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Last week we pulled together all our red, white, and blue books. A great selection, right?

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(Day 4: Red, White, and Blue) A day late, but we went to friends‘ home for the 4th. These are some of my Disney books. I have a modest collection, but my wish list is growing. Anyone have any recommendations? @Sweetkokoro #ColormePretty #PhotoChallenge #Disney #redwhiteblue

laur89 😍 which was your fav one? I love Disney! The only Disney park book I‘ve read which was really good is 5mo
KatieDid927 @laur89 I second this question! I‘m a big Disney fan and haven‘t read any parks books yet. Stacking your rec! 5mo
Lady_Tigana_20 @laur89, I really like the top five books because they are full-color. Being slightly older books, there are pics of rides and buildings that have been reworked or demolished. WDW has been on a mission to change things up. I love when they add stuff, but it can hurt when they take away. 😞 I added your rec to my TBR. Thanks! 😀 5mo
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Lady_Tigana_20 @laur89 @KatieDid927, Tom Bricker (he does gorgeous Disney photography) has a list. Woohoo! https://www.disneytouristblog.com/disney-theme-park-books/ 5mo
KatieDid927 @Lady_Tigana_20 Oh I love Tom‘s blog! Didn‘t realize he had a list, thanks! 5mo
laur89 @Lady_Tigana_20 @KatieDid927 ooh I love a good book list!!! I also remembered that Book of the Mouse club has a podcast all about different Disney books: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/book-of-the-mouse-club/id1390274130 5mo
laur89 @Whimsical.Curiosity More Disney fans!! We might have to do round 2 of the Disney themed swap... 😉 5mo
KatieDid927 @laur89 Yes plz! 🙏🏼 5mo
Lady_Tigana_20 @laur89, I‘m new. What is a Disney themed swap? 5mo
laur89 @Lady_Tigana_20 Check out #DisneySwap - we each shopped for 2 books and 2 goodies for each other, and opened up the swap boxes on a set date. The first time around was just 2 of us, but maybe next time we‘ll have more people! 5mo
Whimsical.Curiosity Yessss #disneyswap was amazing! 5mo
Lady_Tigana_20 That looks fun. I run Secret Santa in a private Disney FB group, so I know how fun it is to send and receive Disney stuff. 😄 5mo
laur89 Next time we arrange one, I‘ll be sure to tag you in the post!! 5mo
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Pawnee | Leslie Knope
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Squee! My #BFF is visiting & gave this to me as a perfect belated bday present! Happy 30 to me! 😊🙂🙃🙂🙃 #LeslieKnope #ParksAndRec

This will also be my submission for #colormepretty #redwhiteblue @Sweetkokoro

eanderson This is awesome!!! 5mo
Michollio I loved this book 5mo
hermyknee @eanderson @Michollio I‘m soo excited to read it! 5mo
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OriginalCyn620 Happy July 4th! 🇺🇸 5mo
kspenmoll @OriginalCyn620 Hope yours was a good one too! 5mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I hope yours was great!! 😘❤️ 5mo
kspenmoll @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Relaxing & great food. Just the 3 of us❤️ 5mo
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Rainbow Six | Tom Clancy
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How long will it take me to read this novel? That is the question I ask myself whenever I pick it up. I don't plan to rush through it since I have plenty of time and (of course) more books to read. I have started it, and that is the first step. #ilikebigbooks #america #redwhiteblue #herewego #morebooks #tomclancy

BooksDogsAndPsychology Did you finish it? Love it to pieces?! 9mo
RebeccaRoo7 Haha, I have yet to finish it. There are so many other books that I've had to read. 😜 I will finish it....maybe just not for a few more, well, months or years. 9mo
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Who Rules the World? | Noam Chomsky
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Brought this back from London, and started with the very interesting new afterword on President Donald Trump. #AwesomeAutumnBooks #RedWhiteBlue @Jess7

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Cannery Row | John Steinbeck
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Playing catch up for #autumnawesomebooks #redwhiteblue
Books from two great American writers.

Cathythoughts Huckleberry Fin ❤️❤️❤️ (edited) 2y
batsy These Steinbeck editions are stunning. 2y
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tracy_anne8 @Jess7 Ha! Thank you! I was apparently trying to combine #autumnreads and #AwesomeAutumnBooks! 2y
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