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My love for HP grows every day. I've been watching the movies again. Tomorrow it will be time for The Goblet of Fire. Do you have a favorite movie? ✨

My favorite defensive spell is definitely Expecto Patronum! I was basically on years after watching that last scene in the Prisoner of Azkaban. 😭

#harrypotter #jkrowling #harrypotterandtheorderofthephoenix

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The first half was great, but the second half lost me in some places. This is a very character driven story, and there are several different plot lines to follow. Many of the characters deal with intense and important issues. As a young teacher, who also grew up with technology, the characters were relatable and interesting. I felt that there were several unanswered questions.

Book #3 for #readathon
#longtitle for #aroundtheyearin52books

StephBengtson I'm doing the audio of this right now and I'm having trouble staying interested. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 3y
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#booktober catch-up 3 for 1! #bookssetinaschool #setinaschool. I was in middle school when this came out and I thought Korman a genius and the book hilarious. Just googled it and found out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thought so too! It doesn't have a super #longtitle but apparently in 2003 the publisher thought so and shortened it to This Can't Be Happening! And Bruno and Boots were great co- #sidekicks. @RealLifeReading

SuperPunkNinja I've never heard of this book before. Now I must have it! 3y
Tanner I remember that book - I loved Gordon Korman's books as a child, but haven't read any since. 3y
TK-421 I loved Gordon Korman's books when I was growing up! I remember Go Jump in the Pool as one that made me laugh out loud 3y
KVanRead @McShelfington @Tanner @TK-421 I remember laughing out loud like a lunatic to the first three. 3y
Tanner My fav was Who Is Bugs Potter - I lol'd over that one (and I think snorting was involved)! 3y
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This collection of #shortstories could double as my #diversereads and it is a debut (although not a #debutnovel). I'm about halfway through in a year because I lost it in a move and almost gave up looking. So glad I found it. Luce writes imaginatively and charmingly without once sacrificing skill and style. The ten stories delight and enchant beginning with the first entry wherein the narrator relates the story of a prophetic toaster. #booktober +

RealLifeReading Oh! I've seen this before somewhere (maybe from @Liberty or @OutlandishLit ) And really wanted to read it. Thanks for the reminder. 3y
Liberty @RealLifeReading Yessssssssssssss, it is the best. 💕 3y
Marchpane I'm sold. And hey, it also qualifies as a #longtitle 😄 3y
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Trying to catch up on #booktober. Haven't read this (and probably won't) but what a title: "The advent in which Emma sued her Guardian Angel". #longtitle #deutsch #german

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I had forgotten about this book's #longtitle for Day 12 of #booktober . It's a must read for all the fans of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's 😊

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How did I get so behind on the photo challenge?! Here's my pick for #longtitle

It was a weird, futuristic ya read that I would recommend. The two main characters drink bats and then can see the future...yeah, that's the gist. #ya

CherylDeFranceschi I thought that book was incredible! 3y
Hrhadrienne I finished this a couple of weeks ago. I second everything you said. King is coming to my town this month. I'm excited to see her. 3y
Batman Is it just me or does the model on the cover look like the one from Paper Towns? 3y
mischa I adored this book! 3y
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Day 12 #booktober This book definitely qualifies for #longtitle. I enjoyed this book when I read it years ago, but I'm definitely a fan of these movies and that may impact if you enjoy it or not.

🎶Don't you forget about me
Don't don't don't don't
Don't you forget about me 🎶✊🏻- Simple Minds

EloisaJames Breakfast club? 3y
Bookzombie @EloisaJames Yes, The Breakfast Club. 🙂 3y
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One of these days I might get a chance to read all these. #day12 #longtitle #booktober

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It's a day late, but here's my pick for #LongTitle! And it's a fantastic title at that! Also, my fairy garden and dancing frog - they just seemed like they wanted to meet you Littens! #Booktober

CherylDeFranceschi Lovely fairy garden! 3y
bmsddk Very cool figures!! 😎 3y
Dragon So cute 👍 3y
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mrsh62010 Nice fairy garden! I just saw a tutorial for one today and thought "that's really pretty, but I'd never do something so crafty." So congrats! :) 3y
Laura317 Your frog needs to meet my mouse on a leaf boat. Adorable garden. 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Love the garden and frog! 3y
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