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The Winter Solstice | Ellen B. Jackson
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#icanseethesuninlatedecember and celebrate the return of the light as each day gets a little longer. #winterwonderland

JennyM Very clever pick 👍 11mo
Ruthiella Perfect!😀 11mo
Cinfhen Sweet choice 11mo
TrishB Lovely 💕 11mo
rabbitprincess Awwww love the bunnies on the cover 🐰🐰 11mo
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To See the Sun | Kelly Jensen
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#WinterWonderland #ICanSeeTheSunInLateDecember

Not typically a true statement in Michigan, but I heard on the news today that we‘ve had the least average amount of snowfall in December for quite some years!

TrishB Cool pick 👍🏻 11mo
Cinfhen Yay for you!!! Who needs extra freezing snow?!?!??! 11mo
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@TrishB posted her pretty copies of this wonderful historical novel today.

May I present my copy? It‘s the 1982 first US edition and I seriously think it is one of the ugliest covers I own. Oddly enough, I can‘t part with it.

😆😆😆 I warned you, Trish.


merelybookish Richard Iooks like he belongs in Clan of the Cave Bear. 😆 11mo
TrishB I have never seen that one before! I think I‘m speechless 😶 who designs these things! 😂😂 but I wouldn‘t part with it either! 11mo
TrishB @merelybookish 😂😂 there was obviously a trend! 11mo
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DGRachel @LeahBergen @TrishB I‘m a bit jealous of your hardcover editions of SKP‘s early novels. I have this one in trade paper and I‘ve never seen the hardcover available of this or the Welsh Princes trilogy anywhere except online for insane prices. 11mo
TrishB @DGRachel my hardcover Welsh princes were in a charity shop!!! I literally nearly had a heart attack when I saw them......up til then I only had paperback. 11mo
DGRachel @TrishB I would have squealed and made a fool of myself. 😂😂 11mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish Richard-Jondalar?? 😆😆 Hmm... they were both published in the early 80s 🤔 11mo
LeahBergen @TrishB Isn‘t it horrific?? The actual Sunne in Splendour flag looks like a fried egg. 11mo
LeahBergen @DGRachel @TrishB I found my hardcover Welsh trilogy for a few dollars each at book sales. Mine are the US firsts, though ... I think they have different covers? Oh oh! Time to share again! 😆 11mo
TrishB @DGRachel I pretty much had palpitations buying them! 1.99 each....😁 11mo
TrishB @LeahBergen the worse it gets, the more you love it in a totally weird way... 11mo
TrishB @LeahBergen yay!! 11mo
DGRachel @LeahBergen Yes! Please share the covers! 11mo
merelybookish I thought the egg was a weird headress. 🤣 11mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish It totally looks like one, now that you mention it! 😆 11mo
LeahBergen @DGRachel Coming right up! @TrishB You need to share the UK covers of the Welsh trilogy too. 😄 11mo
Reviewsbylola I agree, pretty heinous. Sometimes those covers are the best tho! 11mo
Melissa_J I wouldn‘t part with it either, ugly or not! 11mo
CouronneDhiver Eek 😬 Don‘t like any of those covers. Lol 11mo
LeahBergen @Reviewsbylola They are! 😆 11mo
LeahBergen @Melissa_J It‘s a keeper! 😂 11mo
Cinfhen Hubby is in middle of this series!! He LOVES it!!!! 11mo
LeahBergen @Cinfhen He hasn‘t caught your “fear of the chunkster”? 😆😆 11mo
Cinfhen Nope!!! He loves those chunky reads 😂😂😂 11mo
Cinfhen He mocks my “easy readers” 11mo
rubyslippersreads The Egge in Splendour. 😂 11mo
MrBook Aaahhhh!!! 🙈 11mo
LeahBergen @MrBook Right??? 😂😂 11mo
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A good Falco set in sunny Spain. Well, Roman Spain. I reread this 5 years ago in late December.

#winterwonderland #icanseethesuninlatedecember
@Cinfhen @TrishB

TrishB Cool 👍🏻 11mo
Cinfhen I have NO CLUE what I read 5 days ago, let alone 5 years 😝😝😝 11mo
writerlibrarian @Cinfhen Goodreads and a compulsion to organize, librarian here. Tags are the best things ever or a curse. Lol 11mo
Cinfhen Hahaha!!! Yes!!! GoodReads is pretty useful 😁 11mo
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The Secret River | Kate Grenville
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#winterwonderland #icanseethesuninlatedecember
I immediately thought about the experience of those people sentenced to be transported to Australia for their crimes and the idea of seasons turned upside down must have been disconcerting - that and all the other ignominies they suffered - this is a brilliant book which i loved and bizarrely the only by kate Grenville i have read - a timely reminder to read some more soon.

CarolynM I've started two Kate Grenville novels (including this one) and bailed on both. For some reason I can't explain even to myself I really don't like her writing. (edited) 11mo
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Sherokee Harriman was a 14 year old who couldn‘t find the bright side. She tragically ended her life by stabbing herself in the stomach in front of some peers that had been bullying her. Unfortunately, while bullying was a part of her life, there were many issues that led to the end of her tragic life. A drug addicted mother, absent father, sexual abuse, and on and on.

#icanseethesuninlatedecember #winterwonderland #netgalley

Cinfhen This sounds really painful to read 😢😭💔 11mo
peaknit So sad and preventable :( 11mo
CouronneDhiver Oh no... poor baby ☹️ 11mo
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VeganCleopatra What a terrible way to go. 😱 11mo
emilyhaldi Wowza 😳 11mo
Gissy So sad! 11mo
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Mysteries | Knut Hamsun
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TrishB 😂 clever 11mo
Cathythoughts 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 11mo
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Sunshine | Norma Klein
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Stock photo from the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California. As you can see, poinsettias can grow to be shrubs...even trees. Also, while I don‘t know when this photo was taken, one can see the sun in December most days in Southern California!
#poinsettia #SeasonsReadings
#IcanseethesuninlateDecember #WinterWonderland

TrishB Lovely 💕 11mo
Aimeesue Wow! 11mo
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Sunset Song | Lewis Grassic Gibbon
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TrishB Love kindle search 👍🏻 11mo
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Drowned World | J G Ballard
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J.G. Ballard's The Drowned World & Hello America have different characters, & are set in different countries (England & America); but the common thematic concerns of global warming make them companion novels. The tagged book is the better of the two, but Hello America is definitely worth reading. Two forerunners of what is now termed cli-fi.
@TrishB @Cinfhen

Leftcoastzen Nice collection! 11mo
Exbrarian Read like a fever dream, but I liked it well enough. 11mo
vivastory @Exbrarian A fever dream is how most of Ballard's books are. I also really liked High Rise & many years ago I read Concrete Island. I don't recall very much, except it was one of the strangest books I'd read. Think I'm due for a reread 11mo
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