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This was delightful! I admit, it too me a minute to get into it. But Eunice Wong does a masterful job bringing Vera to life. I love this beautiful story of finding yourself & found family. I just wish I could visit Vera‘s tea house.

Thanks Mikala for putting this one on my radar. #auldlangspine

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The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi | Shannon Chakraborty
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Amina is a protagonist I‘d love to just hang out with. She‘s confident in her skills as a captain and knows how to run a tight ship. The seasoned mariner viewpoint was refreshing after multiple books with young voices. I can‘t wait to read her next adventure.

The audiobook was fantastic. They made it feel like an oral history recording with “off-mic” asides included.

Thanks to @HOTPock3tt for #auldlangspine recommendation. Also, a Hugo nominee.

TieDyeDude I loved this audiobook! I agree that it is refreshing to have a seasoned POV :-) 7d
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White Tears: A novel | Hari Kunzru
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I neglected to review this after finishing it and it‘s not fresh in my mind. This landed on my radar thanks to #AuldLangSpine from @IndoorDame
This is a biting takedown of cultural appropriation—specifically two music hipsters who use street recordings of black musicians to mashup a new/fake “old” “undiscovered” work from a black jazz musician from decades ago. Things get [spoiler — in comments].
I was a bit confused at the ending but wow!

Chelsea.Poole Things get ghosty and murdery. And possession-ish….?? Little confused on what exactly went down there at the very end. 2w
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The Senator's Wife: A Novel | Liv Constantine
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Started this one yesterday! Really good so far!


MrsMalaprop Hydrangeas? 😍 2w
Jennifer3 Beautiful flowers! 2w
AnnCrystal 💕💮💝. 2w
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @MrsMalaprop yes! I have several and they are just gorgeous 💐 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jennifer3 thank you 😊 🌺 2w
dabbe And that gorgeous green grass! 💚💚💚 2w
KadaGul I'll be reading this for 2024 #AuldLangSpine from @Read4life's list. 2w
Read4life I look forward to hearing what you both think of it. @KadaGul @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💙💙💙 2w
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BookSpinBingo | Untitled
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Pride month books, Camp Litsy selections, #auldlangspine books, books I‘ve started and not yet finished, and book club selections all make up this month‘s #bookspin and #bookspinbingo board. @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3w
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Saltus | Tara Gereaux
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Heart-wrenching, beautiful, hopeful. This got right into my heart & pulled all the strings. Set in small-town rural Canada in the 1990s, this short novel delves deeply into a set of characters linked by their connections to a teen denied gender-affirming care. It‘s a quiet story exploring discomfort and transition & sometimes surprising connections—some fleeting, but all transformative. I loved this. It will likely end up on my best-of this year!

BarbaraJean Thank you @monalyisha for the #AuldLangSpine rec! 1mo
monalyisha Wasn‘t it incredible? I can‘t believe it didn‘t garner more attention! 1mo
BarbaraJean @monalyisha Seriously amazing. Not sure HOW it flew so far under the radar. I was glad that my library had it, although it was only available via hoopla. 1mo
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JamieArc Oh yay. This was on my #AuldLangSpine list for @monalyisha So glad the love for it is getting passed along ❤️ 1mo
monalyisha @JamieArc is a book-finding godsend! 😇 1mo
BarbaraJean @JamieArc @monalyisha I love the way Auld Lang Spine lists keep paying it forward! 1mo
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Disappearing Earth | Julia Phillips
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Not enough “wows” for this one - absolutely brilliant!! Read to familiarize myself with her work because Bear is a #CampLitsy24 choice - and @BarbaraBB loved it so I thought I might too ♥️ Beautifully written, and each story came together seamlessly. Learned a lot about a place I know nothing about. Best part was the ending, just incredible!

Soubhiville Agreed! I thought this was an amazing book. Really looking forward to Bear. 1mo
CBee @Soubhiville me too 👏🏻 1mo
BarbaraBB Thank you for trusting my opinion 😊. I am glad you loved it too and am looking forward to reading Bear together 💕 1mo
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CBee @BarbaraBB ♥️♥️♥️ 1mo
sarahbarnes I‘ve been wanting to pick this up too since we picked Bear for camp and I haven‘t read this one. Glad to see you and @BarbaraBB liked it! 1mo
LeeRHarry Just seen I‘ve already stacked this already - maybe I should check if my library has it. 😊 1mo
Deblovestoread So glad this was on a prior year #AuldLangSpine list…so good! 1mo
Amiable I really liked this book, too! Went to a local book club meetup where they were discussing it—when the majority of attendees started trashing on the book because they didn‘t like the structure (ie different character viewpoint in each chapter), I knew this wasn‘t the book club for me. 😄 1mo
CBee @Amiable I wouldn‘t fit in at that book club either 😂 1mo
CBee @sarahbarnes hope you like it when you get to it 😊 1mo
CBee @LeeRHarry hope you like! 1mo
CBee @Deblovestoread I saw that you loved it too, we have such similar tastes 😊 1mo
SamAnne So good. I need to put this on the list for a reread. 1mo
CBee @SamAnne definitely one that I‘d consider rereading at some point 😊 1mo
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Sadly, this one didn‘t work for me. I think it was mostly because I tried to read it during a super busy time and I needed to dedicate more attention to the nuances in the three separate timelines. These three interconnected stories feature women who are at the mercy of the men in their lives, and take place over centuries. I may revisit this sometime since it was an #auldlangspine pick from the trusted @TheKidUpstairs

Ruthiella I‘ll definitely keep timing in mind when I read this. I really liked her previous book 1mo
TheKidUpstairs I'm sorry this one didn't work for you! I love Evie Wyld, but she is definitely one you have to be in the right mood and headspace for. 1mo
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My #MayTBR Honestly, I doubt I‘ll get to all of these. I have a big work trip with long flights that may/may not help because of all the work around them. Nonetheless I‘m loading my Kindle & joining in on #SundayBuddyRead #ChildrensClassicRead2024 #NancyDrewBR #SheSaid #BobWhiteBuddies #Naturalitsy #FoodAndLit #Roll100 & #SeasonalCozies I‘m also reading a book for virtual foodie book club, a book for the work trip, some #SeriesLove2024 titles & ⬇️

DebinHawaii …one from my #AuldLangSpine list too. And a couple “just because” titles. We‘ll see what happens & what ends up sneaking in the mix. 📚📚🤷🏻‍♀️📚📚📚 2mo
TheSpineView I love long flights. I can get tons of reading time in. 2mo
Librarybelle Good luck! 2mo
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julieclair You have lots of good choices here! 👍 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! Enjoy!! 2mo
Suet624 I fall asleep and can't stay awake on long flights :) 1mo
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