😆👍

Cinfhen That‘s why you get paid the big bucks 😘😘👍🏻💚 2y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen 😘😘😘 2y
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We Were the Mulvaneys | Joyce Carol Oates
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#tuneintonovember #overpowered

This novel is about a seemingly ideal, quirky and sweet family and how they are #overpowered by an awful event. I ended up absolutely hating a couple of them! It‘s beautifully written but tells how families can be awful which might be hard going depending on your head space. Still lots to think about in terms of feminism here. Made me reassess some assumptions for sure 😳

Updrifting One of my favorite bookish quotes is from Oscar Wilde about how after a good dinner, you can forgive anyone, "even one's own relations." ? 2y
Centique @Updrifting Oscar is an excellent man to quote. So many good ones. 😊 2y
Cinfhen I‘ve been wanting to read this for awhile....thanks for the reminder....would it work well for bookclub? 2y
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Cathythoughts Stacked ! And also wondering how it would work for a bookclub choice ? 👍 2y
Centique @Cinfhen @cathythoughts hmmm on the one hand there‘s HEAPS to discuss. On the other hand some people are likely to get so mad at the characters they won‘t want to keep reading. Sometimes that makes things interesting though right? 2y
andrew61 I loved this book but it made me so annoyed at the parents. 2y
Cinfhen I generally like books with unlikeable characters 2y
Centique @andrew61 I‘m exactly the same! I was spitting mad! I wish they were real so I could go give them an earful 😡 2y
Centique @Cinfhen this is a good one then! 👍😜 2y
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This Savage Song | Victoria Schwab
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In this duology, violent acts breed monsters, and if the humans aren't careful, they could easily be #Overpowered. #TuneIntoNovember

Cinfhen Intriguing blurb....👍🏻💓 2y
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