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I Love You, Michael Collins | Lauren Baratz-Logsted
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Book 7 of 2020 #ILoveYouMichaelCollins by Lauren Baratz-Logsted - This book is sweet and funny and charming and delightful! At the same time the Apollo 11 mission is happening, Mamie‘s parents have left, one after the other, and she is rocketed into her own drama. Love this one - highly recommend!4 ⭐️ (Caveat - I‘m an English teacher, so my reading list this year is likely to be riddled with lots of middle grades and YA reads!)

Owl Moon | Jane Yolen
This post contains spoilers
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A pretty fun box this month for @owlcrate

The book is Scavenge the Stars and I have to say I like their cover better than the original. But a little gilding wouldn‘t have hurt.

It had the next HP in the series, a LotR map banner, Crooked kingdom @outofprint socks to match last years Six of crows socks. The candle has a nice scent and the pill box is nice. And of course the enamel pin rounds things out.

LaraS That map banner is rad 1w
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Goodnight Moon | Margaret Wise Brown
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Letora Oh wow! And that was a classroom favorite when I taught! 2w
rustoryhuf I‘ve loved this book for years. Used to read it during library story times in the 80s. A classic 2w
TheAromaofBooks Thanks for sharing - that article was a bit of a wild ride. I had no idea how Margaret Wise Brown died?! Crazy times. 2w
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Chrissyreadit Great article! Thanks for sharing!! 2w
Susanita Fascinating! 2w
GingerAntics That seems so odd, but at the same time I understand it. Sadly, I think I was taught first grade by a lady like that NYPL librarian. lol It‘s amazing how prevalent some of these ideas still are. 2w
Bette Wow! 😳 That's power for ya... 1w
readordierachel Who knew! That was fascinating. 1w
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CatStronauts: Mission Moon | Drew Brockington
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#catsoflitsy #Rudi
While I changed the bedding he got himself comfortable so that came to a stop!
He is my rescue 🐈
He is cute at times 😆
He comes alive at 1 am and climbs the curtains! 🤦

laurenslibrary Hes adorable! 2w
Literary_Siren Precious! 😻 2w
Gaylagal2 He's so adorable ❤️ 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😽😽😽 2w
Velvetfur Aaww gorgeous boy 😍💜🐱 2w
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🌕Being better to myself is basically the only resolution I made for 2020. I am a nurturing soul, and if I don‘t give myself love, how can I give love to others? I‘m doing pretty well, thus far. 🌕I am Enough; I am Loved. I am Enough; I am Loved. 🥰 And so are all the Littens reading this! 🌕Wolf Moon Blessings to @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Linsy @NeedsMoreBooks @MaleficentBookDragon @Kappadeemom @rather_be_reading & everyone else!

Meaw_catlady Yes!!! That is an amazing resolution!! Reminds me of Ru Paul. If you Can‘t love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else! 2w
CrowCAH 😊 thanks! Same to you, blessings be upon you! 🌝 2w
MoonWitch94 @Meaw_catlady YES! 😂 It does sound very Ru! Good call! @CrowCAH you‘re welcome & thanks 🌕❤️ 2w
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Kappadeemom Yes!! You have to love yourself before you can love others 💚💚 2w
Linsy ❤ ❤ ❤ 2w
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Thank you for the tag, @MoonWitch94 #ThoughtfulThursday

🌙 New year has been all right. My chilblains has flared up, so literally hibernating. Keeping up with my resolutions on being grateful and mindful.

🌙 Soul Music by Terry Pratchett, completing Emily of New Moon, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She‘s Sorry. These are my readings for the month.
🌙 done 💕

gradcat Thanks for the tag!! ♥️♥️ 3w
MoonWitch94 I‘m planning on reading this too! Thanks for playing ☺️ 3w
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BlankInk_WhitePaper Thanks for the tag 😍💐 2w
NeedsMoreBooks @MoonWitch94 I have stated liking Backman 💕 @BlankInk_WhitePaper ❤️ 2w
Blaire Thanks for the tag!! 2w
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Artemis | Andy Weir

Great book overall. Listened through Audible with the excellent narration by Rosario Dawson. She nails it. Great to see Andy Weir get to try his hand at a full cast of characters, it feels like I've just seen him get significantly better as an author from The Martian to Artemis.

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Picked this up during one of my thrift store trips. I love reading things about the space program, so this was right up my alley! However, I didn‘t realize until tonight (several months later) that it‘s a signed copy, and there was a signed photo of the author in the book as well! 🤩🤓😍

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The kids and I spent the morning at our local science center and I was so excited that one of the shows in the planetarium was Magic Treehouse related. Jack and Annie took us in an exploration of space, and all four of us were fans. Even Genevieve, who was grumpy beforehand that she doesn‘t like the book series, had changed her tune by the end. She‘s only tried (and disliked 😂) the first book in the series so maybe now I can get her to try again.

emilyhaldi I dunno what magic treehouse is, but I love the planetarium!! 4w
Bookzombie This sounds fun! I hope she likes the books again if she tries. 4w
Reviewsbylola We should have invited you! I didn‘t realize you were still off of work until it was too late. @emilyhaldi 4w
emilyhaldi No worries! I have been busy cleaning the house from NYE 😅 4w
Mdargusch 💜💜💜💜 3w
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Limit | Frank Schatzing
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These are my six least favorite books of 2019. I rated all of them as pans except for Limit which was technically a DNF, but in spite of this it still takes home the award for my absolute least favorite book of the year because I sunk 475 pages worth of time into it and hated every second of it, so even though I didn‘t actually finish it, I didn‘t think it would be fair to myself if I didn‘t include it. 😅

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