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How do y‘all find out about all these read-a-thons?😭 I feel like I‘m missing out on everything 🥺 haha

Emilymdxn @LitsyHappenings announces a lot of events like readathons! 4y
Nicole01070 @wanderinglynn @emilymdxn thank you both so much!😊😊😊 4y
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Maria514626 I find most of them by chance in my feed. 🤷‍♀️ @4thhouseontheleft and @StayCurious are hosting #summerfunbingo and #bookspin is going on this summer. Can‘t remember the host. I‘ll look it up. 4y
StayCurious You‘re more than welcome to join in on #Summerfun bingo! Let me know and I‘ll provide the sign up link. It goes until August 15. 4y
TheAromaofBooks Thanks for the tag @Maria514626!! Nicole, the other thing I used to do when I first started on Litsy was check the “trending hashtags“ & then see who was hosting those events. So #ReadYourSign is one of the trending hashtags right now & if you visit those posts you can tell that @Clwojick & @meaw_catlady are hosting because everyone is tagging them in those posts - then ask one of the hosts what it's all about!! 😁 4y
TheAromaofBooks I do host #BookSpin, which is a monthly challenge where people make a list of 20 books they've been meaning to read & then every month I draw 2 numbers & everyone tries to read those books from their list. So different from the readathons where folks set their own reading goals & try to achieve them within a certain amount of time. Right now I know that #MidyearRush readathon is going on (@Clwojick). The last weekend of every month is always ⬇ 4y
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) #24B4Monday (hosts - @Andrew65 @jb72 @sumisbooks), & recently @sace has started #CYOReadathon at the beginning of each month as well. Those are all challenges where you choose a goal (a certain amount of time or number of pages or number of books - whatever!!) & try to achieve it during the readathon. Hope this helps - just ask around - generally people hosting things love to have more people along for the fun & are very friendly!! 😊 4y
Eggs Thank you for the tag 💖 @wanderinglynn 4y
Clwojick @TheAromaofBooks said it all! 💙♥️🧡 2020 is definitely going to be know. As the year of the #Readathons. There is pretty much ALWAYS something going on! ☺️ I‘d suggest following all the people mentioned above, and search the #Readathon feed whenever you‘re looking for an upcoming event. Usually they‘re announced a few days or even a week ahead. 4y
jb72 @TheAromaofBooks Thanks for the tag! @SumisBooks holds the #24B4Monday the last weekend of every month. It‘s very relaxed. You set your own goals. Sometimes there is a theme, but it‘s never required to stick to any theme. It‘s all about just reading. Let me know if you have questions. The next one takes place this weekend. 4y
Eggs @Nicole01070 Looks like everyone covered the How-tos on finding readathons-are you new to Litsy? If so, a hearty welcome to you 🥳🎊 4y
Birdsong28 Check out @Andrew65 as he hosts readathons 4y
Sace Thanks for the tag @TheAromaofBooks! I really recommend #bookspin since that happens every month and has felt very low-key for me. There really are Readathons almost constantly 🤣 No one has mentioned it, but @DeweysReadathon will be on October 24th. Who runs #LitsyPartyOfOne now? 4y
Andrew65 @Emilymdxn Is @LitsyHappenings still announcing events? Last post for @LitsyHappenings was 4 months ago, (edited) 4y
Andrew65 @wanderinglynn Totally agree, if you check in with this small group of people you don‘t miss much. We don‘t have a life. 🤣😂🤣😂🤷‍♂️ @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @SumisBooks @Eggs @Clwojick @Meaw_catlady @TheSpineView 4y
Andrew65 As has been mentioned the #24B4Monday Readathon takes place the last Friday - Sunday of each month. And during lockdown I have been doing a nine day Readathon in the middle of the month (Saturday - following Sunday) where you can set your own goals. This has worked well around work commitments so likely to continue whilst people want to take part. 4y
Clwojick @Andrew65 I think I worded it perfectly the other day when I said my whole life revolves around taking part in one Readathon and then obsessively waiting for the next Readathon to start. It‘s a vicious/delicious circle! I think June may have been the best month yet! I‘ve joined 5-6 events (edited) 4y
Andrew65 @Clwojick Ditto! 🤣 Somehow I find time to run a school around these! 4y
Andrew65 @wanderinglynn Thanks for the tag 🥰 4y
AvidReader25 The @DeweysReadathon happens every April and Oct! 4y
TheSpineView Thanks for the tag! @wanderinglynn I try to repost info on the readathons and other things that I participate in 4y
DieAReader @Clwojick I‘m definitely on the same 📚track as you! Life is all about 🎶Readathons, Goodreads Group challenges & recently, Buddy Reads too! Focus is the name of the game!🧠 Also, I may fall into @Andrew65 No Life category too🤪🤷🏻‍♀️ 4y
Andrew65 @Squidget 😂😂😂 4y
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The One | John Marrs
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Can't wait to try this one. 🤣💖💕💗

#bookmail #reading #readers #24B4Monday #litsypartyofone #ilovebooks #readathon

Questions, Questions | Marcus Pfister
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Borrowing the graphic from my good friend @MrBook to ask a question of our Litsy community: even though we just had a #LitsyPartyOfOne a couple weeks ago, would you like another in the next couple of weeks? If you‘re like me, you‘re restricting activities and are keeping social distance. This would be a chance to party with that distance and help keep us connected. I‘m willing to host again. Let me know your thoughts.

Andrew65 We have got the next #24B4Monday Readathon 27th - 29th so #LitsyPartyofOne would be best next weekend or first weekend in April. Unless we merged them and had a#24B4MondayLitsyPartyofOne @SumisBooks @jb72 @Lynnsoprano (edited) 4y
TK-421 I‘m always happy to participate! Litsy Party of One is one of my favourite Litsy events! 4y
JacqMac I‘m always up for a Litsy party! 4y
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Lynnsoprano @Andrew65 @TK-421 @JacqMac I‘ve decided on the first weekend in April, since there‘s another bookathon next weekend. I‘m sorry to say that I think this is going to be with us for a while. We‘re going to need all the diversions we can get. 4y
Andrew65 @Lynnsoprano Totally agree, the U.K. government are talking about 4 months! 4y
JacqMac @Lynnsoprano I agree. I will be here. Trying to escape my family that I have been trapped with for much too long. I love them and all, but I‘ll be ready for a little introvert time. 4y
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The Hunting Party | Lucy Foley
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Rustic garlic bread, Brie, local olive oil and Tuscan seasoning dipping sauce, grapes, turkey sausage, resers garden pasta salad, and sun tea. My belated #litsypartyofone. The book caught me in the first chapter, a group of friends go to a Scottish hunting retreat and a guest goes missing in the dead of winter.

BridgetteM This spread looks divine! 4y
Crazeedi Yum! My kind of meal 4y
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Untitled | Unknown
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A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in #Litsypartyofone this weekend. I had a lot of fun hosting. With traveling and babysitting, I wasn‘t able to respond to all your posts, but I appreciate everyone who dropped by. Littens know how to eat as well as read 😄 We‘ll do it again soon, on a weekend where I can be a better host.

Eggbeater Thanks for hosting! That was fun! 4y
Jas16 Lovely photo! 4y
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As the Crow Flies | Damien Boyd
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Following a positive review for this book during February‘s #24B4Monday Readathon I picked up the first book in The Nick Dixon Series. I really enjoyed this one, which was a quick read and quite a short book. Enjoyed the storyline and the central characters. Looking forward to moving onto book 2 which already downloaded. If you are part of Kindle Unlimited this is free as an ebook and an audiobook.

TheAromaofBooks Ooo I have KU right now so I may have to check this one out!! 4y
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Going to see how much of these beauties I can get through today! I'm armed with snacks and tea! 😀📚💕 #wotreread #litsypartyofone @Lynnsoprano @MrBook @Alisnazzy

GingerAntics I‘ve heard really good things about Dune. It‘s on my wishlist. 4y
HOTPock3tt The priory of the orange tree starts a little slow, but I liked it ☺️ 4y
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The Unquiet Past | Kelley Armstrong
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More #LitsyPartyofOne... I put Interesting Times aside & switched to The Unquiet Past while I eat my oatmeal. I‘m only a few pages in and my interest is piqued. And I‘m a sucker for characters that love books 📚 ❤️ Love the 💔 description of how Tess feels with the loss of her books: “Gone. Her books were gone too. Tales of wild adventure and faraway places. And with them gone, it felt as if her dreams had burned to cinder.” 😭

The Cruel Prince | Holly Black
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I love when I have bookish merch that matches a #currentread. And I‘ve got quite a few Folk of the Air inspired items around the house! Using this lovely throw blanket this afternoon.

#OwlCrate #OwlCrateSociety #LitsyPartyofOne

tracey38 Yes, I loved getting this throw in the owlcrate box! That was probably one of my favorite boxes. I was a little worried about the quality when I heard we were getting a throw that month, but was very pleasantly surprised. 💜📚 4y
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