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I thought this was a fun murder mystery. (I do question what it says about me that I can so easily put fun and murder next to each other in a sentence ?.) Ernest joins his family in a reunion of sorts at a ski lodge as they wait for his newly released from prison brother to arrive. There is lots of family drama à la Knives Out. It may have wrapped up too easily, but it worked for me and I only had it partially figured out. I will read the next ⬇️

TheBookHippie I enjoy The Godfather immensely 🖤 it‘s so calming 🤣😅 8h
Bookzombie @TheBookHippie Yep, totally get it! 7h
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Burnt Shadows: A Novel | Kamila Shamsie
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LeeRHarry I loved this one too 😊 19h
Cinfhen Great choice 💜 18h
BarbaraBB Wow! I loved this one as well 13h
Librarybelle Lots of love for this one…I may have to try it 9h
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The Invisible Library | Genevieve Cogman
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I chose this for #booked2023 #gaslightfantasy, since it was on my TBR shelf already. 🙂

I‘d say it also falls into urban fantasy, taking place in Londons (yes multiple) and having the typical UF cast (vampires/fay/werewolves/etc) and also somewhat steampunky.

For me, more so-so but almost low pick? Fun but won‘t stick with me at all.

Cinfhen I bailed on this one - just wasn‘t my thing 1d
Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 1d
TheSpineView Great job 20h
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I loved this book about two lonely teenagers, finding eachother one summer in the 90s, over the arts. They value what the other adds to what they themselves do and the result is a poster with a strange text, going viral before going viral even existed.
A highly original book, it might very well be my favorite Wilson!

(Pic: Chefchaouen, Morocco)

#BirthdayPixieReadathon #Booked2023 #weird
#52books #ScriptFontOnSpine

Librarybelle I need to read this one! 1d
BkClubCare Have you seen the interview about the phrase? It is word for word from the author‘s own experience. He seems like a great guy. 1d
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Megabooks So glad you loved it! 1d
MicheleinPhilly Great photo! Is it stairs upon stairs upon stairs like Santorini? 1d
rmaclean4 Interested in reading this one. 1d
ImperfectCJ I'm listening to the audiobook of this one today! 1d
Cinfhen I loved this one too!! And another fabulous photo 😁 1d
CarolynM I have a copy of this on my shelf. Bumping it up the TBR 🙂 1d
Deblovestoread I‘m loving all your pictures 💜 1d
BarbaraBB @BkClubCare No! Where can I find it? 1d
BarbaraBB @MicheleinPhilly It does remind me of Greece indeed! Stairs upon stairs indeed! 1d
BarbaraBB @Deblovestoread Thanks 💙 1d
BarbaraBB @Megabooks I loved it as much as 1d
BarbaraBB @ImperfectCJ I hope you do enjoy it as much as I did. (edited) 1d
IuliaC Love all these photos! 😍 Enjoy your time there! 1d
BarbaraBB @IuliaC Thank you 😊 23h
batsy What a stunning photo! 💙 22h
BkClubCare @BarbaraBB - let me look! It was on the Today show with Jenna Bush. https://www.today.com/video/kevin-wilson-talks-new-book-now-is-not-the-time-to-p... (edited) 20h
sarahbarnes Amazing photo! 18h
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Suburban Hell | Maureen Kilmer
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Four suburban moms unknowingly release an evil presence while attempting to build a she-shed in one of their backyards. Even though I thought this was pretty predictable I enjoyed it and it probably would have been even better on audio. I laughed a good bit. It‘s definitely horror-lite. It would probably make a fun movie. #booked2023 #featuringneighbors

TheBookHippie Well this looks fun!!! 2d
Cinfhen Sounds hilarious 😂 2d
Hooked_on_books I heard about this on a podcast and put it on hold on audio several weeks ago. It sounds like fun! 2d
Bookzombie @TheBookHippie @Cinfhen I also think she says some truthful things about being a woman and a mom (I‘m not a mom, but recognized it). In general, it‘s just fun. 7h
Bookzombie @Hooked_on_books I look forward to your review of the audio version. 🙂 7h
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Weyward: A Novel | Emilia Hart
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“Perhaps one day… there will be a safer time, when women could walk the Earth, shining bright with power, and yet live.”

I adored this witchy tale about the strength women can possess within when they allow themselves to find it. It weaves 3 stories over 4 centuries, and I loved the way it all came together, especially in the second half of the book.
#52bookclub23 #featuringaninheritance #booked2023 #newin2023

Bluebird Sounds great! I love the cover! 2d
Librarybelle I‘m excited to read this one! 2d
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LeeRHarry Yes! I loved this one! Picked up the US copy whilst I was over there on holiday 😊 it‘s gorgeous! 2d
LaraReads @LeeRHarry yes! So gorgeous! And it rarely happens that the US covers are better than the UK ones, but this one wins! 2d
Cinfhen I‘m so put off on witchy tales since reading When women could Fly but this book sounds & looks great!!!! I might have to #BorrowNotBuy (edited) 2d
Cinfhen LOVE your photo ♥️Hope you‘re feeling better!!! 2d
squirrelbrain @cinfhen - I read the two books almost at the same time, and this one is NOTHING like The Women Could Fly. (ie it‘s fabulous!) 🤣 2d
Cinfhen Ha 🤭 @squirrelbrain 🙌🏻✨Hopefully I‘ll borrow it next month on #Scribd 2d
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Untitled | Anonymous
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repost for @Cinfhen, @BarbaraTheBibliophage, @alisiakae,

🔔Friendly Reminder 🥳It‘s almost time for our next #Booked2023 prize drawing🥰 while we LOVE to see your posts on Litsy we only count those who submit the Google doc 🤓 You have until Midnight April 3 to submit all books read between Jan 1-March 31, 2023 🧭 to enter the #FirstQuarterDrawing:

Here‘s the link: https://forms.gle/DJJdqbFZydvy9ndv7

Cinfhen Thanks for the repost!!! 3d
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Peter Darling | Austin Chant
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#TransRightsReadathon Book 1
This book was a hauntingly beautiful queer reimagination of Peter Pan in which Wendy Darling escapes to Neverland to become his true self again as Peter, ten years after he left it to return home. But the world is not as he remembered and holds no joy except for when he is fighting his nemesis James Hook. With Peter grown up, their rivalry begins to shift dynamics. What's real or imagined is blurred and both men ↩️

peanutnine must face the demons they left behind in the real world. 3d
TheBookHippie Well stacked!! 3d
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The Poet X | Elizabeth Acevedo
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I loved this uplifting story of a young woman from the Dominican Republic who finds herself through her love of poetry. It‘s YA, but this mature reader felt all the feels for X and her struggles.The themes of questioning religion(Catholicism) and mother/ daughter conflict spoke to me.Thank you Litsy for bringing this to my attention! Thank you #booked2023 for including the prompt #quietyabook.
I listened to the audio which was wonderful!

DivineDiana Photo of the author. #ineedtogotoapoetryslam 4d
SamAnne I don‘t read much YA and I absolutely loved this spoken word novel! It gives me the feels that there is literature like this out in the universe for YA. 4d
Texreader How wonderful!! 3d
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This was ... fine? Perhaps my expectations were so high after having loved a number of Hibbert's other books. YA romance with good rep, but it just failed to fully engage me.

Fills New in 2023 for #Booked2023 @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen @alisiakae
also HB Author prompt for #hbreadingembrace

Cinfhen I read a different book by this author and I thought it was cute but the hype kind of over sold my expectations 😜 4d
Lauredhel @Cinfhen yes, I started the Brown books before reading hype and really loved them, definitely my catnip 4d
TheLudicReader I am currently reading this at school and I am finding it delightful. I haven‘t ever read this author before, though. 3d
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