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Broken Teaglass
Broken Teaglass | Emily Arsenault
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The dusty files of a venerable dictionary publisher . . . a hidden cache of coded clues . . . a story written by a phantom author . . . an unsolved murder in a gritty urban park-all collide memorably in Emily Arsenault's magnificent debut, at once a teasing literary puzzle, an ingenious suspense novel, and an exploration of definitions: of words, of who we are, and of the stories we choose to define us. In the maze of cubicles at Samuelson Company, editors toil away in silence, studying the English language, poring over new expressions and freshly coined words-all in preparation for the next new edition of the Samuelson Dictionary. Among them is editorial assistant Billy Webb, just out of college, struggling to stay awake and appear competent. But there are a few distractions. His intriguing coworker Mona Minot may or may not be flirting with him. And he's starting to sense something suspicious going on beneath this company's academic facade. Mona has just made a startling discovery: a trove of puzzling citations, all taken from the same book, The Broken Teaglass. Billy and Mona soon learn that no such book exists. And the quotations from it are far too long, twisting, and bizarre for any dictionary. They read like a confessional, coyly hinting at a hidden identity, a secret liaison, a crime. As Billy and Mona ransack the office files, a chilling story begins to emerge: a story about a lonely young woman, a long-unsolved mystery, a moment of shattering violence. And as they piece together its fragments, the puzzle begins to take on bigger personal meaning for both of them, compelling them to redefine their notions of themselves and each other. Charged with wit and intelligence, set against a sweetly cautious love story, The Broken Teaglass is a tale that will delight lovers of words, lovers of mysteries, and fans of smart, funny, brilliantly inventive fiction.
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Broken Teaglass | Emily Arsenault
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Starting another library book-sale find, and enjoying a relaxing weekend with friends. #myweekendsareallbooked

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I raided the 3 for 10 dollar table at Chapters tonight. I have yet to bring home any real gems from the sale table but my fingers are crossed. I'm especially excited for the tagged book. I feel like it might be the one.

abbsinwonderland I love when books look so well together 😍 2y
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I am so excited (and overwhelmed) to have recently received these books for my birthday! I am intrigued by all of them but MOST excited to read the ones closer to the top of the stack. Does anyone see any favorites that they recommend? I totally wish I could take the rest of the week off to read now!

RanaElizabeth I haven't read anything on here but damn, that is a haul. Happy birthday! 3y
asiriusreader Happy birthday! I read Longbourn a couple years back and really enjoyed it...looks like you've got lots of good ones to enjoy! 3y
rubyslippersreads Happy 🎂🎂🎂📚📚📚! 3y
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Librarybelle Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed Longbourn, and I am a fan of the Maudie Dobbs mystery series. 3y
christineandbooks *drool* The Forgotten Garden is fantastic... 3y
irre Happy Birthday! The Forgotten Garden is great! 3y
TheLudicReader 🎂 Happy birthday. 3y
Tanner Happy Birthday! I enjoyed The Little Paris Bookshop very much. 3y
candc320 LOVED The Forgotten Garden!!! Happy Birthday!! 3y
Megabooks Happy birthday! 🎉🎉 3y
DreesReads Loved Caleb's Crossing, but it's not a quick read. 3y
intothehallofbooks I absolutely love Longbourn! And this stack is amazing. Happy Birthday! 3y
Ehbooklover The Forgotten Garden and Loving Frank are both fantastic. Happy Birthday! (edited) 3y
raeintheworld I loved Longbourn. It was Pride and Prejudice adjacent, but its own thing entirely. 3y
ReadingSusan Loved Forgotten Garden. 3y
Sarah83 happy birthday 😍 3y
LeahBergen Happy Birthday! 📚📚 3y
Lizpixie Happy birthday! The Forgotten Garden & Maisie Dobbs are both fantastic. 3y
minkyb Happy Birthday! Lovely gifts! 3y
Cortg Loving Frank was a little slow but the ending was unbelievable! One of my favorites 😉 3y
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Broken Teaglass | Emily Arsenault

A clever and unique mystery. Enjoyed it!

Broken Teaglass | Emily Arsenault

Loved this book - it was so weird and full of twists. The whole non-existent novel full of references to additional words, leading the characters down this literary rabbit hole, was the best kind of mystery for book lovers.

Mackypup Just added to my TBR stack- looks good! 3y
mcipher @Mackypup It is *so* good! I'd love to hear what you think of it when you read it! 3y
Mackypup I'll let you know! ☺ 3y
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Mackypup Started the book. Only about 20 pages in and I'm hooked! 3y
mcipher @mackypup Isn't it good?!? I'm so glad you like it. 👍😊 (edited) 3y
Mackypup Just finished! I really liked it- clever! 👍 3y
mcipher @Mackypup Awesome!! So glad you liked it, too. 👏👏 3y
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