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Reading Style: A Life in Sentences | Jenny Davidson
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A professor, critic, and insatiable reader, Jenny Davidson investigates the passions that drive us to fall in love with certain sentences over others and the larger implications of our relationship with writing style. At once playful and serious, immersive and analytic, her memoir/critique shows how style elicits particular kinds of moral judgments and subjective preferences, which turn reading into a highly personal and political act. Melding her experiences as reader and critic, Davidson opens new vistas onto works by Jane Austen, Henry James, Marcel Proust, and Thomas Pynchon; adds richer dimension to critiques of W. G. Sebald, Alan Hollinghurst, Thomas Bernhard, and Karl Ove Knausgaard; and allows for a sophisticated appreciation of popular fictions by Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Lionel Shriver, George Pelecanos, and Helen DeWitt. She privileges diction, syntax, point of view, and structure over plot and character, identifying the intimate mechanics that draw us in to literature's sensual frameworks and move us to feel, identify, and relate. Davidson concludes with a reading list of her favorite titles so others can share in her literary adventures and get to know better the imprint of her own reading style.
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@ReadingEnvy @Reggie I really enjoyed the podcast!!! Anyone interested go check out their pages for the link!

ReadingEnvy Thanks for listening! 🤪 1mo
Reggie Thanks so much!!! I was so nervous and ended up having a great time. AND I got to talk books. 1mo
ljuliel I listened to it. It was neat to hear you guys‘ voices. @Reggie you didn‘t t sound a bit nervous. 1mo
Chrissyreadit @Reggie you definitely did not sound nervous. 1mo
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I redid my book-nook! My parents went to North Dakota last week and brought me a few things that were my Grandmothers. The macrame wall hanging is probably older than me, and I love having things that were hers. I also got a ton of her baking pans and her rolling pin. Cooking unites me with the women of my family that are gone.

tpixie What lovely memorabilia!!! 1y
SharonGoforth Awesome!! 1y
Dolly Oh, it‘s those simple things ...❤️😍 1y
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TheReadingMermaid Gorgeous 😍 1y
MeganAnn Lovely!! The picture on the wall of the woman reading - I have the same one in a smaller size in my bookshelf which was my grandmother‘s also ❤️ along with a few of her books. Where in ND did your grandmother live? I live near Fargo, and my family lives all over the state (including the above mentioned grandmother). 1y
Foragingfantasy @MeganAnn My dads family is from New Rockford, a teeny town. I was born in ND but I‘ve lived in Texas most of my life. 1y
MeganAnn @Foragingfantasy no way?! 😱 My grandparents lived in New Rockford! My dad is from Fessenden (neighboring town about 30 miles) and my mom grew up in New Rockford. I grew up on the family farm in between the two towns. Small world 😉 1y
Foragingfantasy @MeganAnn wow!! That‘s crazy. The family name is Weisenburger. 1y
MeganAnn @Foragingfantasy so crazy considering there is only several hundred people living there!! I knew of a few people with the last name Weisenburger, but never really knew any of them well. My grandparents last name was Bickler, mine before I got married was Sellie. 1y
Foragingfantasy @MeganAnn I was waiting to hear that we were long lost cousins or something! 🤣 I was hoping to take my boys over the summer but my parents ended up going after school started. I‘d love to bring them one winter so they can go ice fishing and experience a real winter. 1y
MeganAnn @Foragingfantasy 😂😂😂 Oh I bet they would love that! They could go ice fishing and sledding and build snow forts. ❄️⛄️ My son loves winter. If you do decide to come sometime, let me know and maybe we can do a meet up. 1y
Foragingfantasy @MeganAnn I absolutely will!! 1y
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I read by the publication date for the books I review. :)

Makes it easy.

Redwritinghood For me, it‘s usually whatever is due next at the library. 2y
Bookishthoughts I kinda pick randomly. I will browse for hours then something will catch my eye. And any recommendations I'll give a try. 2y
Ddzmini Depends on the book and how bad I want to read it, also if I‘m reading a book with a buddy which I often do, then there‘s the occasional wanting to read a funny relaxing read 2y
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rubyslippersreads I pick by mood, combined with upcoming book clubs/challenges/ARCs. But mood always wins. 😊 2y
SilversReviews @Redwritinghood That makes sense....similar to what I do too. :) 2y
SilversReviews @LazyDays Random choosing is fun. 2y
SilversReviews @Ddzmini Makes sense. I have never done a buddy read. 2y
SilversReviews @rubyslippersreads Smiling on MOOD winning. Book cubs do sort of force the read. :) 2y
monalyisha I usually have a giant pile to choose from. I‘ll read the first few sentences of a bunch until something grabs me. Unless, as others have noted, I have a book club assignment. 😊📚 (edited) 2y
SilversReviews @monalyisha That is a good idea about reading the first few sentences. I like it. Oh yes....those book club assignments get you every time. LOL!! 😍😍😍 2y
Birdsong28 Whatever I am in the mood usually unless I have a challenge so I have a proper list to follow 📚📖 2y
SilversReviews @Birdsong28 I steer clear of challenges other than Goodreads. They seem to be too stressful for me. I do like a proper list too. Thanks for sharing. 2y
Velvetfur I always had a hard time deciding what to read next! I would just stare at piles of books or boxes of books and take ages deciding on what I liked the look of, sometimes it would take a few days! But then I joined Litsy, and discovered reading challenges - now I have some structure and discipline, yay 😁👍 2y
SilversReviews @Velvetfur LOL on staring at a pile of books trying to decide. :) LITSY is AWESOME!! 2y
LitsyOwl How is the best way to find the Litsy challenges and prompts? I am still new 📚🤦🏻‍♀️ 2y
SilversReviews @LitsyOwl Welcome to Litsy!! Go to #litsyhappenings - there are a lot of challenges there or #litsychallenges. Have fun. 2y
LitsyOwl @SilversReviews Thank you!! 2y
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1. In front of the fire (at this time of year) on the settee, and in the bedroom. In Summer in the motorhome (second home - preferably with a sea view).
2. Both but more likely scrap paper or letter or envelope.
3. Don‘t like stopping in the middle of chapters.
4. Drink Yes, eat only if snack.
5. No peace and reading.
6. Increasingly several! Audio, physical, ebook, Group Read.
7. Everywhere
8. In Head
9. Never skip or read ahead, every word! 👇

Andrew65 10. Fairly new bit don‘t like spine too stiff. 2y
Andrew65 11. Only write in non-fiction books. 2y
Andrew65 Thanks for tag @jpmcwisemorgan and @JacqMac , 2y
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Andrew65 Tag @DebinHawaii and @ephemeralwaltz but strong possibility you may have already been tagged, apologies if you have. 😊 2y
ephemeralwaltz @Andrew65 I have done the tag already!! No worries, thanks anyway😘 2y
ephemeralwaltz Reading in front of the fire sounds delightful! I wish I had a fireplace. 2y
Andrew65 @ephemeralwaltz Any heat source on a cold day will do! 😂 Roll on Spring, pleeeaaassseee! 2y
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• my reading personality: the ALL-ROUNDER! don‘t know if I wholeheartedly agree but I‘ll take it! •


#quiz #quizzes #bookbrowse #booklovers

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Yea 😝📚📖 sounds about right Jenny Davidson 🤓

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This is very accurate!! Woot woot!! Cool quiz! https://www.bookbrowse.com/quiz/

Ara1 I got the same one! 🙌🏼 2y
MyNamesParadise @Ara1 awesome! I like these quizzes that actually tell you something useful! Lol. 2y
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This was fun! Thanks for sharing @Avanders ❤️😊


Avanders 💗💗 2y
WellReadCatLady I like your result! I got The Eclectic Reader 2y
LibrarianJen I got all rounder too! 🙌🏼 2y
tournevis Me too! 2y
Kaylamburson Fun!! I got All Rounder, too!! 2y
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This was a fun little quiz. And true. https://www.bookbrowse.com/quiz/quizresults/index.cfm?fuseaction=d

(Stolen from @BethM 😁)

sisilia I got the same 🙌🏻 2y
TommieMarie74 I‘m an All-Rounder. 😳🎉 2y
tpixie @TommieMarie74 I‘m an All- Rounder also! 2y
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Avanders @sisilia @TommieMarie74 @tpixie I love taking these quizzes ☺️☺️ And I love that there are so many different types of readers! 🤗🤗 2y
tpixie 👏🏻♥️👏🏻 2y
TommieMarie74 @Avanders I completely agree! 😊❤️ 2y
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