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Dia de Los Muertos | Roseanne Greenfield Thong
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I‘m drinking hot bean water also known as coffee also known as what sustains me. Out of a cup my best friend brought to me after her last trip home to mexico! I‘m teaching middle school today and then closing at the library so it‘s gonna be a long exhausting day! #mondaymorningbeverage

DaveGreen7777 Sending you positive energy to help you shine through your exhausting day, Rachel! 😊✨ 4mo
Sace Sending a virtual second dose! ☕ 4mo
Branwen Despite it being looooong I hope your day is a great one! 4mo
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dariazeoli Hope you made it through the day. Love that cup! 4mo
bullbunny May your day be swift! Love the cup!! 4mo
Meaw_catlady @DaveGreen7777 thanks for the positivity! It‘s been a struggle but I‘m almost there! 🤗💕 4mo
Meaw_catlady @RestlessFickleBookHoarder thank you I desperately need it ! ☕️ 4mo
Meaw_catlady @Branwen thanks love!!! Hope your day is great as well! 🤗💕 4mo
Meaw_catlady @dariazeoli thanks!!! Thanks for the inspiration! 💕 4mo
Meaw_catlady @bullbunny thanks so much! 🤗💕🙏 4mo
JoScho That is a fabulous mug! 4mo
CindyRene Happy Happy belated Birthday !! 🎉🎂 4mo
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Do you remember the boycott back in 2015 when the Starbucks holiday mug was released sans prancing reindeer and such. I thought the boycott was silly so out of support for the separation of church and business, I purchased the ceramic version of their mug. It‘s the mug I most often use! Thanks @dariazeoli !! #MondayMorningBeverage

britt_brooke Love it! 4mo
megzlynn I remember that! I knew so many people who were offended. So many people were like, “they are taking Christ out of Christmas. Blah, blah, blah.” Well I am a Christian and I personally thought it was ridiculous. Snowflakes, Christmas trees, reindeer, etc are not religious symbols. Taking them off of a paper cup did not make me feel attacked. 😂 4mo
marleed @britt_brooke @megzlynn It was such a goofy fight to pick! 4mo
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britt_brooke @marleed It was insane. I loved the simple red cup. People are ridiculous. 4mo
dariazeoli Ah yes, the “war” on Christmas. I support your support of separation! 4mo
Amiable @dariazeoli I support your support of Marlee‘s support! 😀 4mo
marleed @dariazeoli @Amiable Yeah, my tribe is right here on Litsy! 4mo
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#MondayMorningBeverage in my Pioneer Woman mug. Chicory coffee with a splash of hazelnut coconut creamer and a packet of Truvia. Living that fine cubicle life this Monday morning 👌🏽


dariazeoli Cubicle dwellers, unite! 😉 4mo
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Thank you for this fun #Mondaymorningbeverage idea,
@dariazeoli 😀 ☕️

I actually only have one coffee mug of my own, which was personalized as a gift to me, and since I don‘t want to risk staining it in any way, I never drink out of it (kinda defeats the purpose of a coffee mug, I know)!

Fortunately, at work, they give us these coffee mugs with the company logo. The people holding up the “U” represents our agency helping to support “you”! 😊

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ☺️☺️☺️ Happy Monday!! 4mo
DaveGreen7777 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you, Misty! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! 🤗 4mo
Nute Awesome photo! Good morning, David!🌞 4mo
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DaveGreen7777 @Nute Awww, thank you! 😊 Happy Monday to you as well! 🌞 4mo
Branwen At least it's colorful! 😀☕ Good morning and happy Monday! 💕 4mo
DaveGreen7777 @Branwen Thank you, Becky! Our Sunday buddy watching of Star Trek makes it much easier for me to face Mondays! 😁🖖 4mo
Branwen @DaveGreen7777 Hahahaha! I feel the same way! 😁🖖 4mo
TheSpineView 💝 Happy Monday! 4mo
DaveGreen7777 @TheSpineView Right back atcha, my friend! 😊🤗 4mo
dariazeoli Now I want a mug that says “supported by caffeine” 😁 4mo
DaveGreen7777 @dariazeoli 😂🤣😂☕️ 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @DaveGreen7777 thank you!! I‘m off until Friday! Hope yours is great!! 😊🤗 4mo
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Shades of Earl Grey | Laura Childs
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My #MondayMorningBeverage!

Yes, I should probably make my hot tea in a pot, and pour it into a little cute tea cup as I go, but I‘m a heathen, and why wash both when I can just wash 1 cup, plus I know I‘m going to drink it all. 🤪🤷‍♀️

dariazeoli Sounds completely rational to me! 👍 4mo
Gezemice I do tea bags too. In America, that‘s commitment already. 4mo
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#mondaymorningbeverage @dariazeoli

Enjoying my coffee with probably too much creamer and sugar ☕️
Watching The Wizard of Oz with my girls this morning since one of them wants to be Dorothy for Halloween but has never seen the movie before. 😊

dariazeoli I hope your daughters loved it! I always looked forward to the annual airing on CBS. It made it special. Now it‘s on cable - easy access! 4mo
Brithomas17 @dariazeoli they so did 😊 it‘s all they have been talking about all day haha 4mo
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No school today, so I am actually able to leisurely drink my coffee in one of my favorite mugs! ( I ❤️ Hopper 😉)
Happy #Mondaymorningbeverage everyone!

dariazeoli Hopper! 👊🏻 4mo
JoScho I heart Hopper too! We are rewatching from the beginning. 4mo
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I don‘t actually drink coffee, I just like the cup so much I have it in two colors. Starting my day off with a coke. #mondaymorningbeverage.

dariazeoli Well-caffeinated and well-cupped! 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#mondaymorningbeverage @dariazeoli I need my tall coffee mug to deal with all the Monday emotions 😊

dariazeoli Love it! ❤️ 4mo
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#mondaymorningbeverage coffee and bed head.

dariazeoli Hope you had a good Monday! 4mo
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