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Night | Elie Wiesel
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Finally been and collected the last of my Christmas book haul. Despite being told on numerous occasions last year that I had more than enough books, they still made up the majority of my presents, along with book vouchers, a bookish cushion and an 'I'd rather be reading' t-shirt.
One of my challenges this year is to not buy books until I have read the majority of the ones I own. Whose bright idea was that??

#christmasbookhaul #dontblameme

erzascarletbookgasm 😍👍 11mo
ladyonequestion On a book buying ban here too 😞 11mo
Caroline2 Yep, I‘m Ona book buying ban too! 🙄 11mo
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My Christmas book haul 😍 even I‘m starting to think my TBR is getting out of control now with over 400 books owned but not yet read... #incoming #tbr #christmasbookhaul

Carmela Full of Wishes | Matt de la Pea
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My completely unexpected #ChristmasBookHaul. 😊

Hollie Yay! Great haul 😍 11mo
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This years #ChristmasBookHaul was great! I‘ve got a lot of reading to do in the coming year! 😍🎁📚🎄


Lindy Ooh! The new Laini Taylor. Looks like a lovely haul. 📚 11mo
GypsyKat @Lindy Yes! I was very spoiled this year! 11mo
brandymuses My favorite series of all time is there! 11mo
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GypsyKat @brandymuses Awesome!!! 11mo
EmilyM So, I am just in the beginning of Strange the Dreamer. It isn't my typical genre....but I have to read it for the book club I sponsor where I teach...please tell me it is amazing?! Right now I am just confused with all of the weird names of people and places! 11mo
GypsyKat @EmilyM I haven‘t read it yet, but I feel sure I‘ll think it‘s amazing. I‘m waiting for the whole trilogy to be out, because I loved Daughter of Smoke & Bone so much, and I couldn‘t wait to keep going from book to book. 11mo
Avanders 😍😍😍 11mo
EchoLogical @GypsyKat I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone, too! Zuzanna was the best BFF ever! 11mo
GypsyKat @EchoLogical Absolutely! 11mo
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I love gift cards! Also, I have no self control. I got the gift cards Christmas Eve and have already used them up and spent an extra $30 🤭🤦‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

This is what happens when my family refuses to buy me books! 🤪

Also, Barnes and Noble is expensive! Especially when I typically buy my books on ThriftBooks 😂

#barnesandnoble #bookhaul #christmasbookhaul

Hestapleton Yes! I got a $25 gift card for B&N from my younger sister and a $30 Visa card from my grandmother-in-law, and I only got 4 books at B&N! But, I‘d rather give them a lot of money than Amazon. 11mo
Laughterhp @Hestapleton Yeah, that was my goal too, to try and not to buy them on Amazon! If it was over $20 for a book at B&N, I told myself I could get it at the library. 11mo
gradcat You guys are great for supporting B&N! I‘m getting ready to do a giveaway...do people prefer gift cards from B&N as opposed to Amazon, do you think? 11mo
Laughterhp @gradcat I like to get B&N because if I get an Amazon gift card, I don‘t typically use it on books. There‘s also half priced books or book depository. I don‘t know if they have gift cards though 😂. Good luck with your giveaway! 11mo
gradcat Thanks for answering! I just have to decide what I want to do...I can‘t seem to think up anything interesting.... 11mo
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Becoming | Michelle Obama
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My #ChristmasBookHaul 🎄🎅🏻🎁📚❤️

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Becoming | Michelle Obama
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Merry Christmas Littens! #christmasbookhaul

sudi Merry Christmas 🎄 11mo
BookwormAHN Merry Christmas 🎄 11mo
BiblioLitten Merry Christmas 🎄 11mo
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CarolynM Merry Christmas to you and yours 🎄 ❤️ 11mo
Texreader Merry Christmas!! 🎁🎄⭐️ 11mo
BarbaraBB Merry Christmas Natasha ❤️💃🎄🥂 11mo
JennyM Merry Christmas lovely. Hope you‘ve had a fabulous day 😘 11mo
JennyM @CarolynM @BarbaraBB and Merry Christmas to you lovely ladies. I‘ve so enjoyed getting to know you this year. 🎄😘 11mo
BarbaraBB @JennyM That‘s how I feel too! Wishing you a very merry Christmas too ❤️ 11mo
CarolynM @JennyM Likewise😘 Hope you and your family have had a lovely Christmas day🎄❤️ 11mo
Redwritinghood Merry Christmas!🎄🎁 11mo
shellleigh33 Merry Christmas! 11mo
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Leviathan Wakes | James S. A. Corey
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The Scopuli had been taken eight days ago, and Julie Mao was finally ready to be shot.


Lauredhel Enjoy! I'm still pretty salty that Tiamat's Wrath was delayed. 11mo
mephestopheles Thank you! I got into the novel through the show, I know there are going to be a lot of differences between them but I'm really looking forward to getting into this series. 11mo
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Unfortunately life was gotten in the way of reading and Litsy hopefully it'll calm back down now. Top left is today's Amazon #bookhaul #bookmail. Top right is Christmas Eve Eve Wal-Mart #bookhaul. Middle is my Christmas book presents from my husband #ChristmasBookHaul 😊 and The Book Thief which was a grocery shopping stop on the book isle on Sunday #Meijerbookhaul and bottom is the book ends my mother-in-law got me for Christmas.

Nerdfins Those bookends are adorable! 😻 2y
2BR02B I'm mad jelly of you for those bookends. 😻 2y
Centique Love love the bookends! 😍 2y
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CoffeeCatsBooks Those bookends! 😻😻 2y
StephanieMarie That looks like a really neat cover for name of the wind! 2y
jfalkens @StephanieMarie it's the 10th anniversary edition 😊 2y
jfalkens @Nerdfins @2BR02B @Centique @CoffeeCatsBooks thank you 😊 she found them on Etsy and they were the only ones 😊 she said there was someone after she bought them interested in them too. 2y
TricksyTails Ooh you got your anniversary edition and SO MANY MORE BOOKS! Nice haul! 😍♥️📚 Adorable bookends! 2y
jfalkens @TricksyTails yes, it came today 😀 thank you 😊 thanks I love them too 😊 plus I can fit a few more books between them 😀📚📚 2y
TNbookworm Love the bookends too, so cute😻📚😻📚 2y
Skyrimir I have the same cat book ends on the left! 2y
jfalkens @TNbookworm thank you 😊 2y
jfalkens @Skyrimir do yours match? 2y
bookaholic1 Nice!! 2y
jfalkens @bookaholic1 thank you 😊 2y
Skyrimir @jfalkens yes, it‘s just that one. I love the one on the right too! 2y
jfalkens @Skyrimir how cool 😊 we did wonder if it was originally 2 sets and 1 from each somehow broke so they put them together and called it a set. 2y
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