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Pantone: Colors | Pantone
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So, I‘ve wanted to do a Pantone colour challenge for years, but I never remember to look up the colours in time! These are the NYC/London spring/summer fashion week colours, as well as the spring/summer core classics.

The goal is to read books in 2022 that feature these colours on the cover. Trying your best to get as close to the colours as possible. Attempt them all or use as a bingo board. A fall/winter board will be coming later in the year

megnews I‘d like to do a color challenge. When does this start? 2w
Clwojick @megnews it runs through the full year of 2022! Although these colours can be completed at any time during the year, the fall/winter colour board will be released later in the year as well. (edited) 2w
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Andrew65 Sound and looks great. 2w
guinsgirlreads Love this! 2w
BookBelle84 Something new I'll definitely try! 2w
Soubhiville What a neat idea. 2w
rockpools I‘ve said umpteen times that I‘m not signing up for any new challenges next year… but I love this!! 2w
tdrosebud What a cool idea! I'm definitely going to try 2w
4thhouseontheleft Fun idea, and easy to combine with other challenges! 2w
CoffeeNBooks @rockpools Me, too, and yet here I am planning on trying to complete another reading challenge, lol! 📚 2w
peanutnine This is so fun! And appeals to me as someone who sometimes judges books by their cover 🤫 2w
Clwojick @peanutnine I ALWAYS pick my books by the cover or spine 🤣😝 2w
marleed I love this and I‘m in since I tend to pull books (esp my physical ones) that match the season because holding a periwinkle book in the spring just makes me happy! 2w
Nute This seems like so much fun, Ms. Cassandra! I am definitely here for this! Is it a bingo board? Can it be printed? 2w
IndoorDame I‘m so excited about this challenge! 2w
Catsandbooks I love this idea!! 🌈 2w
Clwojick @Nute yes! I‘ll definitely be treating mine as a bingo board, but you can also just pick and choose at random too. You should be able to screenshot and print from there, but if it doesn‘t work, let me know and I can email you the photo. 2w
BookwormAHN I'm in 🎉 2w
thegreensofa I‘m in! Thank you👏🏻. What a happy challenge, I love it! 🎨🤩 2w
Lauredhel Ooooh. 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage Why a fun idea! 2w
magyklyXdelish Me thinking I‘m not going to do any challenges next year since I don‘t do well with obligations, whoops. This looks too fun. I‘m in 😬😄😄 2w
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The Town Square | Ava Miles
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Ever wondered how to find out what all is happening at litsy? Well you should be following @LitsyEvents. This is our town square, or local newspaper if you will. If you are having an event, make sure to tag this account to help spread the word, and all littens, you should be following it. It will only be Litsy events and happenings.

Great job all!

#litsyhappenings #litsyEvents. @Chrissyreadit

Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 2w
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@Liz_M has started a thread on @LitsyHappenings to the above question- all feedback would be appreciated and welcome! I‘m excited to see how we can keep all litsy activities easy to find and easy to join! To join the thread go to Litsy happenings- it should be the top post!

MoonWitch94 @Chrissyreadit what a great idea! 4w
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Chrissyreadit @MoonWitch94 it‘s all @Liz_M thinking ahead- I‘m excited!! 4w
Liz_M 😊 This link should take you to the exact post:
rsteve388 Oh my I like this idea. This is great 4w
StayCurious This is a great idea! 4w
Avanders Great idea!! @Liz_M Also, I like all the hyphen uses and I‘d use it for your catch all too, so it‘s easy to remember. @Litsy-Happenings (edited) 4w
Crazeedi I shared this post and great ideas! 4w
Lynnsoprano What a great idea! It‘s been too easy to lose track of what‘s going on! 4w
BethM I can only read the original post On the web version but I think this is excellent! I‘m with @Avanders about wkeeping the hyphen use uniform. 4w
BookwormAHN Great idea 😺 4w
bthegood @LizM @Chrissyreadit perhaps the official #LitsyHappenings could be opened up to allow posts from people hosting things, right now those posts go to other #litsyhappenings locations. This way anyone following official # would get notice, and it only requires hosts of events to post on official page. 4w
Chrissyreadit @bthegood to be honest, I do not remember who ran it- so I don‘t know who can open it. I‘ve been using hashtags. I do know that it can be easy to burn out with that kind of a project, and partly believe it needs to be tied to library thing in someway as well @Liz_M do you think that would that be possible? 4w
Liz_M @bthegood The hash tag can be used by anyone and any litten can search for the hash tag to see what is happening. But the LitsyHappenings account isn't an “official“ account; it was set up by a volunteer (@MrBook). Which is why I'm hoping that having several volunteers might make it more sustainable for the long run -- when one person's life gets busy, another volunteer can step in. 4w
Liz_M @Chrissyreadit We can certainly ask. Maybe if we volunteer to manage it LT staff will agree to help with technical difficulties -- allowing access if volunteers drop off the site and no one has the password to the account(s) 4w
Liz_M @Avanders good call! 4w
bthegood @Liz_M got it, I didn't realize that was a volunteer🙂 4w
Chrissyreadit @LibrarianRyan I know I saw your name tagged but was curious about your thoughts also - 4w
suvata I think it‘s a great idea 4w
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Swaps | Sherree DeCovny

Hey Litsy, I am wondering if it would be cool to develop a spreadsheet that lists all the swaps and months they occur and who hosts them. A way to tack what months have them and what months don't.

Maybe we should also do the same for Readathons?

What do y'all say?!

TheAromaofBooks I think this was somewhat put together on a Litsy WelcomeWagon website?? I can't remember for sure who was hosting the website, though - maybe @Chrissyreadit ? It would be fun to have it in spreadsheet form. 1mo
BookwormAHN I think it's a great idea. 1mo
Chrissyreadit There are a few old databases somewhere, and a basic list on the link on my bio. If you want to organize @rsteve388 you could tag the people listed. But swaps also change, some are spontaneous some regular, and some skip occasionally. I would say an updated post on #litsyhappenings could work each season depending on who plans swaps. 1mo
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Chrissyreadit Tagging people who may have other thoughts or support ideas with swaps: @LibrarianRyan @sprainedbrain @Avanders @wanderinglynn @MaleficentBookDragon @bookish_wookish @Mommamanzi @teebe @cwarnier Im sure Im forgetting people at the moment too. 1mo
Chrissyreadit The link on my page is a culmination of swaps, activities and links on how to use litsy. It can be shared anywhere and everywhere. It‘s just hanging out there because it was easy and did not get buried. 1mo
rsteve388 Yeah, a post on Litsy happenings works as well I was just thinking of all the swaps I didn't know about (I can't do then all but would still like to know about them and have the option to sign up) so though making a spreadsheet would be a good idea. How do we go about making posts to Litsy happenings is that account a bit? 1mo
rsteve388 A bot 1mo
Chrissyreadit Not a bot- just not kept up. I think it was originally set up by @MrBook but I‘m not sure, I forget who started it. You can add to the hashtag which is what I meant to use. 1mo
Chelleo We didn‘t track swaps via #Litsywelcomewagon but we often tagged popular Litsy tags and people. I was just looking at the #Litsyhappenings tag recently and it wasn‘t up to date. I felt a little lost trying to jump back into Litsy after haphazard usage of late. I‘d love a spreadsheet or calendar but the upkeep takes work. 1mo
rsteve388 Yeah I hear ya. Hmm well we will need volunteers to help.with the work.load. let me take a day or two to think about this and then I'll ask for folks to volunteer to keep it up to date and we can rotate the work. Maybe update it once a quarter? 1mo
Chrissyreadit @Chelleo ahhhh! So sorry I forgot to tag you! My brain is very tired today. 1mo
Chelleo @Chrissyreadit No worries ☺️ 1mo
Avanders I think a spreadsheet or google calendar (a public calendar) are awesome ideas. You‘re right, though, that maintenance is the issue… a lot of the people who were involved in the @litsyswaps and @litsyhappenings accounts are no longer on litsy, no longer active, or just too busy to keep maintaining. But using the #litsyhappenings (the more used of the two) is also a good idea… I know people check those from time to time. I can post on the 👇🏽 1mo
Avanders Litsy swaps calendar, but I don‘t have the password (and I have tried to hunt it down, but those people aren‘t accessible anymore) so unfortunately can‘t be more helpful there. It‘s via the LitsySwaps at gmail email address.. nothing new on there Bc I think I‘m the last person who even knows about it who‘s still on Litsy 😜 @Chrissyreadit (edited) 1mo
Liz_M @rsteve388 😂 Just seeing this post now. Great minds think alike and all that, but you're way ahead of my curve. 😁

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Untitled | Unknown
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I never went to camp as a child, and I‘ve always been a tiny bit jealous of friends who would come back from camp with fun camp names and insider camp stories. So, I'm hosting one here for the first week of August!

To participate: post on each day‘s theme, and tag me and #LitsySummerCamp. And there's a choose-your-own readathon. And the best part of virtual camp: no mosquitoes! (but if you like the smell of DEET, feel free to apply bug spray) ⬇

ImperfectCJ Everyone is welcome to participate--it‘s “summer camp” because that‘s the season it is where I am (and I‘ve never heard of winter camp), but you‘re invited to participate regardless of hemisphere. :-) If you‘d like to be tagged in each day‘s post or if you have questions, please comment below. #LitsyHappenings (edited) 4mo
Hestapleton I LOVE THIS. IN 100% 4mo
Kdgordon88 How fun! I may give this a whirl. 4mo
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ImperfectCJ @Hestapleton Sweet! Glad to have you camping with us! I'll be sure to tag you on the Day 1 post. 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Kdgordon88 Excellent! See you at camp! :-) 4mo
Bookwormjillk Fun! 4mo
rockpools This sounds fun! And I could use a mini-holiday. I‘m in 😊 4mo
Cupcake12 We don‘t have summer camps in the UK. Count me in 🏕 4mo
ImperfectCJ @rockpools Awesome! I'll add you to my tags list. :-) 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Cupcake12 No summer camps in the UK?! I had no idea! Well, at least that means if I get it totally wrong, you won't be able to tell, right? ;-) 4mo
Butterfinger This sounds fun. I'll join. 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Butterfinger Super! Glad to have you at camp! :-) 4mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig This looks fun! Count me in! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Crinoline_Laphroaig Sweet! I've added you to my list! 4mo
TheBookHippie OH FUN!! Count me in. I was a summer camp kid every year 7-16 years old. 4mo
ImperfectCJ @TheBookHippie Ooh! Great to have a former camp kid on board! 4mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Love this idea!! I was signed up for a summer camp once as a kid and caught a horrible flu two days before and never went to any thereafter. 4mo
Karisa Hooray! I loved camping as a kid—fresh air, s‘mores, ghost stories, nature… (Admittingly, spent most the time reading😅). It‘s my first week back to school and I‘ll be needing an excuse to not overwork. Count me in! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Karisa So glad to have you joining in...and that this is an excuse not to overwork! And if you're accustomed to spending most of your camping time reading, this is probably a good camp for you! 😉 4mo
ImperfectCJ @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Ugh! There's never a good time for the flu but right before camp is especially crummy timing! While it's unlikely that this camp will make up for your missed childhood experience, I hope it will at least be fun...and that you will be in good health for it (although the beauty of virtual is that you can still join us even if you're sick). 😁 (edited) 4mo
Roary47 Like @Karisa I‘ll be back a school. I‘d like to join to de stress the crazy. 💛 4mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm @ImperfectCJ Lol, too true! I‘m sure it will be fun either way, but I‘d prefer to stay healthy this time. 😅 4mo
DebinHawaii I was at Girl Scout camp a few years & was an Outdoor School camper & then counselor so this sounds like fun. I‘m in. 🤗 4mo
julesG No summer camps, like the ones in US films, here in Germany. I went to a three week beach camp during the summer holidays, though. Anyway, I'm in. 4mo
AmyG Ooooooo camp! I‘m in. I went to day camp from the ages of 3- 20….as a camper and then a counselor. I loved it! 4mo
kspenmoll Sounds like fun! I spent two weeks at a girl scout camp one summer was homesick at first but then I got into it. We also had park & rec day camps with swimming, arts & crafts, other outdoor activities. Always went with siblings - we brought lunch. A way for us to get swimming lessons- red cross stuff & gave my mom a break from some of us (7 siblings). 4mo
Tattooedteacher Never went to a summer camp as a kid, so I‘m totally in on this. Count me in too. 🪵🌳🌻 4mo
megnews I never went either so made a point to send my kids. I‘m not too sure about hiking and outdoor cooking but I‘m in! 4mo
Andrea313 Fun idea, I'll join in! I was a big time camp kid- attended from the age of 7, and then worked there in high school and college. I feel so lucky to have had this experiences! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I hope you stay healthy this time, too! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Roary47 Y'all start back EARLY! My kids' online classes start the third week of August, although one of the school districts out here started week before last, I think. Regardless, I hope this can be a welcome distraction from the stress of the new school year. :-) 4mo
ImperfectCJ @DebinHawaii Awesome! My teen is a counselor in training at GS camp this year. I actually had her look over my camp prompts, so hopefully they capture some essence of camp. :-) 4mo
ImperfectCJ @julesG Three-week beach camp sounds like it would qualify! I actually have no idea if US summer camps are like in the movies. I should have my daughter watch some and let me know. :-) Glad to have you join us! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @AmyG That's an impressive camp resume! I hope you enjoy #LitsySummerCamp, too! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @kspenmoll That sounds like a great way for your mom to get a bit of a respite and get you and your siblings some summer fun at the same time! My son hasn't been to camp yet, but I'm thinking next year maybe we can find one for him that takes place at the same time as his sister's Girl Scout camp... 4mo
mrsmarch I‘m in! I need a distraction and I too never went to camp as a child. I don‘t think it would have gone well if I had. #litsysummercamp 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Tattooedteacher Excellent! Glad to have you join us! ⛺ 4mo
ImperfectCJ @megnews I'm in the same boat, camp-wise...started sending my daughter to day camp when she was 5 and first resident camp when she was 13. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the hiking and outdoor cooking prompts...I'm trying to focus on FUN. We'll see how well I've succeeded in about a week! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Andrea313 Sweet! I love that we have so many former camp kids joining! I can't promise #LitsySummerCamp will be an authentic camp experience, but I hope it will be fun! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @mrsmarch Fantastic! So glad you're joining us! Hopefully the distraction will be a welcome one. 4mo
Bookworm54 I would like to join in with camp please ☺️ 4mo
Chrissyreadit I want to join!!! I love camping. And only went to weekend Girl Scout camp- BUT I read Mimi at Camp, There‘s ABat In Bunk Five, Laura‘s Luck , Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood Donna Parker at Cherrydale, of course The Parent Trap…. I‘m packing now! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Bookworm54 Ooh! I almost missed your comment...adding you to the list now, and so glad to have you at camp! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Chrissyreadit I love your enthusiasm for this project! It's great to have you aboard! :-) 4mo
DinoMom @ImperfectCJ is it too late to join in. This sounds like a fun one? 4mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick This is great! I went to a sleepaway camp for 1 week when I was 13 so I'm overdue. Count me in. 4mo
ImperfectCJ @DinoMom Not too late at all! The fun starts August 1st...I've put you on my tag list! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Glad to have you! I'm excited for it and hope everyone has fun! 4mo
bibliobard Sounds fun! I am game 4mo
TheAromaofBooks I just saw this and I love it!!! Do add me to your list and thank you for hosting!!! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @bibliobard Excellent! I've added you to my list! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @TheAromaofBooks Great to have you at camp with us! 4mo
TheDaysGoBy Please count me in! Sounds fun! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @TheDaysGoBy Good to have you! Adding you to my tags list! 4mo
mom2bugnbee Caught wind of this just in time! Thanks for hosting. I'll be working during the week, but I'll still participate as much as possible! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @mom2bugnbee I hope you find it to be a pleasant diversion! Glad to have you at camp! 4mo
AsYouWish Oh my goodness!!! This sounds amazing!!! I would love to join in on the fun!!! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @AsYouWish Please do! I just posted Day 1, and I'll add you to my tag list for camp posts. :-) 4mo
Catsandbooks Summer camp! 🔥🏕Can I please join in on this? 4mo
ImperfectCJ @Catsandbooks Absolutely! I'm adding you to my tags list. Great to have you at camp with us! 4mo
Traci1 How fun! 😊 4mo
4thhouseontheleft Joining in!! Wonderful idea! 4mo
ImperfectCJ @4thhouseontheleft Fantastic! Glad to have you at camp! 4mo
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Falling for Autumn | Heather Topham Wood
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I… tried to resist. But fall, she calls me. 🍁🍂🧡
#FallingForFallSwap #FFFS


Sign-up til Mon 7/26
Matches sent 7/28
Int‘l & media mail send by 8/25
Ground/1st class send by 9/1
Priority mail send by 9/8
Open date 9/22

I know some people don‘t like having to wait to open pkgs, but w/ mailing delays still very prevalent, it‘s important to me that everyone has something on open date. Thus the early deadlines.

Avanders Tagged some people who might be interested ☺️ #litsyswap #litsyswaps #litsyhappenings (edited) 4mo
sprainedbrain Yay! I will sign up before Monday. 🍁 4mo
Chrissyreadit You are on the ball!!! 🍁 ☕️ 🎃 🔥 4mo
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WanderingBookaneer The “Which size package?” question: Is that for what I want to receive? 4mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego You know a swap sucker when you see one... 🙋‍♀️ 4mo
magyklyXdelish Can‘t resist! 4mo
magyklyXdelish @aperfectmjk - another swap if you‘re interested :) I couldn‘t resist signing up for another! 4mo
BookwormAHN I'm in 😺 4mo
LeahBergen You KNOW I can‘t resist! 😆😆 4mo
catiewithac Need this in my life! 🍂 4mo
Gissy Yes!!! The fffff swap is back!!!!🙌 4mo
guinsgirlreads Thanks so much for the tag!! 🤗 4mo
BethM Yaaassssssss 4mo
AmyG Hooray!!!! Thank you. 4mo
Avanders @sprainedbrain @Chrissyreadit 👏🏽👏🏽🧡😘 4mo
Avanders @WanderingBookaneer it‘s both — what size package you want to send / receive. ☺️ 4mo
Avanders @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 😂 me too 🙋🏽‍♀️😘 4mo
sharread I love fall. ❤ 4mo
BookishMarginalia ✅ Thanks for hosting 💜 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm I miss these swaps! 😭 I love the fff swap that you organises! 4mo
Kdgordon88 All signed up! Yay! 4mo
Callemarie Thaaaaannnnkkkkk you for tagging me in this! I love this swap so much!!!! 4mo
Avanders @sharread @Kdgordon88 🍁🍂🧡😄 4mo
Avanders @erzascarletbookgasm awww — can you not sign up? 🥺🥺 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Only if someone else from my country signs up. I am looking forward to the day the international post is back to normal again. 🥺 4mo
Avanders @erzascarletbookgasm ooooh ☹️☹️ Yes, I understand. And before I match anyone internationally… I should make sure I understand what all of those limitations are 😟 I haven‘t seen anyone else from your country yet, but I‘ll let you know if I do! 🙏🏽😘 4mo
ShelleyBooksie @DinoMom - I know how much you love a swap! 4mo
DinoMom @ShelleyBooksie already signed up for this one. Thanks for the tag! Keep tagging me in them in case I miss one! 4mo
DebinHawaii I just signed up. Thanks for hosting! 🤗 4mo
Avanders @DebinHawaii 👏🏽👏🏽🍁🍂🧡 4mo
Avanders @BethM @sprainedbrain hi ladies — just sending a reminder in case you intended to sign up 🤗🧡 (edited) 4mo
sprainedbrain Thanks for the reminder! I almost forgot. 😬 4mo
Avanders @sprainedbrain 😘 Happens to me too ☺️ 4mo
BethM @Avanders sorry I was down for the count with either food poisoning or daycare plague! 4mo
Avanders @BethM oh no! Hope you‘re feeling better 🤗 I‘m not matching til later so if you *do* want to sign up, you still can. No pressure! 😘 4mo
Catsandbooks Oh no I missed the sign up date! Any chance I can still sign up? 4mo
Avanders @Catsandbooks it‘s still open for like another half hour… get it in! 😁😘 4mo
Catsandbooks @Avanders going quickly! Thanks! 4mo
sblbooks I'm bummed that I missed this swap.😔 Fall my favorite time of year. 4mo
Avanders @sblbooks aww that‘s a bummer! But mines so early, there are always so many more! Keep an eye on @MaleficentBookDragon for #AllHallowsSwap and @rather_be_reading for … #swapoween (do I have that right?) and someone does #basicwitchswap … and I think there are others too! 4mo
MaleficentBookDragon @sblbooks Yes I‘ll be doing sign ups for my #allhallowsreadswap early in September. And I 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤 the #basicwitchswap by @sprainedbrain and @Meaw_catlady 4mo
sblbooks @MaleficentBookDragon @Avanders Thanks for the information I was looking for something fall related but not Halloween. It's okay, I can save up for a Christmas swap. 4mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon yay!! 🎃👻🍁 You know your 2 swaps are 2 of my favorites!! 🧡 @sblbooks aww I understand! Sorry you missed this one 😢 But the Christmas ones are definitely fun too! ☺️💚❤️ 4mo
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Moving House | Anne Civardi
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Sheila- the delivery lady at our new house - leaves Woodford a biscuit with every parcel! Woodford would now like me to sign up to more swaps!

Have I missed any good ones that are still open to sign ups? #litsyhappenings

squirrelbrain Ha! Was just about to ask if Woodford is loving his new home…. Clearly, the answer is yes! Woof! 5mo
Mitch @squirrelbrain absolutely - he‘s a country boy at heart. The cats are less impressed! 😂 5mo
CoverToCoverGirl That‘s fantastic! Woodford has met his newest best friend. 🙂 5mo
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Soubhiville Oh that‘s so sweet ❤️ 5mo
Prairiegirl_reading 💜💜💜 5mo
Kappadeemom Woodford is such a great name! 5mo
Cupcake12 Where have you moved to? Looks very green! Out of London? Hope the move went well x 5mo
Mitch @Cupcake12 after 35 years in Hackney we made the move to rural Suffolk! 5mo
Mitch @Kappadeemom Thank you! 5mo
Cupcake12 Very different way of life then! Xx 5mo
iread2much That is so sweet! 5mo
Mitch @iread2much she such a lovely lady. 5mo
LeahBergen This is so sweet! I‘m sure Woodford is loving the country life. ❤️ 5mo
Mitch @LeahBergen his nose must be exhausted- he‘s constantly sniffing country smells!😂 5mo
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The Story of Kullervo | J.R.R. Tolkien
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I can't believe the #FellowshipOfTolkien is about to celebrate its fourth year of reading Tolkien together.
We're celebrating by starting yet another Tolkien story: Kullervo, which is consider Tolkien's first story and an hispiration for his Middle-earth.

Everyone is welcome to join!