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Sweet Surprises | Shirlee McCoy
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My #CupidGoesPostal #ValentineBookExchange package is here!!❤❤
I'm so excited and curious what's inside. Can't wait to open it.🤩
I still haven't send mine package because I'm still waiting books I order... 🤨

#surprise #package #bookexchange #internationalbookexchange #happiness #bookworm #litsylove #litsyfun

Wicked Business | Janet Evanovich
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Oh.my.gravy! My Cupid shocked me today with an unexpected package! I don‘t know where to begin. Thank you for the teas, chocolates, teacher pins, notepad, and BOOOOOOKS!! Truly brought a tear to my eye. So, so thankful for you! (And I happen to love “seasoned” books!) thank you over and over again! #kindcupid #cupidgoespostal #valentinebookexchange

vkois88 Oh good! I'm so relieved. It was supposed to have arrived on Monday and I was afraid the post office had lost it! I hope you enjoy all your goodies. And again, I'm sorry you had rough luck with the swap in the beginning. It was truly such a pleasure picking up things for you ❤❤❤ 2y
Bookishgal71 I notice you are from VA. Me, too! Graduated HS in Chester and got my undergrad at GMU. Hung out at UVA quite a bit back in the day. @vkois88 (edited) 2y
Avanders What an amazing package!! 💋🌸💖 2y
vkois88 @Bookishgal71 idk why I'm just now seeing your post about being from VA! That's really awesome. I live around UVA 😊 it really is such a small world. 2y
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Look how cool bookmark I got today (on the left)! It goes well with my souvenir from last week (on the right). I noticed that I've already read several of the 50 best horror novels. Looking forward to reading the rest of them! 😊❤ #CupidGoesPostal #ValentineBookExchange

Stalking Jack the Ripper | Kerri Maniscalco
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Oh my! Look at what I got!!!! 😍😍😍

Thank you so much @oOArankaOo ! It's like you've read my mind! I've been meaning to read more poetry and this Poe is perfect for that! That Nesbø is one I've been itching to read for ages and Jack the ripper is just perfect pick for me! Special thanks for the warming hearts! It's been so cold here since I got home from Australia that they will definitely be in use! ❤😊❤❤ #CupidGoesPostal #ValentineBookExchange

oOArankaOo Yay, so glad you like everything!! The Nesbø was a total guess, I just came across and saw you'd rated 2 others with pick, so just decided to chance it! Happy reading! ❤📚 2y
Martta @oOArankaOo Thank you so much! Everything is just perfect! 😊❤ 2y
Book_devourer So what is this valentine book exchange? 2y
Martta @Book_devourer It was an event where people could participate by sending bookish gifts to one another. The sign up was a bit after Christmas. The idea is that after signing up you get one person who to send a gift to and then you get a gift from someone as well. It's a lot of fun trying to figure out the perfect gift for someone by looking through their Litsy posts and so on. Then everyone opens them in the same day (I was a bit late this time) 😊 2y
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Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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When you get to open your #CupidGoesPostal #ValentineBookExchange gift AND bookshop's bonus envelope in the same time! 😍😊😍☀️📚😁😄🤗❤❤❤❤❤📚❤❤❤❤❤❤

Simona It‘s a good day❣️ 2y
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Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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I've got it! 😁 🎉🎊 Still going to wait until I get home before opening it. 😊 #CupidGoesPostal #ValentineBookExchange

Thank you so much @oOArankaOo !😊

The Cupid Effect | Dorothy Koomson
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#CupidGoesPostal #ValentineBookExchange @Avanders @rubyslippersreads A day late in posting oral surgery had me down for the count for a few days. Thank you for all the great books and goodies can‘t wait to dig in.

rubyslippersreads Hope all the bookish goodies help you recover soon! 😊 2y
Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🌸💋💖 2y
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Valentines Day | Julie Murray
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Even though I didn‘t participate this time, I‘ve loved seeing all the posts for #CupidGoesPostal and the #ValentineBookExchange 💗 I love watching this community express their love for each other, and seeing both the generosity and gratitude that these swaps foster. Litsy is my favorite place to be! I really do love you guys! 💕❤️💗💝♥️💞

tif 1000% agree! 2y
Texreader I agree!! 2y
Zelma Agreed x 💯. I haven‘t been on Litsy much today so am looking forward to catching up on all the posts tomorrow‘s or this weekend! 2y
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julesG I agree! 2y
UwannaPublishme 😊👍🏻❤️ 2y
JennyBookworm 💘💘💘 2y
LeahBergen 😘😘 2y
Bklover Agreed! 2y
JenlovesJT47 ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
aschermetz ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
TricksyTails 🤗♥️🤗♥️ 2y
KirstieE 💖💖💃🏻 2y
maich ❤😍❤😍❤😍 2y
BeckyK ❤️🌹📚 2y
Christine11 💗💛💙💜 2y
AmyG I loved seeing everyone‘s swaps, too. Litsy is such a wonderful community. ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
4thhouseontheleft I agree 💯 %!! I didn‘t participate, but I loved all the swap posts! 2y
Scurvygirl I didn‘t do these either, but it‘s so fun to see all the gifts!! 💜💜💜P.S. I lurve you too😻💜💜💜 2y
Avanders 🤗💖🤗💖🤗 2y
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My Nerdy Valentine | Vicki Lewis Thompson
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#cupidgoespostal #valentinebookexchange #CGP
Thank you so so much @ForeverNerdy !!! So generous. The wrapping paper & flower theme reminds me spring will come! The scarf, flower & bookmarks all crafted by you- makes your gift quite special. The books are perfect. 💕💕💕

LeahBergen Lovely! And we were just talking about Romeo and Juliet. 😆 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 I‘m so glad you love everything! We have gardening & botany in common 🌹 Have a happy Valentine‘s Day ❤️ Hope it‘s still cold enough to wear the scarf ☺️ 2y
kspenmoll @ForeverNerdy Scarf already wrapped around my neck- so warm! It stays cold here through March, early April. It will get lots of use!!! 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 @kspenmoll oh good! 🧣 it stays cold where we are too especially in the mountains 💙💚💙 2y
Avanders Wow!! 💋💖🌸 2y
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Playing Cupid | Jenny Meyerhoff
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I love that we were matched with each other and that we shared souvenirs!! I delayed posting this because you hadn‘t opened yours yet! I love the Espana goodies. I‘m so happy you sent me your favorite book! I think that‘s a fantastic choice. The homemade crafts were a unique touch that I will cherish! Thank you so much for the wonderful box. Happy Valentine‘s Day! #cupidgoespostal #valentinebookexchange

Avanders Ooooooh! 🌸💖💋 2y
hermyknee I love the Vampire Academy books ♥️❤️💜 2y
Aurora0044 @PolaroidPoet I‘m so glad you liked it all. And I love that we were paired with each other and did the souvenir thing. 😊❤️ 2y
ReadingSusan Love Vampire academy. I wish I could forget them and read them again 🤣 2y
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