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Monthly Report | California. Department of Insurance
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Here are my upcoming plans for the year. I love having a monthly focus, and I find it helps with my reading productivity. By setting aside a week or a month to focus on middle grade, or ARCs, or chunky books i tend to do better with hitting goals, and avoiding slumps.

Not all of these events are hosted by me, just ones I plan to participate in. Check out the hashtags as the months get closer, if you‘d like to join along. ❤️

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Clwojick #nonfictionnovember #NFNovember @rsteve388 — are you still hosting every year? 2w
DieAReader SCREENSHOT!!🤗📚🤓 You just made my night Cassandra💜 Book focus is way less stressful than IRL issues any month/day of the year. Thanks for the share and the tag!! 2w
DieAReader @LitsyEvents May be able to spread the word as well😉📚🤓💜 2w
Andrew65 Thanks for this resource and the share. ❤️ 2w
hes7 Fun! 2w
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We had such a blast cohosting #WinterReadathon that we‘re doing it again🤓📚🤗

A ‘choose your own goals‘ Readathon. It‘s easily adaptable to whatever life is throwing your way. We‘ll be doing the #DailyChallenges again.

We‘re looking for any ideas & input of what other ideas you‘d like to see & participate in.

Another BINGO card? A new weekly &/or a month long card? What prompt ideas does everyone have?


CoffeeNBooks Yay! So exciting! I loved the Bingo card and Daily Challenges for the #WinterReadathon. I also love a set of prompts. Maybe some sort of March Madness book bracket? 2w
Read4life Love @CoffeeNBooks ideas! Especially the book bracket for March Madness 💙 2w
AmyG Oh, Fun! 2w
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Andrew65 Greatly looking forward to this and really keen to hear people‘s ideas and what they enjoy. 2w
TheSpineView I'm in. These are fun 2w
BarkingMadRead Hooray!! I‘m totally in for this! 2w
JacqMac Yay!! Hopefully, I‘ll do better this time without all the holiday distractions. So fun! 2w
TheEllieMo Ooh, I‘m in! 2w
vonnie862 Ooh! This sounds like fun! I'll give it a go! 2w
MoonWitch94 🥳🥳🥳 Yay! Can‘t wait. 2w
TheAromaofBooks Oh so fun!!! I am ALWAYS here for a bingo card!! 2w
DieAReader @TheAromaofBooks I‘ve noticed that ur not alone in this🤣😉 The Bingo cards always seem very popular!💜💜 2w
CoverToCoverGirl So great that you all are hosting these events! ♥️ 2w
DieAReader @CoverToCoverGirl 😉🤓💜Will you be joining us? 2w
DieAReader Super happy to see the great responses & ideas! Thanks everyone💜💜💜 2w
CoverToCoverGirl I will! I especially like the reading bracket idea. @CoffeeNBooks 2w
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The Midnight Hour | Elly Griffiths
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#libraryfind #fridaynightread

Reading before UConn Women‘s basketball game tonight.#MarchMadness #bleedblue

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Kierkegaard has come into the discussion a lot last week, and today President Biden used this quote in his speech in Poland. Apparently Dr. Jill taped it to his mirror at one point. The actual meaning of this sentence and the wider quote it comes from is that faith doesn‘t have much meaning when things are going great, but when things are going horribly, all of the meaning of faith becomes apparent.

GingerAntics I‘m wondering if, somehow, some Christians have misunderstood or misrepresented this quote. I know, it would be a real shock. Perhaps this is why so many Christians are against higher education and the more extreme Christians are even against high school for their children! Thoughts? #ThisLife #MartinHagglund #Philosophy #AdventuresInPhilosophy #DeadPhilosophersSociety 10mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie for some reason, it does not like your handle being the first thing in a message!!! 10mo
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TheBookHippie @GingerAntics 😅 I am a problem. 10mo
TheBookHippie I think truth comes to light in the dark are you who you say you are or not. Do you really have faith or spirituality or with nothing is faith the only control you have to feel secure. My lovely grandma said “you didn‘t have control when you thought you did and that‘s why you‘re upset.What we believe is the tzedakah. Not the next life not the god comes to save. You control nothing with faith and it doesn‘t save you or help control life.” It is. 10mo
TheBookHippie And no -they are ignorant-knowledge is power the less knowledge the more control. Dictatorship 101. Ban art music books woman … the most powerful weapons. 10mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie that‘s true, of course. I‘m just curious if anyone has ever misused this quote in this way. For those in control, yes it‘s 100% control. I agree with that. I guess I‘m thinking more of the average, clueless to the power trips and power plays believer. 10mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie I adore your grandmother!!! She was truly a wise woman!!! 10mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie I don‘t get it. It‘s fine as long as your handle precedes a message. If it precedes another tag, it‘s not happening. You‘re special. You need your own tag message. 😂🤣😂 10mo
ravenlee I have heard that a lot of fundamentalists, regardless of their flavor, oppose higher education because of concerns it will “confuse” believers. Like, too much to consider will blind them to the truth. Really, they dob‘t want their followers to think at all, and exposure to new viewpoints is often threatening to the brainwashing they work so hard to deliver. 10mo
GingerAntics @ravenlee right? I always have to shake my head at it. So your god is a weakling that can‘t even handle your children/teenagers/young adults going to college? He‘s not strong enough to keep the truth straight in people‘s minds? Seriously? (I have a similar argument to anti-birth control people, too.) So hour god is an idiot and pretty much powerless. How exciting. 🙄 10mo
GingerAntics @ravenlee I always wonder how on Earth people don‘t notice these massive inconsistencies in their own beliefs. Your god is omnipotent, “the god of truth,” but he‘s not powerful enough to keep the truth straight in people‘s minds? It sounds to me like everyone knows it‘s all bull 🤬. 10mo
kspenmoll This discussion very thoughtful. I did not even think of faith as religious at first but given Biden‘s religion it makes sense for him to use it in his speech. I am going to watch it later; have UConn women‘s BB on. #marchmadness 10mo
TheBookHippie @GingerAntics In all honesty Biden a devout Catholic used it with a pure heart. And proves your case for they know not what they say. And I‘m no rah rah Biden fan, but truly he is genuine in his care for people. 10mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie I agree he used in genuinely. I have no problem with genuine Christians. I certainly don‘t have a problem with Biden as far as his beliefs go. He‘s risked excommunication to stand up for what he believes in and knows is right. That‘s how it should be, honestly. 10mo
GingerAntics @kspenmoll interesting. I‘ve actually been the other way around. I have a hard time seeing faith as separate from religion, honestly. This book has really stretched me in that sense. I‘m beginning to see faith as entirely separate from religion. It can be part of it, but it can be part of other things as well. Faith certainly was part of religion for Kierkegaard. 10mo
TheBookHippie @GingerAntics I agree. I love that he continually stands up for women. I love that part of him! And as a person I really do like him. I also think he's done a remarkable job to date. I wish he'd go further! HAHAHA. But I do think people like him can use passages incorrectly without knowing it. 10mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie I agree on all of that. I tend to think he‘s the type of person who would actively attempt to use quotes correctly, as they were intended, but sometimes finding the information necessary to determine the actual person‘s intent is hard to come by, so even with the best of intentions, misquoting is totally possible. I think that‘s true of everyone. It‘s just the some people care and would make corrections and others are the opposite. 10mo
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Finished the tagged book. A space adventure turns deadly.

Also made it to water pilates this morning and did laundry.

@Andrew65 #Readathon #MarchMadness #BFC2022 @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Yay! 🎉👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 11mo
Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 11mo
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Frenchman's Creek | Daphne Du Maurier
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I was supposed to read the #authorofthemonth book but got sucked into the Baylor/Uconn game (not on in the background. My mom would have my head if I‘d blocked the TV during that!) #marchmadness is real yo. #20in4

AmyG Go Blue! 🤞🏻 2y
TheBookDream @AmyG Uconn won (by the skin of their teeth) so yay! 2y
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The only kind of bracket I can get behind. Even if this IS Samantha Mathis erasure. #MarchMadness #MarchSistersMadness

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Has anyone tried this subscription package? Thewordytraveler.com. Combines travel and reading in one subscription but a bit pricy so I‘m trying to decide if I should be tempted 😅

wanderinglynn You do get a lot in the box and it sounds like an interesting concept. I like that you can choose either fic or nonfic. But I agree that it‘s still quite pricy. I think I‘d just rather have the book. But I have to laugh that it‘s a Japanese box and yet the tea is from Ohio. 😆 2y
JenP @wanderinglynn yeah, I noticed that. They do say the won‘t be from the actual place in small print 😂 2y
Amandajoy Cool concept. I might consider it if they featured a new country every quarter. 2y
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Cinfhen Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️ I always think of you this time of year....#MarchMadness 💚Hope all is well with you 2y
JenP @Amandajoy they do. I think next quarter is eygpt 2y
JenP @Cinfhen hope all is well with you too! I hope next year to run one again! Unless I magically manage to get my grant in tomorrow 😂 2y
Deblovestoread I tried this one last year and was not impressed. I gave it 3 boxes and there was never a wow moment. The books were paperbacks that had been out forever and most of the corresponding items were pretty cheap and cheesy. Not worth the money in my opinion. 2y
Cinfhen Fingers crossed for magic 🪄 💕 2y
JenP @Kdgordon88 thanks, that‘s helpful. I get so many books that I worry about subscription services that will basically duplicate books I already have 2y
BarbaraBB The idea is so appealing and I love that they support local charities but I am not impressed by the content of the box (old book, Ohio tea, traditional tourist stuff), which would make it a no for me. And that price! 2y
JenP @BarbaraBB I agree. For that price they need to be new books bc ive already read the old ones 😂 - most likely 2y
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Finally getting around to posting my #MarchStats. I completed 6 books & for the first time I can recall, ebooks outnumbered print by a huge margin (5 to 1!) Usually I read a fairly even mix of print, ebooks & audio but I was struggling to get through Interesting Times. I kept starting new books & reading them instead 🤷‍♀️ My #FaveBookofMarch was American Gods. #MarchMadness #Marchwrapup #MagnificentMarch

OriginalCyn620 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Way to go!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 3y
Eggs Congratulations!!🎈 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
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My #MarchStats! 16 books: 8 audio; 8 print/ebook #FavRead? Whisper Network by Chandler Baker
(and #POTTERADAY, of course!) #MarchMadness

Eggs Great reading! Love the journal 👏🏻👏🏻 3y
MayJasper I like your drawings 😊 3y
Linsy @MayJasper @Eggs Thanks! 💙💚💜 3y
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