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Don Quixote: World Classics | Miguel Cervantes
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Bookish Christmas goodies! 😍

Eyelit Here and Daytripper are really good! That cover of Starless Sea is fun! 4w
Avidreader25 @Eyelit They‘ve both been on my wishlist for a long time! 4w
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Two Brothers | Bernardo Atxaga
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Batch 4 of my #bookhaul from my library buys! 😊

Have you read any of these?!

#LitsyLovesLibraries #MrBooksBooks

rwmg Longitude 1mo
umbrellagirl Longitude 1mo
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Berta Isla: A novel | Javier Maras
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These are my library books due in the next week. Will I finish any or all? I have 16 more library books due in the following 2 weeks. Our library allows 25 books at a time to be checked out, for a 3 week term. I try to read in order of due dates, but for some books I read out of order if I can‘t wait.

Don Quixote: World Classics | Miguel Cervantes
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When you trying to read for the #wintergames but your dog decides to lay on it and stare at you until you give up. Fine, pup, I just wont ever finish this book.

@LibrarianRyan #teamelectricsex

StayCurious I can relate haha 2mo
Crazeedi Like my kitty is playing with my phone right this moment as I'm trying to read the posts!! Lol 😁 2mo
LibrarianRyan Baby!!!! Yeah. +16 for a #selfie with a friend or family member. 2mo
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Don Quixote: World Classics | Miguel Cervantes
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Embarking on a quest to revive chivalry suggests that Alonso Quixano (better known as Don Quixote de La Mancha) was #LivingForLove

#Movember @Cinfhen

Cinfhen LOVE this illustration ❣️ 2mo
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Don Quixote | Cervantes
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TheBookHippie I saw this opera it was stunning! 2mo
Aimeesue ML! I love Modern Library editions. ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
Lcsmcat @TheBookHippie The Massenet or the Kienzl? 2mo
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Lcsmcat @Aimeesue Me too! But this one is bigger than most of them! 2mo
OriginalCyn620 👍🏻📚 2mo
TheBookHippie @Lcsmcat Massenet! 2mo
Lcsmcat That‘s the one I‘m more familiar with. You‘d think I‘d have read the book by now. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2mo
CoffeeNBooks I read this last year, and it was great! 2mo
jewright I really want this in a parallel copy, but I haven‘t found one yet. 2mo
Lcsmcat @jewright I don‘t read Spanish, so I‘m just hoping it‘s a good translation. 2mo
Graywacke One I need to read too. Nice edition! 2mo
Lcsmcat @Graywacke Maybe after we work our way through Cather‘s oeuvres we can tackle Cervantes! 2mo
Graywacke @Lcsmcat I'm happy to pencil that in for 2020. 2mo
Lcsmcat @Graywacke 👍🏻 2mo
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Don Quixote | Cervantes
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Yes I abandoned this one and yes I have it 2 stars anyways. I actually love Don Quixote and Sancho. I loved it every time they bantered or fought giant windmills and charged at people who he thought were the “enemy” and be all
Bumbling. Those are the bits I Loved and how positive he always stayed, searching for love.

But the short stories throughout took me out of the story. So I bailed

RachelAmphlett Omg, i tried to read this years ago and bailed! Such a shame as the concept always fascinated me! 2mo
Booklover2 I wanted to love it with all my heart 2mo
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Don Quixote | Cervantes
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Oh, Don Quixote! You‘re on my to read list, along with so many other #chunkster classics! I do know of his reputation...tilting at windmills, thinking he is a knight, etc. #TheSwordFight #SoaringScores

#SebastianKitty wanted in the photo too! #catsoflitsy

Cinfhen This is one book I‘m not interested in tackling #PageCountPhobia 3mo
Librarybelle Totally understand, @Cinfhen ! 3mo
ravenlee I‘ve tried to read this several times and never get more than a few pages in. Sigh. 3mo
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Tamra This past summer I enjoyed the first book mainly, but it seemed to get repetitive. Silly misunderstandings lead to shenanigans, repeat. Add in exaggerated chivalric love. 3mo
Dragon 😻 3mo
CrowCAH This is on my TBR too! 3mo
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Don Quixote: World Classics | Miguel Cervantes
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I‘m stuck in the 20th century as far as literary critique of this one goes; critics in that era came to view the story as a tragedy, where Don Quixote‘s simple idealism is rendered useless by a harsh reality. Sure, there are plenty of quick quips and slapstick encounters, but really, the truth at the heart of the story is terribly sad. Full review here: http://keepingupwiththepenguins.com/don-quixote-miguel-de-cervantes-saavedra/ #ClassicBooks

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