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Purple Pickle Juice | Mercer Mayer, Erica Farber
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#ucflae32414f19 Purple Pickle Juice is a story about a monster named Thistle who wants to grow. Thistle creates a potion that she uses every day to grow, in hopes that she actually will. Will Thistles potion actually work? Or will Thistle learn to love herself just the way she is? This story is great for second grade readers and has a great message to it that kids can relate to.

KevinKantola Book looks like a great read 👍 1w
CPettersen This book looks so cute and colorful! Definitely a fun read for around Halloween! 1w
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This F book is written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown. It is about Jasper picking a carrot out of the ground and hearing a strange noise. But he turned around and didn‘t see anything except the carrots. However, carrots soon start following him everywhere from the bathroom to late at night. It is a Caldecott Honor as well. #ucflae3414f19

maciforster This book would be great for a RA, especially around Halloween. This website has some great ideas on activities you can do with your students: https://mrswillskindergarten.com/creepy-carrots-lesson-plans/ 1w
maciforster I think it can tie into UDL principle 2.4 in case some students are unfamiliar with the theme of Halloween. The EL strategy #20 to help with the vocabulary 1w
Alexush The class I‘m volunteering for did the cutest activity for this book and loved it! 1w
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Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown is a classic Caldecott winning F picture book. It tells the story of a Jasper Rabbit who gets followed by some creepy carrots, with a sweet and unexpected ending. The way Brown illustrated this book is a work of art itself, as a color coding enthusiast the color scheme was not unnoticed nor unappreciated. This is the perfect book for a Fall time RA. #UCFLAE3414F19

karlasanabria1 https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/books/creepy-carrots-by-mr-aaron-reynolds/ is an excellent Scholastic resource for all educators to be aware of. The UDL Guideline I‘d attach to this book is optimizing relevance, value, and authenticity (7.2). The ESOL Strategy I‘d follow would be simplifying your speech by making it slower and redundant (14). 2w
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A Discovery of Witches | Deborah E. Harkness
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I started the first book in the trilogy Saturday and just finished up today. Really enjoyed all the nerding out over scientific history that I wanted to keep going. Ended up picking the other two up at the book and about to start the next one.

@HOTPock3tt why didn‘t you tell me this was so good????

#witchy #witch #spooky #allsoulstrilogy #trilogy #mpls #twibcities

MellieAntoinette Love this series!! 2w
HOTPock3tt @Schnoebs Girl! I LOVE this series!! 😍🙌🏽 but I feel like it‘s an acquired taste. It doesn‘t appeal to everyone unfortunately 😐 so I‘m always careful when I recommend it 😅but I freakin loved it! And the TV series too! 2w
Schnoebs @HOTPock3tt I definitely want to check out the show after I‘m done with the series!!!! I‘m enjoying all the references to major people in history and I know there‘s going to be so much more in book 2 (20 pages in) 2w
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HOTPock3tt @Schnoebs Omg book 2! Lots of nerding out to be done there! 😃 tag me so we can chat about it!! 🙃🤗 (edited) 2w
Schnoebs @HOTPock3tt oh, I definitely plan on it lol 2w
Schnoebs @HOTPock3tt for now I can definitely say thank god for feminism and our right to get out of petticoats and corsets and into comfy pants!!! 2w
Schnoebs @HOTPock3tt I just finished the part with the wedding and then saying goodbye to Philippe. My heart. I can‘t. That was all too much emotion for not even getting to the halfway point of the book 😭😭😭 2w
HOTPock3tt Omg I loved their wedding!! It was so romantic that it was set in Elizabethan times and I loved their wedding night!!! 😎 I thought it was sweet that he made her wait lol 🤣 and Philippe was SUCH a father to her. I loved his acceptance of her. He was truly a charismatic and dynamic character!! Wow I need to reread this book! There is so much more to come in the second part!!! 😁 @Schnoebs (edited) 2w
HOTPock3tt I saw on goodreads that you‘re on the third book now! Second book spoilers ===> Omg how much did you love Diana learning about her powers with that coven in Elizabethan England!! 😃and Corra her firedrake! Plus Queen Elizabeth herself was a pretty fun character with her tantrums as well as Diana‘s father with his time walking!! 🤗 the only thing I missed was “the house” in present day and how witchy and strange it is!!” And her aunts 😎 2w
Schnoebs @HOTPock3tt The amount of times I cried over the father child relationships in this book were insane! I loved it so much! Gallowglass was definitely my favorite but Philippe was so amazing and thought so far ahead for how his actions will be taken in the future. I also loved everything about them starting their little family. I knew Diana learned so much there but I didn‘t realize the level until seeing it start to come up in book 3! 2w
HOTPock3tt Phillip REALLY adored her as his own daughter and took care of her!! It made me cry too how much he planned for her future and thought so far ahead to protect her. She was lucky to have TWO amazing fathers!!! And gallowglass‘ secret love for her was 🥰 one of my fave things about this series is how many layers each characters has!! Gallowglass and Philippe especially! And Diana became SUCH a powerful witch when she went into the past! LOVE!! ❤️ 2w
HOTPock3tt @Schnoebs Btw I‘m still not over how sexy their honeymoon was!!! 😍 Deb harkness writes sexy scenes so well, I wish she wrote more of them!! I know she doesn‘t want her books to be about that 🤣but STILL!! 😃 (edited) 2w
Schnoebs @HOTPock3tt yes 🙌🙌🙌🙌 those scenes were 🔥🔥🔥 2w
Schnoebs @HOTPock3tt omg, I just got to the part where Diana see‘s Gallowglass‘s tattoo!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my heart can‘t handle this. This is not ok 3d
HOTPock3tt It‘s totally not ok!!!! 😭😫it was SO sad yet brilliantly written! Especially with how he protected her and waited for her for like 500 years!! Not even with so much as a KISS in return! So sad yet so sweet that my little heart can‘t take it 😔 @Schnoebs 3d
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Imaginary Friend | Steven Chbosky
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October was a productive month for me. Really enjoyed these, but Imaginary Friend gets top billing for all the #spooky vibes! 🎃
Happy Halloween!!!

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Been a fan of Splat The Cat, he is so full of mischief and fun!! And Halloween is no exception.
#teamslaughter #scarathon #halloweentheme @Clwojick

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#scarathlon #teamstoker #halloween

21 points - Halloween book read and participation

jb72 Did you get this one @TheReadingMermaid 3w
TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 3w
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#Spooktober Day29 #Graveyard

I‘ve had this set of books for nearly 25 years. You might be able to see that the pages are separating from the cover from its many reads. ... Years ago I saw Walter Wick at a children‘s book tour, and it was fascinating to see how the photos were taken.

ValerieAndBooks My kids loved those books, too! We didn't have all of them, though. I even made an “I Spy“ quilt years ago -- I'll try to post a picture of that soon. 3w
Eggs Great choice!! 3w
marleed @ValerieAndBooks I pulled these out and it felt like I was going through our photo album. We studied them so often! 3w
marleed @Eggs oh thanks! And good thing I submitted as I then looked at my calendar to insure it was indeed the 29th. No it isn‘t! Tomorrow is Halloween and I need to go buy some candy! 3w
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The Halloween Tree | Ray Bradbury
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@megzlynn w/another insightful review.
"The #Halloween Tree is a quintessential Halloween story....The book started off great....The ending was #heartwarming and satisfying....All in all, it was a quick read. It would be perfect for kids this time of year. It was #spooky and fun."

Check out of the rest of her review here!


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It's the terrible town on the hideous hill -- and Joy Wells is a proud resident. A fan of classic horror stories, Joy is convinced that famous author E. A. Peugeot based his spine-tingling tales on Spooking. Take the eerie similarities between the nearby swamp and the setting of his masterpiece, "The Bawl of the Bog Fiend." Could the story be true? Could the bog fiend be on the loose?
I love this cover ?
#spooked #spooktober

Eggs Bog fiends and spooks and swamps-oh my!! 3w
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