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Untitled | Unknown
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1. Cooler weather, darker days, Christmas lights going up. Holiday baking, scents, movies and music.

2. A few by Melanie Karsak; Ice and Embers, Goblins and Snowflakes, Hauntings and Humbug.


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Thank you for the #two4tuesday tag @Eggs 🤗

1️⃣ There‘s a large condo building by my house & every year they wrap the trunks & bottom branches of their palms & other trees along the street with lights Seeing them as I drive by makes me feel Christmasy.🎄🎄🎄

2️⃣ The tagged audiobook because Jenny Colgan books make me happy & the narrator‘s (Elidh Beaton) accent is always a delight to listen to.💚❤️

AmyG Deb, did you get my box? It shows it was delivered Monday. 3d
Susanita I love Christmas lights on palm trees! 3d
TheSpineView Love Christmas lights! Thanks for playing! ❤🎄 3d
DebinHawaii @AmyG Yes, so sorry I didn‘t post anything yet. I was working late the last two days & didn‘t get a chance to take a picture, but I will later today. Thank you! 🤗Your box will go out tomorrow, missing one item that still has not arrived here & still shows in transit. I plan to send it separately so you will have almost everything on opening day. Hopefully it will be on time too but I don‘t want to take the risk with everything else. 3d
AmyG Thank you. I am a nervous nellie so happy to know it‘s in your hands! And thank you about my package. So greatly appreciated. 😘 3d
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Snowman of My Dreams | Rob Matthews
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Thank you for the tag, @wanderinglynn ! 😊
@TheSpineview #two4tuesday #Christmas #winter #December #Decemberreading

❄the lights, snow, Christmas Markets, festive decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas shopping, the darkness, the smell of cinnamon or mulled wine...

❄I also don't have a set December TBR. Let's see what I'm in the mood for... ?

Would you like to play this one @RaeLovesToRead @hannah-leeloo ? ❄

wanderinglynn Ooh yes, the smell of cinnamon 🎄💚 3d
TheSpineView Brr... snow. Not ready for snow yet. Thanks for playing! 3d
Yuki_Onna @TheSpineView We had the first snowfall of the year the day before yesterday - but it didn't stay. I like snow and the cold - the only thing I cannot stand in winter is rain when it's cold... Brrr.... I much prefer snow to rain in winter! ⛄ 3d
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TheSpineView @Yuki_Onna I'll send you my snow!🤣🤣🤣❄❄❄ 3d
Yuki_Onna @TheSpineView 🤣 Please do! Do you get much snow? 3d
TheSpineView @Yuki_Onna Not really. Generally about 3 to 5 inches during the course of the winter. But there are always the years that are the exceptions. 3d
Yuki_Onna @TheSpineView You're lucky! Most years, we don't just get a bit of snowfall that doesn't stay or no snow at all. Just icy rain... 😖 3d
RaeLovesToRead The lights 🥰 3d
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December | Phil Rickman
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1. Christmas music!
2. The House in the Cerulean Sea

TheSpineView ❤🎄🎶💚 Thanks for playing! 3d
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1.it‘s Phoenix and it‘s been 6 to 11 degrees above normal🙄in the 80s F. despite that , I watched The Holiday, my fave contemporary Christmas movie . A little spirit!
2. I bought the new Franzen , I have a love hate love hate with him so hopefully it will work out.😀I‘m not a big seasonal reader .
Thx for the tag @wanderinglynn
Late to the party anybody can play!

peanutnine I love The Holiday! Definitely one of my favorite movies 3d
wanderinglynn 😀 it‘s warm here too but not quite that warm! And I second The Holiday - also one of my fave movies 💚 3d
TheSpineView Warm here this week also. 70s tomorrow and Friday. Not 80 but getting close. Thanks for playing 3d
BiblioLitten The Holiday! I have watched it so many times and always loved it. 3d
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1. Having the Christmas tree up and snow on the ground.

2. The tagged book. I want to finish this year reading an excellent book.

TheSpineView No snow until Christmas day. I'll send you my extra!🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for playing 3d
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Christmastime | Alison Jay
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1. Visiting Longwood Gardens

2. Can‘t think of any.


TheSpineView Love winter gardens! Thanks for playing 3d
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Untitled | Unknown
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🌺 all the lights!!!

🌹will be reading Isabel Allende books

#two4tuesday @TheSpineView

EadieB Thanks for the tag! I have read 6 of Allende‘s books. Great writer! 3d
Nutmegnc @Eggs @EadieB I‘ve seen her in person as well. Great storyteller!! (edited) 3d
EadieB @Nutmegnc She was born in Peru but now lives in California. (edited) 3d
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Nutmegnc @EadieB I thought she was from Chile? Have you read (edited) 3d
EadieB @Nutmegnc From Wikipedia: Isabel Allende was born on August 2, 1942, in Lima, Peru, to Tomás and Francisca Allende. She is the goddaughter of Salvador Allende, the first socialist president of Chile who was her father's cousin. 3d
Eggs @EadieB @Nutmegnc 💗💗💗 3d
Nutmegnc @EadieB Thanks! I don‘t know how I missed that!! 3d
TheSpineView Love all the lights! Thanks for playing 3d
Eggs @TheSpineView 🎄🎄 3d
SusanLee Thanks for tag 😘 2d
Eggs @SusanLee Welcome 🤗 2d
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The Holiday Swap | Maggie Knox
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1. Christmas lights and Elf!!
2. Tagged and so many more holiday reads!
Thanks @Kshakal @TheSpineView #two4Tuesday

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! Enjoy the holiday season! 3d
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Tuesday's Socks | Alison Ragsdale
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#two4tuesday @TheSpineView

1. Christmas songs, movies and Christmas lights
2. All of my Christmas books I have in my tbr for the month!!


@BethM @JenReadsAlot @peaknit

TheSpineView ❤🎄🎶💚 Thanks for playing 3d
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