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Women Talking: A Novel | Miriam Toews
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Read this book. Read it because it is horrifyingly timely and rage inducing. Read it because it is, after all is said and done, about hope. Read it for the feminist spirit that drives it. Read it for the characters you will love (and those you will hate). Read it for the amazing sense of place Toews captures and creates. Just read it.

TheBookStacker Doesn‘t come out till April! 😫 1y
saresmoore I want to read it SO MUCH! 1y
Lola @TheBookStacker You can get in now from Book Depository. Free shipping to the US. #bookenabler 1y
TheBookStacker Ohhhhh!!!! Yay! 1y
Suet624 Just purchased it. Once I get through this horrid book I‘m currently reading I‘ll be diving into this one. 1y
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Les Misrables | Victor Hugo
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I blame @merelybookish for this. I went to B&N today and bought a second copy of the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition so that I could use one to easily reference the end notes while I read from the other. This reread is now going to take me twice as long. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Leftcoastzen 😂😂😂👏I have been tempted to do that as well with heavily footnoted titles 1y
Kalalalatja I love this 😂😂😂 1y
DGRachel @Leftcoastzen @Kalalalatja I must say that as ridiculous as it sounds, I‘m actually glad I did this because it makes referencing the end notes so much easier. 1y
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merelybookish That was fast!! I think you wanted someone to give you permission, so happy to oblige! 😀 1y
vivastory This is amazing! @merelybookish wins #bookenabler of the weekend award! 🏆😄 1y
LaLecture That‘s actually a good idea. The end notes are killing me. I hate that in my copy you can‘t even see if there‘s a reference to something; you just have to look the end notes up randomly. This is the first book I‘ve ever put dog ears in. I‘m also thinking about skipping the end notes altogether but I just don‘t have the heart not to read a book completely 😂. 1y
DGRachel @LaLecture My copy is the same with endnotes not being referenced within the text, which is why having a second copy open to the endnotes is so helpful. 1y
BarbaraJean I love this!! My copy doesn‘t have any notes except for a few footnotes to translate verses and songs—and not even all of those have notes. I feel like I‘m missing so much of the historical context! 1y
LauraBeth 😂😂 1y
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Untitled | Anonymous
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My son just raided mine and my daughters shelves for books to take back with him when his leave is over. I'm so proud. #proudmommabear #bookenabler

Suzze Wonderful! 3y
RadicalReader @bookishbitch nothing fills a person with more pride than to have someone piqued their interest with somebody else's book collections 3y
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