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Starless Sea | Erin Morgenstern
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I entered HPB with the intention of buying one book. So, I rewarded myself with three more.
#noregrets #firsthaulof2020

Hooked_on_books Good intentions should be rewarded! 😬 3w
saresmoore 😂 You‘re my favorite, Scott. 3w
readordierachel As you should! 3w
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BarbaraBB Great reward. Well deserved of course 😂👏 3w
sprainedbrain Ooooh, The Starless Sea. 😍 3w
Reggie Love that cover on the left. 3w
vivastory @Reggie Scroll down my feed a little for a close-up 👇 3w
vivastory @Hooked_on_books Agreed! 👏😄 3w
vivastory @sprainedbrain I flipped through it & I'm really looking forward to it! 3w
LeahBergen As one does. 😉 3w
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Whelp, between Netgalley, my new Nook and Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited subscription, I went a little crazy this year.
Here's to 2020 🍾 #nosociallife #noregrets

Eggs Wow congratulations 🎈🥳🎈 4w
BookHoarder32 @Eggs Thanks! 3w
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Nothing to See Here | Kevin Wilson
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Nothing to see here... just taking a bath at noon on a Thursday 🛀🏻
#holidaystaycation #noregrets

LeahBergen Perfect!! 👌🏼 1mo
merelybookish Enjoy! (I'm reading this too right now and it's sweeping me along in a fun way!) 1mo
readordierachel You've got the right idea! 1mo
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BarbaraBB That‘s such a luxurious feeling! And the water comes in handy if you combust 😂 (edited) 1mo
britt_brooke Loved this one! 1mo
emilyhaldi I'm really enjoying it so far!!! @merelybookish @britt_brooke 1mo
Reviewsbylola Because why not?!? 1mo
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The Bird's Nest | Shirley Jackson
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While visiting my parents in their new town in CA, I discovered that they hadn‘t yet found a little bookstore to call their own. Well, I obviously had to fix that! (Tagged book is one I picked up while there. Because obviously I needed more things to pack. #noregrets )

Sace That looks like a perfect bookstore. I love it. 2mo
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Last Summer | Kerry Lonsdale
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Happy hour at #starbucks means happy juice for my reading time, and more for breakfast tomorrow. 🥰 Healthy? Nope. #noregrets 😜 I just finished the tagged book, and it was OK, but honestly I expected more from a Kerry Lonsdale book. I could see any twists coming from a mile away. Meh.

Bklover Pink drink!💗 5mo
LittlePixels @Bklover Oh my gosh, pink drinks are soooo good! I don't get Starbucks very often, but their BOGO days are hard to pass up. I just get the second without ice and stick it in the fridge until the next morning. 🥰👍 5mo
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Spellbound | Allie Therin
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Such a fun end to my weekend. 🍻🎡🎇

Full review on Goodreads. #netgalley #spellbound #nosociallife #noregrets

JazzFeathers Started yesterday night. I'm really enjoying it so far. 5mo
BookHoarder32 @jazzfeathers 🎉Awesome! I loved the setting and the magic in this one. 5mo
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Just got home from.seeing Wicked for the first time. It was amazing! I spent lots of dollars on things I really didn't need! #noregrets

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The latest in a series of library books I have been tempted to check out even though I have so many books waiting for me at home. #NoRegrets #Poetry

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It was the Greater St. Louis Book Fair this weekend! Did I go all three days? Yes! Do I know where I‘m going to put my new books? Not really! #bookhaul #noregrets

Readers and Reading | Andrew Bennett
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Hoopiefoot Same. 9mo
JSW @Hoopiefoot I spent all day yesterday doing this and I anticipate a lot of today as well. 🏆 #noregrets #sorrynotsorry #booklife 9mo
Nute Yes! 5mo
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