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Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror | Ellen Datlow
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From the most acclaimed horror editor in the business comes the most groundbreaking horror of the new millennium. InNightmares, editor extraordinaire Datlow has skillfully reprised her classic anthologyDarkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror. Here you will find iconic authors mingling with unexpected new masters of terror. These tales represent the finest stories of s new era, in which evil both everyday and unfathomable will simplynot go away. In "Ambitious Boys Like You," two inexperienced thieves discover a a residence which makes Home Alone seem like a playground romp. The question of "Is She Wicked? Is She Good?," is asked by concerned parents whose cruel child courts fairy revenge. The "Ash Mouth Man" may be just a legend to girls who wish to waste away - but is he only worth just one kiss?
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Taking a break from reading during the #24B4Monday to watch a scary movie with @anewton91 called Nightmare Shark. Honestly, Jaws had a better shark and theirs was SSOO fake...

+4 point #TeamStoker

TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 3w
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Sending out my #NightmareSwap package today! @LibrarianRyan @FantasyChick

swishandflick That paper is fabulous! 😱 1mo
Stacypatrice Wrapping is awesome!!! 1mo
FantasyChick Ahhhhhh!!!!! I LOVE that wrapping! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 1mo
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writerlibrarian Wow... 1mo
LibrarianRyan That is awesome!!! 1mo
Gissy Love that wrapping style😍🖤🖤🖤 1mo
marleed That is so cool! 1mo
Bookzombie Cool wrapping!! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Awesome! 1mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Your #NightmareSwap box has arrived! @LeahBergen 😱😁 I can't wait! @LibrarianRyan 4w
LeahBergen @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I mailed it yesterday. 😂😂 4w
LeahBergen Oh, and in my excitement to send it I forgot to put in a card. 😆 I‘ll send one out this week. 4w
BookishTrish Wowza 4w
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#nightmareswap in on the way to @EH2018, should arrive on Thursday 💀🎃👻


LibrarianRyan Yeahhhhhh 1mo
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I couldn't be more happy about my #Nightmare4Christmas match!! I already went nuts shopping! I have a feeling I'm going to have to ship this out insanely early so I don't go too overboard 😂

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Jess7 Hahahaha 2y
JoScho 😂😂😂 2y
RaimeyGallant I've got a reminder in my calendar to post this one too. :) 2y
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Fun with filters and effects to hide my almost finished #horrorpost book! I'm having a double snow day hangover so I'm taking the next half hour to myself before I start errands. #NightmaresAhead @teebe @Captivatedbybooks @Bengali.bookworm @laundry_piles @MiyakoBunny @Ashley_Nicoletto @TricksyTails @Sid2 @JenlovesJT47 @Kappadeemom @ptkpepe98

Hope I tagged everyone! 😈👻

JenlovesJT47 🖤😱🖤 2y
ptkpepe98 Love the mug! 2y
IamIamIam @ptkpepe98 Thank you!! That was courtesy of @CareBear in the very first swap I participated in! 😄 2y
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CareBear @IamIamIam I think all of the swaps you were my favorite to shop for 💕 2y
IamIamIam @CareBear Aww, that's awesome!!!!! My Cthulhu guards my front door, appropriately sitting on some antique books! 🤗🤗🤗 2y
TricksyTails I want your mug!! 😍😍😍 2y
IamIamIam @TricksyTails Hahaha, it's one of my favorites!!! 2y
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#horrorpost #nightmaresahead

@ptkpepe98 : Book 2 on your way !! This one is creepy !! :D

ptkpepe98 I can hardly wait, @Sid2 . Creepy is good. It's reality that terrifies me! LOL Thanks for the head's up. I'll let you know when it arrives. Bash ha ha 2y
ptkpepe98 That was bwah ha ha, and I hit send before realizing autocorrect "fixed" it. I thought I had it turned off!? 2y
ptkpepe98 It's here! And it looks delightful! @Sid2 @Captivatedbybooks Looking forward to reading this "little" book.? 2y
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Captivatedbybooks @ptkpepe98 😂😂😂👍🏽 2y
Sid2 @ptkpepe98 : that's awesome, happy reading :) @Captivatedbybooks : Give me a heads up when you post the next book pleeeeease ? 2y
Captivatedbybooks Definitely! My goal is Monday 2y
Sid2 No prob, I just don't want to miss the mail ;) 2y
Captivatedbybooks Im sorry im late with the book!!! It will definitely be out Friday two day! I miss counted on the calendar 6 weeks 🤦🏽‍♀️ but i have every 6 weeks marked off on the calendar so i shouldnt have this issue going forward 2y
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How's everyone doing on their #horrorpost selections? I'm going to mail mine out a bit early, @Captivatedbybooks, because we're going on vacation so I don't want to make you wait. I'm not sure I'll finish but I'm working on it this weekend! Winter break from school KILLED me! 😂
#NightmaresAhead @Bengali.bookworm @teebe @laundry_piles @MiyakoBunny @Kappadeemom @JenlovesJT47 @TricksyTails @Ashley_Nicoletto @ptkpepe98

JenlovesJT47 I finally got mine yesterday (the post office lost the first package for three weeks so she had to resend it) - I've got two months' worth to read and I'm looking forward to it! 😱 2y
IamIamIam @JenlovesJT47 I saw you guys had some issues! 😔 Maybe you can take solace in the fact that the book in your package was SO AWESOME, someone had to steal it! 😂😂 Good luck!!! 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto I'll most likely finish up mine this weekend and mail it on. 🎉🎉🎉 2y
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IamIamIam @Ashley_Nicoletto Yay!!! 🤗🤗 2y
Kappadeemom I got mine yesterday from @ptkpepe98 😍 2y
IamIamIam @Kappadeemom Whoo hoo!!! 2y
JenlovesJT47 Hehe that's a good way of looking at it! 😅 2y
Bengali.bookworm I am half way there! 2y
IamIamIam @Bengali.bookworm Excellent! I'm so excited to see what it is!!! Lol, we'll be back on the 9th so you've got an extra week! Lol 2y
Bengali.bookworm @IamIamIam - Score!!!!! Now I won't be rushing lol! 2y
ptkpepe98 I don't know if I missed a post. Did @Sid2 leave the #NightmaresAhead group? I know he sends "my" book, and I just noticed he wasn't in the post. I am looking forward to receiving whatever the next one is, and I sure hope it is as good as the last one 2y
IamIamIam @ptkpepe98 Not that I know of. It's just user error. 🤣 Sorry, @sid2!!! 2y
TricksyTails I haven‘t started mine yet! 🙈 2y
laundry_piles I just started mine the other day! Hoping to finish it this week so I can pass it on 😊 2y
IamIamIam OMIGOSH, @laundry_piles I am FREAKING LOVING your book!!!!!!! 2y
laundry_piles @IamIamIam yeessss!!! I'm so psyched to hear this! 👏 2y
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#NightmaresAhead #HorrorPost
@Kappadeemom - Book 2 will go in the walk it to you mail Monday. I guess that's what they do with it!

It was a good one! I enjoyed it. Hopefully you will, too.

@teebe @TricksyTails @laundry_piles @Bengali.bookworm @IamIamIam @Captivatedbybooks @Sid2 @JenlovesJT47 @Ashley_Nicoletto @MiyakoBunny

It's SO hard not to "talk" about the book! Do y'all have that problem, too? Or is it just me?

MiyakoBunny I feel you 🙃😄😄😄👋🏼 2y
ptkpepe98 @MiyakoBunny ... I guess that's what the journals are for....📖✍️ 2y
Kappadeemom Sigh, @JenlovesJT47 still hasn‘t received my first book. I sent it a week and a half ago and she lives 3 hours away 🤨 2y
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JenlovesJT47 @Kappadeemom hopefully I get it on Monday! My mail has been weird lately. What date are we supposed to mail the next book by? 2y
Kappadeemom I am not sure but I think by the end of each month 2y
ptkpepe98 That's crazy, but I guess the media mail rates fall into the "you get what you pay for" category. Maybe they make it on the truck if there is room left? That's all I think makes sense. 2y
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Getting ready to pack up my box for our #horrorpbc! So flipping excited!!!
@teebe #NightmaresAhead #HorrorPost

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I didn‘t really like this book. A lot of the stories weren‘t even horror. Many of the stories started great and just ended up ending confusing. And don‘t get me started on the incest tale. In my opinion it didn‘t have any place in the collection, and was just plain sick. Four or five of the tales were good. But the book left me disappointed.

Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror | Margo Lanagan, Garth Nix, Richard Kadrey, Laird Barron, Gene Wolfe, Caitln Kiernan
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Dark dark dark, and spanning a wide range of horror sub-genre from dark fantasy to the supernatural to psychological to atlases from hell. My favorites included the stories from Laird Barron, Caitlin Kiernan, Nathan Ballingrud, and Mary Rickert.

Not for everyone okay my littens? Dark, dark dark.

BookishMarginalia 🤔Will avoid that. Forever. 3y
HardcoverHearts Staying far away... 3y
WordWaller Yes please!! 3y
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Zelma Great review! And I will join the chorus those staying away. 😂 3y
NovelGirl82 Adding this to my list!! 3y
ReadingEnvy @BookishMarginalia @HardcoverHearts @Zelma haha... I've been actively reading horror because I'm so unfamiliar, so these anthologies are great for that, but phew! Definitely can give myself a break now. 3y
ReadingEnvy @WordWaller @NovelGirl82 I'd love to hear what you think. 3y
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Took me an age of the earth to get through this one, alternating between slowly reading and writing HUGE amounts. Excellent book, though. Ellen Datlow can do no wrong.

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It's a long day today at Hippocamp. Hiding in a corner for the half hour I have before the next session to read and recharge.

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I'm about halfway through and this anthology from Ellen Datlow and Tachyon Publications is fantastic and addictive, as all hers are. I have other books I thought I'd read first, but this one just took over

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