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Me Talk Pretty One Day | David Sedaris
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This book was too familiar to me, from his childhood visits to a speech pathologist to becoming an "ex-pat" (that term also always felt wrong to me, so I am happy he brought it up). Instead of French, I was taking Italian classes, which I had to pass to be a resident. I could relate to so many of his stories. Laughed a lot! ♥️

This was my #25 of the November #Roll100. Glad I was able to get one read this month.

PuddleJumper Brilliant! 2mo
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The Graveyard Book | Neil Gaiman
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*All of my bookish prompts are packed away so digital edits will have to suffice for now.*

The Graveyard Book
by Neil Gaiman

🖤 2022 challenge prompt: #25 - favorite author's favorite book
🖤 November bingo prompt: recommended by a parent
🖤 Bookish First bingo prompt: Author has written YA and adult

Original, oddly satisfying and well-written. This was my first Neil Gaiman book but definitely won't be my last.

Dead Boy | Yoko Tanaka, Laurel Gale
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#Scarathlon22 #TeamMonsterMash

#ScarathlonDailyPrompt #25 zombie Cute but sad story

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Post- 1 point
Total= 6 points


City of Ghosts | Victoria Schwab
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@PuddleJumper #roll100 Had already read #25 so switched o #26.

PuddleJumper Nice! 3mo
tokorowilliamwallace Yay! I've got to hurry up and finish this Winchester already, too! 3mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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I am super busy at the moment but wanted to get this out early again. So no pretty dice this month but my Dwarven cleric who hasn‘t decided which god to follow and licks stone to determine its age has rolled for Novembers #roll100

Roll 1 = 63

Roll 2 = 92

Roll 3 = 25

Tag me at @puddlejumper so I can snoop on everyone's reading

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Read4life Thank you for posting these amidst your busy schedule. It really is appreciated. 🤓 3mo
PuddleJumper @Read4life Babysitting my six year old niece then taking the rest of the week off to recover 🤣 3mo
claudiuo Thank you so much for posting these, you are awesome! As for books, I've read #25, closest is #30 Thin Air by Richard K. Morgan. Same for #92, I will use the ill-fated #100 which I still haven't read even if it came up 3 times already. Also #63 I read a couple months ago, closest is #59: The Last Librarian by Brandt Legg.
Thanks a lot again and wish you a restful end of the week!
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 3mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo Wow! You are crushing it! 3mo
Clwojick Seriously hoping you‘ll be continuing with this for next year, as I‘ve already started compiling two separate lists for my Chirp audiobook backlog, and my NetGalley backlog. I feel like I‘ll have better luck with the audiobooks, as opposed to doing physical books like I did this year. 3mo
PuddleJumper @Clwojick Yes, I'll be carrying it on 3mo
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Spin the Dawn | Elizabeth Lim
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This is the first book in the Blood of Stars series by Elizabeth Lim. I liked that the heroine (pretending to be her brother) was a seamstress and made beautiful garments with her grandmother‘s magic scissors. There‘s also an enchanter who discovers her secret. I am anxious to read Book #2! #52 #BookSpin #25 #BFC22 #ReadMyRoom #BOOKED2022 set in China #FAIRYTALECHALLENGE Mulan #SERIES2022 #Pantone2022Colour BlueberrySpicyMustard #TheRoyalReadathon

TheSpineView Awesome! 💜📖 9mo
Cinfhen Sounds great!!! 9mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 9mo
Clwojick 🤍🤍🤍 9mo
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Birds of California | Katie Cotugno
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Dammit, dammit, dammit. I just KNEW what her trauma was but kept hoping I was wrong. Still, this was an AMAZING story. You can‘t help but root for Fiona and Sam; they‘re likable enough to keep you drawn in and wanting more. Sam is painted kind of like a dumb jock, but he‘s not. Fiona might be a fictional Amanda Bynes. Book #25 in 2022

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The Wild Robot | Peter Brown
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Read the first of these 2 books for a Nature read for #Hikeathon and HAD to read the sequel to find out what happened to ROZ, the Wild Robot! The story fed the geeky part of my brain and also warmed the mother in me. That‘s all I will say, but you should listen/read these. The narrator was fantastic, too. #46 & #47 #BookSpin #24 & #25 #BFC22 #SERIES2022 #Pantone2022Colour Loden Frost & Chiseled Stone #Hikeathon #MiddleGradeReads

TheAromaofBooks I'm in love with these covers!! 9mo
wanderinglynn I‘m going to check these out! 9mo
Clwojick They look adorable! 💖 9mo
Wife I love them too!❤️ 9mo
TheSpineView Fabulous! 9mo
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Swan Point | Sherryl Woods

Book #25 for 2022 and the final book in the Sweet Magnolias series. I've never read a whole series (excluding Twilight) before. It was fun and I'm a little sad that it's over now.

Shakespeare's Christmas | Charlaine Harris
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Still having trouble relating to this main character. I want to like her, but there are details about her personality that are missing. References to habits or peeves that have no context. On to the fourth book of the series to see if we answer any of my nagging questions. #25-2022