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A creative beginning. And one that had me hooked. If you want to find out more, I suggest you read this book. I am enjoying it immensely. #currentlyreading #recommendsday #tw #emotionalread ❤️🖤📖

Oryx I love this book. 😍 1y
ruskigurl16 @Oryx I loved it, too 1y
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Bait | Alex Sanchez
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April Bookstagram Day 15. (1 of 2)

This is one of my Gay YA hoardings back in the early 2010‘s and I‘m very happy with how this book turned out.

I highly recommend it over the author‘s other books but #tw to abuse and PTSD.

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Gag me. This is disgusting. Did a contains spoiler for a trigger warning #tw #triggerwarning


"You can no longer figure out what it is that moves other people to bustle about out there in the world, doing errands, rushing to appointments, picking up a child from school. You have lost the thread that pulled the circumstances of your life together. Nothing adds up, and all you can think about is the raw nerve of pain that your mind has become. And, once again, how merciful it would be to yourself and others to extinguish this pain."

mrozzz 😭 have to read this ASAP 2y
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The Casual Vacancy | J.K. Rowling
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Though expecting a Rowling stunner as her other books suggest, I struggled to get into this novel. I found the characters interesting though not very likable, and the text rather long-winded. To Rowling's credit, she did not hold back in going for an honest and diverse depiction of human nature and small-town life. The convergence and subtlety of the ending was very well done. Something to relate to or learn in here for all. Worth the read! #tw

The Misremembered Man | Christina McKenna
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#TW "The others stood silent as the blows fell, trying not to look, staring straight ahead. Each boy counted & suffered each stroke; each boy knew the indignity of wetting his own bed and frequently endured the humiliation dealt out by the merciless nun. One morning a boy woke up on a dry, spotless sheet, relieved; the next morning he woke up wet. There was nothing he could do but pray it wouldn't happen" Heart rending #somethingforsept #uglycry

Onioons The flashbacks to a child's life in institutional abuse were so harrowing I would have abandoned this so many times. But the present was really beautiful. A bachelor and a woman who cared for her mother each put a personal ad in the local paper seeking love later in life. Utterly gorgeous & made me cry out loud ❤️ 3y
RealLifeReading Wow that's intense! 3y
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