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Contagion | Robin Cook
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The New York Times best-seller narrates the cautionary tale of a deadly epidemic spread not only by microbes but by sinister sabotage designed to bring down the corporate titans of health care. Reissue.
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Contagion | Robin Cook
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Found a secluded moment in nature today. Maintaining social distance all the way. First case has shown up in my town. They shared a blog post which ended up featured on the news. Library is closed down. So are a lot of other places. Restaurants are takeout and delivery only right now. Our borders are closed. Even to asylum seekers.

Contagion | Robin Cook
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My region is one of the first where Covid 19 appeared in Italy. We've been under curfew since Sunday.
This is Verona's city centre this morning when l went to work 😨

It's unreal.

LibrarianRyan Wow.

The cheeto in chief says that it will disappear in 2 months and will never hit the US at the same time the CDC s saying prepare. So I am preparing.

At least your country is being proactive.
TrishB Hope you‘re ok 💜 3y
Cinfhen Oh wow! Sending 💚 3y
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Susanita Ugh. I hope the curfew isn't too onerous. 3y
Jas16 Wow.. keeping you in my thoughts 3y
Eggbeater That is very scary. I'm sorry it is happening there. I am worried we are unprepared in the US. I will keep you in my thoughts. 3y
JaclynW Stay healthy! 3y
wordslinger42 Oh my goodness! I will be praying for safety and good health! 3y
JazzFeathers @LibrarianRyan It be nice if it disappeared in only two months. 3y
JazzFeathers @TrishB @Cinfhen @Jas16 @JaclynW @wordslinger42 Thanks so much to everyone. It is such a strange experience and even if, at least in my city, for now, there is no real danger, everybody is concerned. 3y
JazzFeathers @Susanita lt isn't terrible for people. But it is hurting a lot of businesses. 3y
JazzFeathers @Eggbeater Thank you. I hope a vaccin will be discovered soon, so no other nation will have to worry. 3y
tpixie @JazzFeathers yes it‘s the effect on businesses that this may affect the most, even more than people‘s health. While the medical threat is real, the economic threat i believe is the biggest concern. Keep safe fellow Litten!! (edited) 3y
Cathythoughts You are in my thoughts ... scary times. Mind yourself ❤️ 3y
JazzFeathers @tpixie It is getting very hard for everyone. Let's hope that the curfew will lessen soon. The contagion seems under control, so l'm hopeful. 3y
JazzFeathers @Cathythoughts Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. 3y
tpixie @JazzFeathers that‘s great news!! 3y
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Contagion | Robin Cook
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Another TNG episode I had to rewatch to refresh my memory. Fairly forgettable, interesting mystery I guess, although I never really felt like the Enterprise was in any real danger.

#StarTrekSummerMay #Contagion @Megabooks

Megabooks It‘s not like they were going to kill Data! 4y
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Contagion | Robin Cook

Fast-paced medical thriller with a surprise ending. I enjoyed it.

minkyb I remember this one! 6y
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Contagion | Robin Cook
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I have caught the most disgusting chest cold. Settling in with a mug of neo-citron and a book. I give myself twenty minutes until the words start to blur and I'm down for the count

TheLibrarian Feel better! 6y
Mimi28 Feel better soon!! 💗🎈☮ 6y
megt Feel better! 6y
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RiotMom Oh no! Feel better! 6y
CherylDeFranceschi Feel better soon! *hugs* 6y
Dragon Hope you feel better soon!💐 6y
DebinHawaii No fun. Hope you feel better soon! 🤒 6y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Ughh, I had a head cold that lasted probably 2-3 weeks!! Hope you feel better quickly!! I was overstocked on traditional medicinal teas and Sambucus (elderberry). What I really needed was a magic potion. Lol Hang in there!🌻 6y
LiteraryinLawrence Feel better soon! 6y
AmandaL Feel better. 6y
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