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Halloweenland | Al Sarrantonio
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I forgot to post on Monday!! I got an AWESOME package from @LibrarianRyan ! I look forward to this swap every year, and it was awesome as usual. Thank you thank you thank you!! I‘m already reading House of Hollow and it‘s so good. Also I ate the candy and started coloring in the coloring book. 😃 @wanderinglynn #hhs #hhs22 #hauntedhollowswap

LibrarianRyan It is probably because I‘m sick but did you have a different screen name? I know I sent that package but for some reason the screen names isn‘t clicking. I blame the Sudafed. 5mo
LibrarianRyan Glad you liked it by the way. My fave time of the year too. 5mo
wanderinglynn Awesome! 🎃 5mo
Lauranahe No, I‘ve always had this screen name. 😂 My last name is Beers, so maybe you‘re thinking of my actual name? 5mo
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Payback's a Witch | Lana Harper
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I‘m loving the books & gifts from @MsRadioSilence !
Grace, thank you! You even included toys for my spoiled cat. The pumpkin is beautiful, & it all fits into my usual Halloween decorations. #hauntedhollowswap #hhs @wanderinglynn

MsRadioSilence I‘m glad you like it!! 💜💜 5mo
wanderinglynn Love it! 🎃 5mo
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Shiver | Allie Reynolds
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OH MY GOODNESS! @DHill what a package of goodies! The books are perfect, the candle smells amazing, the card trivia game looks so fun, chocolate, bookmarks, and more. Thank you so much! And the wrapping was beautiful, check out the inset picture. I will have a very happy Halloween! #HHS #HauntedHollowSwap

Thank you so much for hosting @wanderinglynn

MommyOfTwo I missed this swap, I was so sad. Looks like you got some good stuff. 5mo
LeslieO @MommyOfTwo Oh no! I hate when I miss a swap! 5mo
wanderinglynn Fantastic! 🎃 5mo
DHill Enjoy! 🎃 5mo
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What an amazing package of goodies!! Thank you so much @Laughterhp - I am so excited to read these books, and absolutely in love with the Beetlejuice socks, the pins, and all the other treats. I may already have lit the candle as well. Happy Halloween!

Thanks also to @wanderinglynn for organizing! #hhs22 #HauntedHollowSwap 🎃🖤🍂📚

Laughterhp Yay! Glad you like everything! Happy Halloween! 5mo
wanderinglynn Great haul! 🎃 5mo
AlizaApp @wanderinglynn agreed!! 🖤 5mo
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@bookish_wookish Thank you so much, I love everything! I'm already wearing the socks! 😊🧡
I'm so excited to read these books! I watched The Alienist show before I knew it was a book series, and I've been wanting to read it ever since.
Thank you again, and Happy Halloween 🎃

And thank you @wanderinglynn for hosting! 👻🧡🔮
#HHS #HauntedHollowSwap #HHS22

bookish_wookish Im glad you like everything!! 5mo
wanderinglynn Love the socks! 🎃 5mo
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Dark Harvest | Norman Partridge
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All the spooky love going out to @LeahBergen yet again for the perfection that is my #HauntedHollowSwap package.I was grinning like a fool during my entire unboxing lol.I love everything about this; that Frankenstein journal is almost too good to mess up with my writing ... almost. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my cold black heart 🖤
#HHS2022 #HHS
Finally, thank you so very much @wanderinglynn for your time & work organizing the swap.

vivastory That Frankenstein journal is incredible 5mo
wanderinglynn Love it! 🎃 5mo
LeahBergen 😆😆 I‘m glad you liked it! I had a ton o‘ fun stalking a new Litsy friend and was so excited to find out you liked the classic monsters. I had bought myself a pack of those old horror film bookmarks and was just waiting for someone to share them with. Happy Halloween! 🖤🖤 5mo
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BookishMadHatter @LeahBergen Happy Halloween! 5mo
TheNeverendingTBR @BookishMadHatter @LeahBergen Omg I love this! Is this a book subscription?, I want in!! 😍 5mo
BookishMadHatter @TheNeverendingTBR it was for a Halloween themed swap. There are swaps posted from time to time that you can sign up for and they're so fun. You have to keep an eye put for them or follow Litsy Events as they post lots of them for anyone not following the person organizing the swap 5mo
LeahBergen @TheNeverendingTBR Yes, the Halloween swaps would be perfect for you. There should be one coming up soon called #CreepyChristmas, hosted by @teebe . Keep an eye out for that one or follow @LitsyEvents . 😄 5mo
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Thank you @Rissa1 for such an amazing swap! I‘m so excited to dive into all these books! I‘m absolutely pumped for Weep, Woman, Weep! I‘ve already eaten the candy and now I‘ve got a little Halloween scene on my dresser with the ones you sent 🎃🧡🖤👻 @wanderinglynn #HHS #HauntedHollowSwap

wanderinglynn Fantastic! 🎃 5mo
Rissa1 I am glad you like it! Enjoy. ❤️ 5mo
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Belle Morte | Bella Higgin
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Opening day for #HauntedHollowSwap! Thank you @wen4blu The Stephen King looks like a good fantasy and scary at all 😁 thanks for all the goodies! I love the mug!

#HHS @vonnie862

wanderinglynn Awesome! 🎃 5mo
wen4blu Hooray! Happy Halloween! 5mo
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Thank you, @TheKidUpstairs , for these wonderful books! I especially loved your “blind date with a book” inspired wrapping and had to show it off. 🖤🖤

I‘ve wanted to read Burnt Offerings for YEARS and I‘m so excited for Antique Dust (a series of connected stories about an antique dealer and haunted objects. Did anyone watch Friday the 13th: The Series on TV in the late ‘80s? 🤣). And a true crime to cap it all off.


LeahBergen And a great big THANKS to @wanderinglynn for hosting this awesome swap again! 😘😘 (edited) 5mo
TrishB I got Burnt Offerings for my birthday 👍🏻 looks good. 5mo
wanderinglynn Fantastic! 🎃 5mo
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quietjenn I used to love that show! 5mo
AmyG Burnt Offerings is a oldie but goodie. Enjoy! 5mo
Bookzombie I watched it! I just rewatched a couple of episodes because I found it on DVD at my new library. 5mo
TheKidUpstairs I'm so glad you like them!!! 5mo
LeahBergen @TrishB I saw that! I‘m excited for a bit of retro horror. 🖤 5mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn @Bookzombie I just looked up a few screenshots of the show and couldn‘t believe the height of the main actress‘s hair. 😆😆 5mo
LeahBergen @AmyG I could‘ve sworn I had read it in my horror-obsessed ‘80s teens but I don‘t think I did! 5mo
LeahBergen @TheKidUpstairs Like them? I LOVE them!! And the wrapping was so fun. ❤️❤️ 5mo
Bookzombie @LeahBergen It was so big! Lol 5mo
LeahBergen @Bookzombie And I thought she was bee-yoo-tiful back then. 😆 5mo
Bookzombie @LeahBergen I did too! 😂 5mo
TheNeverendingTBR I love this idea but I'm so fussy I'd open it up and be like, maybe another time. 😂 5mo
LeahBergen @TheNeverendingTBR I‘m the same but luckily these were swap gifts and the titles were all on my Litsy wishlist. 😆 5mo
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@TheKidUpstairs !! You certainly spoiled me! So much so that I have to do two posts. 😆 (book post to follow).

The HUGE bag of chocolates and candies, cute socks, skull candles, skull lipgloss, coffee sleeve, book page holder, and the Life special spooky edition … I love it all and it was such a joy to open. ❤️

Thank you so much, my friend! 😘😘

And thanks to @wanderinglynn for hosting again. ❤️


wanderinglynn Fantastic! 🎃 5mo
TheKidUpstairs In so glad you like it all, I had a lot of fun collecting things for you! 5mo
LeahBergen @TheKidUpstairs Oh, I couldn‘t be more pleased! Everything was so thoughtfully chosen. 😘😘😘 5mo
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