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Finally read the galley copy of Angie Kim‘s debut novel I received from Solid State Books back on #independentbookstoreday in April, and it didn‘t disappoint! What a fantastic study of characters and right vs wrong and the dynamics of protecting ones family.

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The Orphan of Salt Winds | Elizabeth Brooks
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Picked this up from my local bookshop for #IndependentBookstoreDay. I just love love love the cover and I can‘t wait to dive in.
#indiebookstoreday #readbetweenthelynes #shoplocal

rmaclean4 I really enjoyed this!! 9mo
atla @rmaclean4 I started reading it tonight, and I‘m loving it so far :). And I‘m a sucker for a beautiful cover. 9mo
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Lost and Wanted: A Novel | Nell Freudenberger
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#Independentbookstoreday was pretty phenomenal, and although I'm a day late, I wanted to share our spoils with all of you, friendly Littens.

• Hubby got the "Trees and Shrubs" tome since we are working on fixing up our front and back yards.

• The very adorably apropos board book about "Bookstore Babies" is for our 5-month-old niece who we'll be meeting for the first time in just a few days.

• "Smile" is for her 11-yr-old sister.

Continued ⬇️

Librariana The modern retelling of Little Women (in graphic novel format) and the linked title - Lost and Wanted - are for yours truly 😁😊💜📚 9mo
LiteraryinLititz Lost and Wanted looked interesting but I hadn‘t heard of it before. Then I saw it was a BOTM choice and felt like that was a big endorsement. Hope we both like it!! 9mo
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So Maggie did a special poster for #independentbookstoreday and we were lucky enough to get some at our store. But because I work at the store, we have the rule that customers get first dibs. I assumed that they'd all be gone (we had a group already waiting when we opened yesterday), but we still had a few left this morning and I got to buy 1! So, so happy! Now to buy a proper frame!

CrowCAH Beautiful! 9mo
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Yesterday was #independentbookstoreday so of course we made a trip to one! This is the only one closest to us. It has just expanded and it's gorgeous! Lots of room to add more books and merch!

And of course we didn't leave empty handed! If we stayed any longer, my bag would have been filled but alas we had hungry kids calling too much attention to themselves and had to leave 😭😭

AcaciaKC What is the bookstore 9mo
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Haul from local indies. Really stoked about the Tessa Dare novels, it‘s difficult to find an entire series in secondhand bookstores, in good condition. Score! 👏🏼

#IndependentBookstoreDay #bookhaul #usedbooks

JohannaRose Awesome!! 8mo
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Bookstore Cats | Brandon Schultz
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Made it to Gatsby Books in Long Beach earlier today to celebrate #IndependentBookstoreDay and got to hang out with Ruby, their adorable and fat cat, while browsing for books! 😻

Leftcoastzen Awwwww!😻 9mo
LauraJ Bookstores with cats are the best! 9mo
rather_be_reading awesome! another Cali bookstore I havent got to yet 9mo
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A Novel Bookstore | Laurence Cosse
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Several hours later: tired feet, aching shoulders, empty wallet and a deep craving for uncrowded spaces, BUT there are books. Yay!
I never came across an Independent Bookstore Tote Bag.🙁 I really wanted one of those.😞 It was neat to see so many people hanging out in their favorite bookstores. Every spot was wall-to-wall folks. I feel like I saw a gazillion people today. Readers were out en masse representing an undying passion. Hooray for us!

rather_be_reading thats great to hear! 9mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Me too :( no tote bags 😭😭 9mo
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Women Talking: A Novel | Miriam Toews
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Celebrated #independentbookstoreday by visiting my local independent bookstore, Gibson‘s! I got some goodies today ✨📖