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#12booksof2022 #June #July
You‘ve Change is a memoir/essays written with humor, passion, grace,by Pyae Moe Thet War.Born in Myanmar,& educated in English schools,she struggles with pathos & laughter to integrate two very disparate worlds.

Her Hidden Genius is historical fiction at its best. Rosiland Franklin used an xray process that resulted in her discovery of the double helix.But in 1962 when the Pulitzer Prize was awarded,her work was hidden.

Andrew65 Love the sound of Her Hidden Genius. 4w
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I read a whopping 22 books in June…has to be a personal best for me. 😳 Obviously, I did nothing EXCEPT read for the entire month! LOL

These two were 5⭐️ with quite a few 4.5/5. 😉

Extra kudos to Namesake (sequel to Fable) for possibly my favorite #coverlove of the year! 💙

#12Booksof2022 #June

Andrew65 That‘s brilliant, and these look good choices. Happy New Year Robin. 1mo
robinb @Andrew65 Happy New Year and best wishes, my friend. ❤️ 4w
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Paris: The Novel | Edward Rutherfurd
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#12booksOf2022 #June
Great chunk of a book!

Andrew65 I own this long with some other Rutherfurd‘s and need to read it. (edited) 4w
tpixie @Andrew65 I hope to read more of his. The story was good and the facts were fun! 4w
Andrew65 @tpixie I enjoyed the ones set in Dublin. Only ones I‘ve read so far. 4w
tpixie @Andrew65 thanks! 4w
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Book Lovers | Emily Henry
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This is truly a story for book lovers. Plus I was charmed by both Nora and Charlie and their little North Carolina town. #12BooksOf2022 #June @Andrew65

Andrew65 Looks a good read. 1mo
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Love Marriage | Monica Ali
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#12booksof2022 #june

This had great reviews but, for some reason, I wasn‘t expecting that much from it; however I absolutely loved it!

I listened to it on audio, which is highly recommended.

AnneCecilie Interesting. Guess I‘ll pump it up my tbr. I have it out from the library now, again. 1mo
Oryx Same. I was a bit meh about starting this one for some reason, but got completely engrossed when I started and then loved it. 4w
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#June #12Booksof2022

June was the month for catching up with books in my favourite series. The one that stands out month was the latest book in the Brilliant Ben Hope Series by Scott Mariani. This was book 25(!) and as great as ever. This should really be made into a film or tv series.

Notable mention also for the latest in the DCI Ryan Series by L J Ross, Bamburgh.

Love both these series and recommend them highly.

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#12Booksof2022 #June

This story of the imagined experience of Vivienne Haigh-Wood, first wife of TS Eliot, completed Steven Carroll‘s excellent Eliot Quartet in style. It just beats the total surprise of Duff Cooper‘s Operation Heartbreak for my favourite June read.

Andrew65 Interesting reading. 1mo
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#12BooksOf2022 #June @Andrew65

Another book from the Eternity Springs series.

Andrew65 Think I need to add these to my #SeriesLove2023 Challenge. Love the cover. 1mo
Read4life @Andrew65 they‘re on my #SeriesLove2023 list. I hope I enjoy the rest as much as I‘ve enjoyed the few I‘ve read. Eternity Springs is a place I‘d like to visit ☺️ 1mo
Andrew65 @Read4life Me too based on the one I‘ve read. 1mo
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Nine Perfect Strangers | Liane Moriarty
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I really enjoyed this one. I know it's controversial, but many people don't enjoy it. I liked this one and the show, but the book more. I can see myself wanting to do this kind of “retreat.“

Anyway, it's my #June 2022 pick.


Andrew65 Want to give the tv show a chance, not caught up with it yet. (edited) 1mo
OriginalCyn620 I liked this one a lot too! The book and the series. 1mo
ElizaMarie @Andrew65 I really liked the characters I think they did really good with the casting on it. I would say you should give it a chance when you are able to. you won't be disappointed. 1mo
Andrew65 @ElizaMarie Think it is available on Amazon Prime so should be able to pick it up quite easily. Thanks for the encouragement. 1mo
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