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The Christmas Sisters | Sarah Morgan
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Let It Snow: Three Holiday Stories | John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle
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This Netflix movie was cute. It reminded me of a teenaged Love Actually. #LetItSnow #WinterGames #JingleBallers #holidaymovies

NeedsMoreBooks I liked it 😊 4d
MoonWitch94 @NeedsMoreBooks Agreed! And it was funny & charming 4d
FantasyChick I need to get on this! 11pts 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hey #TMSkellington!

Check your emails because the SS assignments have been sent :D I am gathering ebook emails so you might get a second message from me later (how did I miss this?!). But I wanted to get these out asap since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner :)

Join the team Discord: https://discord.gg/DMHwHzQ


Karisa Thanks! I've emailed you so that you have my correct email address. I think somehow I have an autocorrect with my incorrect email programmed in. 🤦‍♀️ 2w
Crimson613 @Karisa idk why i find this hilarious Orz I double-checked and yup, it was one letter off xD 2w
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juls29 I‘ve never done a book swap but I‘ve seen others do them on here. Are we supposed to write our Litsy handle on the outside of the box or include it inside the box for more secrecy? 2w
Crimson613 @juls29 ok I think it might be easier to do this here since my internet is failing me xD, I was thinking of a guessing game where we would try and guess who our secret Santa might be. we would write the answer inside the card and outside of the box we could use the hashtags #wintergames and #tmskellington and we could create hints either in the package or inside the package 2w
Crimson613 What do you guys think? 2w
juls29 @Crimson613 sounds like fun! 2w
Crimson613 retagging everyone because I made a discord for the team. i'll be posting point updates on there and we can share tbrs and other updates on there too @Kymmiesreads @Charityann @TexReader @Rissa1 @JenlovesJT47 @BethM @ferskner @wonderwoman89 @juls29 @karisa @curly_caffeinated_reader @amyrebecca 2w
Curly_Caffeinated_Reader Is the app for the whole team? Or just secret Santa? @Crimson613 2w
Curly_Caffeinated_Reader Oh I like!!! Great idea. Never used that app so bear with me lol @Crimson613 2w
Crimson613 @Curly_Caffeinated_Reader it's all good, it's pretty easy to use :D 2w
Crimson613 welcome to team skellington @Lele1432!! glad to have you onboard :D our team tag is #TMSkellington, we're having a secret santa so if you'd like to join, pls fill out this form: https://forms.gle/GywXECXN3TPfHa5w8 2w
Texreader Thanks!! Got it! 2w
Crimson613 @Texreader 👌👌👌 2w
Karisa @Crimson613 I like your game idea! Already digitally digging around on my teammate's tbr list for ideas. I'm excited! (And also looking for ways to unprogram my phone's autofill feature so it'll stop putting in the wrong email for me.🤣) 2w
Crimson613 @Karisa same! i should be reading but i find this more fun xD phew glad the guessing game wasn't a bust. hmmm maybe if you add the email as a new word? sometimes i need to do that so that autocorrect doesn't “fix“ my stuff rip 2w
lele1432 Hi! Sorry I've been MIA over the holiday! Thanks for the warm welcome! I am a little confused though as I thought I was already on team #letitsnow with @sharread? Maybe I'm wrong lol? 😕 1w
Crimson613 @lele1432 it looks like the team captain for let it snow had to drop some the team members were split up among the other teams 1w
Crimson613 @lele1432 and no problem! We're happy to have another member :3 1w
lele1432 Ah okay! Sounds good! 😊 1w
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Untitled | Unknown
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RedxoHearts @sharread is the end of your email address dot or oot? Sorry I just wanted to make sure before I emailed you :) 2w
jessinikkip Wondering the same thing, actually 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hello #WinterGames Team #Letitsnow and boy did it snow here. ☃️🌨

@TheKidUpstairs Welcome new member! 👍

I'm open to doing a Christmas Card exchange.

Let's have some fun!

This is my first time joining any of the games so let me know if I do something weird. 😉

@hes7 @Scochrane26 @TheEllieMo @jessinikkip @MaleficentBookDragon @veritysalter @erank58 @LapReader @lele1432 @RedxoHearts @TheDaysGoBy

@Clwojick @StayCurious

hes7 Yay! Can‘t wait! I‘m up for a card exchange, if everyone else is. 4w
veritysalter Fabulous, count me in ❄️ 4w
LapReader Card exchange sounds great. 4w
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jessinikkip Sounds excellent. For sure count me in to a card exchange 4w
RedxoHearts I'd be up for a card swap :) 4w
lele1432 Sounds fun! 4w
TheDaysGoBy A card exchange sounds fun! I‘m so excited for this! 4w
Scochrane26 Card exchange sounds fun. I haven‘t sent out cards in years. (edited) 4w
StayCurious We're Littens - we're all a little weird - and there's nothing wrong with that! 4w
sharread Does anyone have a preference. Mail a Christmas card to everyone in the group or should we do a swap, where 2 people exchange cards? 3w
lele1432 That's a good question! Might be easier to do a swap? 3w
erank58 I'd be up for whatever group wants to do, either way sounds fun! 3w
Scochrane26 I can do either way, but packs of Christmas cards are easy to find. 3w
hes7 I‘m good with either option, too, but I like the idea of sending cards to everyone. I mean, the more (cards) the merrier, right? 😉 3w
TheDaysGoBy Whatever the team wants to do. Either way will be fun! 3w
TheKidUpstairs Yay! Hi team! I'm up for a card exchange, whichever format works for everyone 😁🎄 3w
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Ummmmm I cannot WAIT to start this awesome new read thanks to #penguinteen #letitsnow #partner I am in LOVE with all things Christmas!

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Seven Dials Mystery | Agatha Christie
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Slajaunie Beautiful! 11mo
sudi 😍 11mo
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Can you believe it's not even one week til Christmas? 😱

Anyway, I thought it was high time for some seasonal reads. ❄️ I am almost done with #LetItSnow and it's really adorable. Next up is #AChristmasCarol, which I've actually never read before. I just got this cute little edition and I love how good these two books look together. 😍

#currentlyreading #tbr #christmasreads #CharlesDickens #JohnGreen #MaureenJohnson #LaurenMyracle #coverlove

That-Bookish-Hiker That edition of Christmas Carol is gorgeous! 😍😍 12mo
LauraWeasley @That-Bookish-Hiker Isn't it so pretty? I was so happy when I stumbled upon it in the bookstore! ❤️ 12mo
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The Kite Runner: Rejacketed | Khaled Hosseini
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I think this is the closest I'm going to get as far as reading by the fireplace this winter since it's too warm for a real fire. Buffalo is having a very green winter this season... I want more snow.

#thekiterunner #fire #fireplace #Chromecast #winter #winterbaby #moresnow #letitsnow

The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel | Diane Setterfield
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Ready for the first snow storm of spring. #noreaster #noworkallplay #beerandabook #letitsnow

Suzze Great picture! I‘m so glad this went below us in Michigan! (edited) 2y
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