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All the birds singing (#Music to my ears 😉) has been on my TBR for a while. Hoping to get to it by the end of the year....along with all the other ones I‘ve convinced myself I‘ll get to! #movember

Cathythoughts Lovely cover & sounds really good 👍❤️ 1mo
Cinfhen Or you could wait until #Booked2020 .... this would work for a prompt #SneakPeek 1mo
JennyM @Cinfhen oooo, happy days! My groaning end of year TBR says thank you! 😆 1mo
JennyM @Cathythoughts it‘s been one that I‘ve been meaning to get to...gets looks of praise 1mo
Cathythoughts Cindy is really teasing us with her #sneakpeek 😂😂 @Cinfhen 1mo
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The Confession | Jessie Burton
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Currently reading. Thoughts?

Maude I really liked The Miniturest(sp?) By her and I love that cover!! 1mo
Cinfhen Great cover!!! Is this new?!?!? I don‘t think I‘m familiar with this title 1mo
ju.ca.no I love the cover😻😻 1mo
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Tashreads @Cinfhen Yes, it was released in October I think (not sure about US release dates). Isn‘t it a gorgeous cover 😍😍😍 1mo
Cinfhen This sounds really good!!! And so different from her other books #stacked 1mo
Cinfhen PS @Cathythoughts this book would work for a few #Booked2020 prompts 😜#SneakPeek 1mo
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen you are a divil 😂😂😂( I‘m stacking 👍 1mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Ahhhh! When will you publish the prompts? 1mo
Cinfhen Just waiting for the sign up form to be completed @BarbaraBB hopefully by the end of today 🤞🏽🤞🏽 1mo
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Ooops. It happened again.... 😅


MStew Same addiction I have 😖 1y
MrBook 😆😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1y
Bookiewookie1 I‘m about to do the same. Taking my wife to the used book/video game store to get games for HER birthday. Pretty sure I will end up with plenty of books for me! 1y
TheSpineView No need to feel bad you are among fellow addicts... I mean friends! 😉 1y
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A Midsummer Night's Dream | William Shakespeare
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"O, teach me how you look, and with what art You sway the motion of Demetrius' heart."

Coming in 2016! #OOPtee #sneakpeek #miltonglaser

todd Very excited for this one! 4y
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