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4/5 🌟 I really wasn't sure what to expect when I picked this one up but it was definitely an uplifting #audiobook full of morning and nightly words of #positivity. And Lin-Manuel's narration was superb! The only reason it doesn't get a 5/5 from me is because it lacks a bit of oomph (it's a feeling). Definitely recommend it. Alexa, play one of these messages when I wake up and go to bed #nonfiction

#nfnov @Clwojick @rsteve388

rsteve388 6 pts 2mo
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I realized I didn‘t explain what #BFC was! For those not familiar, here‘s a brief explanation with some examples. The idea is that goal setting works best when we‘re held accountable.

#BFC focuses on #positivity. We also recognize that life happens, so we allow you to adapt your goals! #BFC‘s philosophy is don‘t quit, ADAPT!

Questions? Ask below or email us at litsy.BFC@gmail.com

Sign-up for #BFCr4: https://forms.gle/uAoYtmJEkWjwcZxx5

ShelfRighteous Hi! I signed up, should I get a mail confirmation or anything? 4mo
wanderinglynn @ShelfRighteous I see you signed up. 👍🏻 And no, you won‘t get an email confirmation because I forgot to set that up! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Oops! 4mo
ShelfRighteous @wanderinglynn Hahah cool! I was just wondering if I filled it up wrongly🙈 4mo
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jmtrivera So glad @ShelfRighteous asked because I thought I forgot to submit too! 4mo
wanderinglynn @jmtrivera yep! I got you! 👍🏻 4mo
Catlover23 It's not letting me go past entering email. 3mo
wanderinglynn @Catlover23 Hm, I don‘t know what the problem is. The form is still open. Have you tried closing the browser window and opening a new one? If that doesn‘t work, maybe try a different browser or a different computer? 3mo
Catlover23 @wanderinglynn I think it worked this time. 3mo
wanderinglynn @Catlover23 Do you have a yahoo email address? If so, it captured your email address, but nothing else. The rest of the form came through blank. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Can you try it again? If it still doesn‘t work, just email your answers to Litsy.BFC@gmail.com 3mo
Catlover23 I will try my other email. 3mo
Kaylamburson Haha, I was wondering the same thing, @ShelfRighteous. Especially because I don't exactly remember my goals 🤣😂 3mo
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For the past year I‘ve been trying to build #positivity by writing in this gratitude #journal each day. I‘m still not great about always remembering, but I‘m getting there. #selfimprovementsept @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

Aimeesue Gratitude journals can really help change your outlook on things! 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
OriginalCyn620 Pretty journal! 🖤😊 4mo
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#positivity #selfimprovementSeptember I have re-read this book a few times mostly for the positive attitudes within.Wisdom, compassion, and living in the moment leave you open to new possibilities even if you have no intention of becoming a Buddhist .His stories reflect humor and heart .❤️

OriginalCyn620 😊📚❤️🙌🏼 4mo
PurpleyPumpkin Sounds good. Stacked!📚 4mo
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Flowers always make me feel happy and positive 🌼🌸🌷💐

Avanders 😍🌼🌸🌺😍 4mo
catebutler Me too! ☺️💐 4mo
UwannaPublishme 🌼🌼🌼👍🏻 4mo
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OriginalCyn620 Pretty! 🌼😊 4mo
PurpleyPumpkin What a beautiful bouquet!💐 4mo
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Positivity | Barbara Fredrickson
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OriginalCyn620 Yes!! 🙌🏻 4mo
UwannaPublishme Amen to that! 🙌🏻 4mo
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A #GoodHabit I‘m trying to establish is meditating. I love the Calm app - it has helped me through a lot lately and has helped me gain #positivity in my life. It‘s rare that I pay out money to get an expanded app experience, but I did with Calm. If you‘re looking for guided meditation, I highly recommend Calm. #SelfImprovementSept

SauerPatch I‘m so glad you posted this! I‘ve been considering something like this but wasn‘t sure where to start. Thanks! 💚 4mo
Librarybelle You‘re welcome, @SauerPatch ! 4mo
SW-T I have the app but I‘ve only used the freebies. Thanks for the post! Least now I know paying for full access is worth it....sometimes you‘re not sure! 4mo
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wanderinglynn I‘ve been working on this too. I also recommend the book 4mo
OriginalCyn620 I‘ve been wondering too if paying for full access was worth it! I think I‘ll try it out! 😊 4mo
Librarybelle @SW-T @OriginalCyn620 I think the full access is worth it! Meditations, sleep guides, lessons on how to help anxiety and depression. There are also movement guides, which is a pretty new feature. 4mo
Librarybelle Thanks for the suggestion, @wanderinglynn ! 4mo
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Just the cover of this Little Book of #Positivity makes me feel happy!


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💛💛💛 4mo
OriginalCyn620 It is a cute cover! 😊 4mo
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