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Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains | Jan Mader
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An introduction to the Rocky Mountains, the largest mountain chain in North America.
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Rocky Mountains | Jan Mader
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Day 5: #nature

The one advantage of our cross-country move last summer is that I get to be regularly astonished by the beauty of the mountains!


RachelO Stunning! 1mo
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Rocky Mountains | Jan Mader
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I have been M.I.A. for a while as my girlfriend and I moved cross-country from Philly to Colorado. It has been intense and very stressful, but there end is near. I'm back in PA for a couple weeks to wrap up some stuff, and I wanted to share the view from our backyard as I celebrate my 3rd Litsy-versary. I hope to get back to normal shortly 😁

ShyBookOwl Wow! 2mo
MicheleinPhilly Beautiful! We‘ll miss you in Philly but I have no doubt you guys will thrive there. Happy Litsyversary! 2mo
Bookwormjillk That‘s a big move! 2mo
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AmyG I moved from NJ to CO in July 2018. Yes...it was very stressful. But when you get settled and acclimated....it‘s wonderful. Wishing you much happiness in CO. It‘s a great state! 2mo
Aimeesue Enjoy Colorado! I miss the hot springs so much. And being able to tell what direction I'm driving by looking at the mountains.😂 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Wow! Where in Colorado? We moved from there to the Philly area five years ago, so trying to search my memory for this part of the range. We lived there for just six years. 2mo
ValerieAndBooks P.S. I do sometimes miss my own backyard view which was of Pikes Peak ! 2mo
DivineDiana Now that‘s a view! 2mo
TieDyeDude Thanks, @MicheleinPhilly. The culture options are certainly less abundant, which will take some adjusting. 2mo
TieDyeDude @Bookwormjillk Surely is! And quite sudden, but there doesn't seem like there'd ever be a convenient time to move like this 😁 2mo
TieDyeDude @AmyG Are you still out there? We are in the wilds of Western CO 2mo
TieDyeDude @Aimeesue Hot springs are very high on our list 😁 2mo
TieDyeDude @ValerieAndBooks We are in Rifle, CO, about 3 hours west of Denver. Quite remote, but beautiful. I actually camped and worked on Pikes Peak for 3 weeks when I was in AmeriCorps in 2008. Colorado Springs was nice. We also spent three weeks on Mt. Humboldt. 2mo
TieDyeDude @DivineDiana I hope we don't get jaded with the view anytime soon 😋 2mo
ValerieAndBooks @TieDyeDude ahh, the other side of the mountains! 2008 is when we moved to CO (Monument, just north of CS). Wishing you all the best in your new home and place 😊. 2mo
AmyG I am in the Rocky Mountains! Edwards (edited) 2mo
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