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Station Eleven: A novel | Emily St. John Mandel
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I liked this well enough—it's thoughtful with interesting character studies, but not enough to get the total hype that surrounded this book upon its release. I guess my main issue was that it seemed like it was about the power of art, but not enough about that power was conveyed through the narrative, & it seemed to be about the menace of the unexpected end of the world, but not enough menace was conveyed about that. I wanted to be unsettled.

batsy It's still a pick because I enjoyed the experience of reading it and didn't want to bail, but I think because of expectations I kept waiting for something more to happen. 2d
batsy Certain bits stood out: Jeevan's mad rush felt eerily similar to our pandemic lockdown panic; Miranda's obsession with her art. Other parts felt flimsy, cryptic, or underdeveloped. Like the prophet! I wanted to know more about how he came to be that kind of person, and how Elizabeth produced a son that would be that kind of person. Also, you get the sense his reign of terror was immense, but he was dispatched with pretty easily. 2d
vivastory I agree. I liked this one, but I didn't fully get all of the hype around this #unpopularopinion I did love Mandel's Glass Hotel & plan on reading her other works 2d
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batsy @vivastory I'm glad to have someone on team #unpopularopinion 🙂 Have you watched the TV series? I'm interested to see how it's been adapted. I am curious about Glass Hotel & Sea of Tranquility and do want to get to those eventually. 2d
vivastory @batsy I remember liking the adaptation, although feeling like it was a bit too long. I have also heard very good things about 2d
Ruthiella I liked the Glass Hotel of the three books best, but was also nonplussed by the hype around this book. My favorite thing about it is that it quotes an episode of Star Trek Voyager. (edited) 2d
LeahBergen I felt the same. It was an enjoyable enough read for our bookclub but it didn‘t blow me away. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2d
Lesliereadsalot Lola Quartet is excellent. Also tv series of Station Eleven is very good. @vivastory (edited) 2d
BarbaraBB I agree Suba, this was my least favorite. I think I liked The Glass Hotel best too. 2d
Aimeesue The first time I read this one, I was . . Nonplussed. I reread it after reading The Glass Hotel and Sea of Tranquility and enjoyed it a lot more because of the resonances between them and characters popping up in different books. 1d
batsy @Ruthiella I see Glass Hotel coming up a lot so will definitely check that out. 1d
batsy @LeahBergen @BarbaraBB Glad to know that I'm not alone 😊 1d
batsy @Lesliereadsalot Looks like I'll be checking out her other books, including Lola Quartet! Thanks for the rec for the TV series; it does look good. @vivastory 1d
batsy @Aimeesue Your comment helps, so thanks! She's got a way with structure that I enjoy, so it's nice to know there's resonance between these books. 1d
Leniverse I've read the following in this order, almost back to back: Station Eleven, The Glass Hotel, The Sea Of Tranquility. I thought the first was overhyped and unrealistic, I liked the second better but it's the one I remember the least, Sea of Tranquility was really good (maybe especially because I had all the links to the other books). 18h
batsy @Leniverse That definitely helps! I appreciate seeing everyone's comments on the other books, I'm very keen to read it. 4h
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I have read, & loved, a few of Simenon's romans durs but this is my first experience with Maigret outside of a couple stories. It opens with Maigret shadowing a suspicious traveler who ends up committing suicide after having their suitcase switched, by Maigret himself no less. I really liked this propulsive suspense story that went to some really dark places. I will not be reading all of the Maigret books, but I will def be returning to them!

vivastory Have you read this one @bookwomble 5d
BarbaraBB Maigret… that brings back memories. It doesn‘t feel outdated? 5d
Bookwomble I haven't read this one. Although I had a Maigret binge last year, there are still loads I haven't got to yet! Sounds like a good one 😊 @BarbaraBB Obviously, I can't speak to this specific novel, but I haven't found the other books particularly dated, just atmospheric. By contrast, I've tried a couple of Christie's and thought them almost unreadably dated #UnpopularOpinion 5d
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Cathythoughts I read Hatters Ghost and really enjoyed it. I must try the Maigret series. Where would I start with Maigret? I love the suspenseful stories. 5d
Bookwomble @Cathythoughts The stories are all standalone, so I wouldn't worry too much about where you start. I just went with what the library had in and it was fine. I did find it took me a few books to get to know Maigret - he's a private man, but Simenon gradually builds up a fascinating portrait. If I was accused of a crime (I didn't commit!), of all the fictional detectives I've read, it's Maigret I'd want investigating. 5d
Cathythoughts @Bookwomble 😂 Well if Maigret would be your detective that says it all. I must get moving on these books ❤️👍🏻 5d
Bookwomble @Cathythoughts I do love #SherlockHolmes but he's about the intellectual challenge, solving the puzzle, and the game of pitting his wits against an antagonist (all fun to read), whereas Maigret is interested in the lives of both victim and preparator, and it's his compassion for both that is often the key to his success. He's got a strong moral centre, too, and is implacable when he sees thugishness or cruelty. Please forgive the fanboying! 😄 5d
Cathythoughts @Bookwomble I love the fanboying and your description is excellent… I think that‘s exactly why I will like Maigret too 5d
LeahBergen I need to try a Maigret, too! 5d
vivastory @BarbaraBB I didn't find it to be outdated. Simenon writes in an almost clinical, detached manner with very little emotional investment quickly moving from point to point. I was often reminded of Highsmith's Ripley novels while reading, or some of Hitchcock's early movies.. I do think that the Ripley novels are slightly better in terms of characterization, but this was a great time & I LOVE Simenon's romans durs (esp Dirty Snow) 4d
vivastory @Bookwomble Care to share favorites from your Simenon binge? 😀 4d
vivastory @Cathythoughts What I did was go to my local bookstore, grab all of the Simenon Maigret novels, read the synopsis & buy the one that intrigued me the most. I know that there are a few guides online of the best in the series, but I get the general impression that you can't go too wrong with what you choose. (edited) 4d
vivastory @LeahBergen I think you'd like him! A quick read. I polished it off in a couple of hours! 4d
Cathythoughts Oh good ! I‘ll just pick one so. Maybe this tagged one 👍🏻❤️ 4d
Bookwomble @vivastory lt's hard to pick, so I'll mention three that are a bit different. Mainly they take place in Paris, and while "Maigret Takes a Room" does too, the setting is unusual and shows another side of the city and the man. Maigret comes from Normandy and a few of the stories see him back there: "The Misty Harbour" is a good one of those."Maigret Travels" sees him amongst the millionaires, travelling from the Côte d'Azure to Switzerland, and ⬇️ 3d
Bookwomble @vivastory ... getting very uncomfortable. Horse you enjoy whatever you pick up 😊. 3d
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I thought the ending to the last one would motivate me to read this one - it did not. First book in series was great, second was low pick, and after sending my hold back twice on this one, I finally accepted it. Each time I go to read - it is meh - I'm just not excited to get back to it. #unpopularopinion but I am letting go of this series.

Make a great day everyone 📚

5feet.of.fury I am surprised! but it can‘t be for everyone. Mist and Fury & Wings and Ruin were my faves (but the next 2 were eh IMO) 1w
bthegood @5feet.of.fury 👍 🙂 (edited) 1w
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Ferris | Kate DiCamillo
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#unpopularopinion here- I did NOT like this book. Every character felt unrealistic to me. And the plot didn‘t really go anywhere significant. All the reviews rave about it, so I must be missing something!

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Darling Girls: A Novel | Sally Hepworth
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DNF. This is NOT a review per se other than to say after 47% in, this book was not holding my attention and felt way too slow. I found myself putting it down way too often for another book (and I‘m a one-book-at-a-time person). Goodreads has it at a 4.2 so l guess I‘m in the #unpopularopinion boat.
I‘m sure that it picked up at 48% 😂😂, but I gave up.

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The Tainted Cup | Robert Jackson Bennett
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I was curious about the new trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett, but even though the basic idea of this world is fascinating, it didn't work for me. It all lacks depth and atmosphere. The characters as well as the world building. Most of the characters were solely names to me and I forgot about them as soon as they left the scene. I wasn't as invested in the case as I'd hoped I'd be. But I'll give it a second chance anyway.

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#UnpopularOpinion; but I really didn‘t get on with this book at all. It starts with Nell and her section is so chaotically stream of consciousness that I thought my audiobook was glitching. She also didn‘t seem to have a character arc but rather was an embodiment of “self-destructive young person.” That really made me struggle with the book as a whole, though there were some moments that broke through.

BarbaraBB Interesting! Still need to read it. 3w
squirrelbrain I didn‘t think I‘d like this due to the mixed reviews but, weirdly, I did. 🤔 3w
Chelsea.Poole I started this on audio and felt the same as you. When I switched to print it really clicked for me. 3w
Hooked_on_books @Chelsea.Poole I was thinking it‘s probably better in print. But I don‘t know if I would have liked it then. I would have responded a bit better for sure. 3w
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#unpopularopinion I do not care for the writing at all. It‘s tedious and I am not connecting with any of the characters. I should want their backstories, I should care about the solutions to the various cases, but I don‘t. The prose is just not engaging. It could be my current headspace or the fact that I‘m not a big Patterson fan 🤷🏻‍♀️. #bakerstreetirregulars

rubyslippersreads I‘m not a Patterson fan either. The title is great, though. 3w
dabbe #hailthebail! 🤩🤩🤩 3w
RamsFan1963 I like the premise, but I've always thought Patterson was a total hack so I know I wouldn't like it. 3w
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DGRachel @RamsFan1963 🤣🤣 I‘ve only read the first of his women‘s murder club books and one or two of the Alex Cross series more than 20 years ago. He‘s clearly not an author for me. 3w
StayCurious I didn‘t really like it either lol - I felt it was uninspiring 3w
Graciouswarriorprincess Glad to know and since it‘s due tomorrow, I will probably just return it. 3w
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Prophet Song | Paul Lynch

I disliked almost everything about this book. I disliked the writing style, the narrative choices, the audio narration, and most especially the main character.
I should have bailed.


Ruthiella I haven‘t even attempted this book because I think I‘d feel the same way. 1mo
dabbe #fanofthepan! 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
Caroline2 Is the one that won the Booker? I can never remember which Paul won. 😂 4w
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Leniverse @Caroline2 Yes, that's the one. 😂 I've read one of the other Pauls and wasn't a huge fan there either, but at least I didn't hate it. Waiting for the third Paul from the library so I can make a proper comparison 😆 4w
Caroline2 Gotta compare all the Paul‘s eh. 😏 👍 4w
Leniverse @Caroline2 I mean, the judges went to great lengths to ensure we read Irishmen named Paul, seems only right to check if the best Paul won. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4w
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