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Peril in Paris | Rhys Bowen
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julieclair I love the Royal Spyness series! 3w
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Midsummer Night's Mischief | Jennifer David Hesse
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#seasonalcozies #June #midsummer
Just opening this cozy up to read today. Still hot & HUMID here.hope to walk early tomorrow when air quality is predicted to be better. I so miss moving my body!!!!

julieclair Perfect for Solstice! And that book looks well-loved, which is always a good sign. Enjoy! 3w
kspenmoll @julieclair It is a fun read- & a lovingly used book! 3w
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The Emma Project | Sonali Dev
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A spicy finish to Sonali Dev‘s Jane Austen inspired series. The Rajas and their extended family all have dreams that they work hard to make reality without leaving much time for love and romance. 3.25🌟

#TBRTarot #FloweronCover
#ReadYourKindle #2of4 #June
#SeriesLove2024 #37

@CBee @TheSpineView @Andrew65

TheSpineView Great job!💙📖📘 3w
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Up at night frequently due to prednisone this week-yay I am taping off! That meant for reading,a positive!
The 1st 7 books right to left are in various buddy read stages. #sundaybuddyread #CampLitsy24 #June #AdventuresInPhilosophy #Little Women #hastagbrigade #nunlit #litsolace #naturallitsy began the Chessman last night #readyourkindle listening to Drop Dead Gorgeous #audible
The last row are books I finished. #readyourkindle

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Clear: A Novel | Carys Davies
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#booksandcoffee #porchlife #CampLitsy24 #June

In love with this book.

I am in Eastern US. What time is discussion?

Megabooks Sometime this morning Barbara will post. Generally, we post in afternoon UK/Europe, mid-morning East coast, early morning west coast. Can‘t wait to read what everyone thinks! 1mo
julieclair Gorgeous porch! 1mo
squirrelbrain What @julieclair said! (And what @Megabooks said too of course!) 1mo
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marleed I like be your porch scene! 1mo
Chelsea.Poole Lovely set up! 1mo
kspenmoll @julieclair @squirrelbrain @marleed @Chelsea.Poole Thanks so much- my favorite reading spot! 1mo
monalyisha You‘ve created the perfect complementary color scheme with your blanket & mug! 💚🌊🌧️🩵 1mo
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I first discovered Josie Silver through the #SundayBuddyRead and loved her ever since. Her latest book, A Winter In New York was my favourite book for #June for #12Booksof2023, absolutely loved the story and the characters in this one. A must read.

Also loved A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear, which was my other 5 star book during June.

kspenmoll Love the Maisie Dobbs series! 6mo
Andrew65 @kspenmoll It is one of my favourite series. 6mo
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Beyond That, the Sea | Laura Spence-Ash
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#12DaysofChristmas #Day6 #June

I‘ve moved away from WWII a bit, especially fiction, but since my dad recommended it I had to read it. I am so glad I did. The story of a young girl evacuated to the US, a perspective I hadn‘t read before.


Andrew65 Looks a good read. 6mo
TrishB Just finished this one, a good read that still made me a bit sad at the end! 6mo
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Sister, Maiden, Monster | Lucy A. Snyder
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#12BooksofChristmas #June

This one is weird and gross and I love it so much, lol. I probably only know one person I could recommend it to and he read it before me. 😉

Larkken I am intrigued lol 6mo
Andrew65 You do make it seem intriguing. 6mo
Reggie 😁🖤🖤🖤 6mo
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Bookzombie @Larkken @Andrew65 While I don‘t want anything spoiled for either of you, maybe read a few of the reviews before you pick it up. There is a good bit of body horror. 🙂 6mo
Andrew65 @Bookzombie Thanks for the information, will check the reviews out. 😁 6mo
Larkken @Bookzombie haha, noted 🤣🫣 6mo
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The Fixer | Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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#12Booksof2023 #June

A reread with my daughter. 💙

Andrew65 Looks good. 6mo
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I discovered Davis‘ historical fiction a few years ago when I read The Chelsea Girls. She is quickly becoming a go-to author for me. I love her connection to a NYC landmark, her development of a story that surrounds that landmark, and her inclusion of historical facts and impressions of the building.

This one, which was a #LiteraryCrew read, looks at the old art school in the Grand Central terminal. So good! #12BooksOf2023 #June

Andrew65 I loved this one. 6mo
Crazeedi Yep great book. As I scroll through your feed Jess, I think you and I read very much the same! 6mo
Librarybelle @Crazeedi I think we do! 😁 6mo
Crazeedi @Librarybelle ❤️💗💓 6mo
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