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Let It Snow: Three Holiday Stories | John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle
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Not A LOT of snow, but definitely some.

Poor Fall... 🍁🍂 she hasn't even had a chance to hang out and Winter is already knocking on the door! ❄🌨😫

#snowinseptember #readingweather

Suet624 What? That‘s so frightening. I‘m so not looking forward to that. 4mo
Librariana @Suet624 - It started yesterday, although at that point it was more of a rain-snow mix. We even lost power for a couple of hours, which is always concerning in this type of weather. I'm in the inland northwest part of Washington state. 4mo
Suet624 For some reason I tend to think my weather is the most harsh. Clearly I‘m wrong. The temps in Vermont are in the 60‘s and the leaves are gorgeous. 4mo
JenReadsAlot Omg too soon! 4mo
mcipher OMG! It‘s almost 80 here... crazy weather in the opposite direction! 4mo
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Bit of a storm makes for a great reading night!

JenReadsAlot Yep just starting to storm. 6mo
Jennick2004 @JenReadsAlot are you in the area too? 6mo
TheBookStacker Ugh I miss storms like that! Desert living isn‘t as nice. 6mo
JenReadsAlot Staying with a friend between Juneau and Watertown. 6mo
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Hotlanta! | Mark Nielsen
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I know this is normal for many of you, but not here in the south. On Thursday evening, the forecast for Atlanta was a "light dusting on Friday, up to 1" in elevated areas." ?

Pictured are Larry, Moo and Curly. They aren't pleased with our meteorologists either.

I'm crawling back into my blanket fort with my book.

#readingweather #wtfmothernature #TheWeatherChannelIsHeadquarteredInAtlantaForChristsSake

Chelleo Nice!! I know folks are losing their minds at all that snow in GA! 😂 2y
cathysaid @Chelleo It's insanity. We are all so used to the weather peeps predicting Armageddon for a little rain that no one paid attention to "a light dusting." Oops. 2y
Rachel.Rencher Oh my gosh! I live in Idaho and we usually have a foot of snow by now. It hasn't even dusted, and my husband took out the trash yesterday in flip flops. 😳 I'll trade you!! ❄ 2y
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cathysaid @Rachel.Rencher Done! It was pretty yesterday but now I'm OVER IT. 2y
Captivatedbybooks It‘s finally here in Philly but i dont think it will stick much its too cold 2y
Yellowpigeon We live in Atlanta as well. Our driveway is ridiculously steep. We walked to waffle house this morning. 2y
Posemn When we first moved to Atlanta (live in MN now) I had someone tell me (in fun) “We don‘t need you Northerners to tell us what to do in a snow storm. We know how to drive to the liquor store and we know how to throw a party)” (edited) 2y
Posemn A snow storm always was a lot of fun in Atlanta! Lucky it fell on a weekend! 2y
Posemn I‘m with you @Rachel.Rencher 2y
BookMaven407 Wow! That's a lot of snow ❄️ hope you are staying warm and cozy! 2y
mrp27 😳😳 2y
Bookladylinda @cathysaid I felt your pain! I left the office yesterday to just flurries, drove down North Druid Hills to go to Target was in For about 30 - 40 minutes came out to the parking lot full of snow! This much snow was not predicated! 2y
cathysaid @Yellowpigeon How does the Weather Channel miss this so badly when this is their headquarters?!? (edited) 2y
cathysaid @Posemn Well that is entirely true 🍻 2y
cathysaid @BookMaven407 Oh yes. Fortunately we have a fireplace 😁 2y
cathysaid @Bookladylinda Right?!? Insanity. 2y
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This means stay in and read! Hoping that everyone stays safe during Hurricane Matthew! #readingweather

OriginalCyn620 I've gotten a lot of reading done today too! This is perfect weather to stay in and read. 3y
MallenNC That's about all this weather is good for @CynthiaF.Buck 3y
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Of Human Bondage | W. Somerset Maugham
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Just started this one. I LOVED The Razors Edge so I'm hoping this will live up to expectations...the first 60 pages have already got me hooked though.


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