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Boyfriend's dad lent me two of his favourite books of Clive Barker's short stories. So naturally I jumped in, the first book has obviously been well loved and shows signs of being read again and again. So high hopes of some big scares within these pages!

#sleepwiththelightson #horrorfiction

WrittenCasey 'Jack and the Yattering'! 2y
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Hell House | Richard Matheson
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These made me #sleepwiththelightson
I just read Hell House last year. It creeped me out! That was a believable ghost story (for the most part). Realistically scary!
At twelve I couldn't finish the Shining. I'm hoping to try again.
As a tween I totally believed the Amityville Horror was true (of course I believed in Bigfoot and Nessie too).

I still can't walk by a sewer grate thanks to King.

Exorcist. There are no words.

Sweet dreams #Littens

Reagan-reads Oooh The Amityville Horror scared me really badly as a teenager. 2y
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The Shining | Stephen King
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#splashintosummerreads day 28 #sleepwiththelightson it's quite difficult for a book to scare me but there was something about the raggedy man that creeped me the heck out and The Shining was was probably the creepiest book I've ever read😰

The Creek | Jennifer L. Holm
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I first read this in 5th grade and have read it several times since. Every time I'm tempted to #SleepWithTheLightsOn. #SplashIntoSummerReads

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Harvest HOme | Thomas Tryon
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I read this one summer when I was home from college. Mom's copy has a cover that gave nothing away (this one's from Google) but she told me not to read it at night especially if I was home alone. But it starts so innocuously that I forgot her warning and had to #sleepwiththelightson! #splashintosummerreads @Tiffy_Reads

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I recently read The Other and liked it! I have this one in my TBR. Need to bump up! 2y
Lcsmcat @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled, Just don't read it alone at night! 😉 2y
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Haunted: A Novel | Chuck Palahniuk
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#sleepwiththelightson #splashintosummerreads

Got to love a glow-in-the-dark cover on a Palahnuik book! 😱

Read4life Wow 2y
vivastory This & Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore (another glow in the dark) are on my bedside table. 2y
Jabberwocky COOL! 2y
dragondrool I had my copy for almost two years before I noticed d it glows. 2y
nosferatoos I have had this book for so long and I didn't know it glowed 😮 2y
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This made me #SleepWithTheLightsOn. I read this as a teen, when I lived in a house that my mom and I fully believed was haunted. Strange stuff happened there, and at night there was always a strong sensation of a presence in the upstairs hall that made the hair stand up on the back of your neck. I wouldn't read this book until me and my cat were in bed for the night with the door shut and locked. #SlashIntoSummerReads @Tiffy_Reads

bobregina Oh I have to read this 😛 2y
batsy I can't imagine reading a horror story about a haunted house in a house that felt haunted 😨 2y
Laura317 The book and the movie - both gave me nightmares! 2y
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Varshitha Wow,, you are brave!! 😄 2y
AmyG I loved this boook. Read it when t came out. Horror was a favorite. 2y
JessClark78 @batsy Horror has been one of my favorite genres for years. I did have a lot of vivid nightmares when I lived in that house. 2y
kalinichta I just read this book a few years ago, and the writing style struck me as tabloid-style sensationalism - and either despite that or because of it, it was a fun read. I saw the movie when I was a kid, and I still give side-eye to houses with those fan-shaped windows. 2y
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The Surgeon | Tess Gerritsen
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This is one I bailed on a couple years ago, simply because it freaked me out. A serial killer who breaks into the homes of single women and pretty much butchers them. Hit a little too close to home. #SleepWiththeLightsOn #SplashIntoSummerReads

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I #SleepWithTheLightsOn most nights. Not because I'm scared of the monsters, I just tend to fall asleep reading.

I don't actually care why I shouldn't do it.



Blueberry True that. 2y
tpixie Me too ! Light for Reading or tv on! Lol or Reading Litsy!!!! 2y
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