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Moby-Dick | Herman Melville
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It‘s Moby-Dick 🐳 season for me. My morning ritual involves reading my chapters and taking notes to discuss with my Honors 11 students. I am enjoying this process more now that it is my second year reading the novel. #teachersoflitsy #transcendentalism #whaling #americanliterature #annotations

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1. Clockwork Angel (3⭐)
2. Clockwork Prince (4⭐)


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Annotations | John Keene
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What are your thoughts about #annotating books as you read them? I've never done #annotations before but recently I've been considering it because it might help me become more engaged with what I'm reading. Sometimes I'll really love a book, but after a while it becomes foggy if that makes sense. I want to be able to more clearly remember what I've read and how I felt about it. Writing in my books is the biggest hindrance though!

CoverToCoverGirl Can‘t bring myself to do it. 9mo
SeaToSkyes @CoverToCoverGirl same here! I'm so conflicted about it 9mo
LiteraryinLawrence The only time I do it is for the Litsy Markup Postal Book Club books. I absolutely love reading the books and seeing what other Littens have thought! In my own books, though, I don‘t usually annotate. 9mo
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SeaToSkyes @LiteraryinLititz oh I didn't know about that club! That does sound interesting 9mo
Tattooedteacher I use post it notes it situations other than #LMPBC So yes I sort of do. 9mo
SeaToSkyes I've been thinking about trying post its and tabs instead of writing in them 9mo
BookNAround I‘m not an annotate books kind of person but hen I don‘t break the spines of my books either so I‘m a weirdo. 😉 That said, do what you want in your own books! 9mo
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Annotated Sandman | Neil Gaiman, Leslie Klinger
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Had a lovely day perusing the bookshops. Quite pleased with my #bookhaul
I found the Annotated Sandman for a song!! 😊📖💖 #happinessisanewbook #booklife #Friday

JennyBookworm Awesome haul!!♥️ 4y
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How to Read a Book | Mortimer J. Adler, Charles Van Doren
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Reading a really interesting article by #mortimerjadler about marking books.
He makes compelling arguments for marking books in creating true 'ownership' and ensuring an 'active' reading experience. He argues the soul of book is more then just the pages and binding, and can only be found when one explores their veiw, opinions agreements and discrepancies!

What are you views on #bookmarking #annotations #marginalia #essays #howtomarkabook #note

LibrarianRyan For everyday books I'm not a book marker. Usually. For books I teach with kids they are written all over. I use various colors for vocabulary words, characters, and other. I started with pencil but it fades after about a year so now I use pen. And real honest, currently I prefer ebooks for books I have to mark up. No need to have all my notes retyped. 4y
dariazeoli I haven't marked my books since college. But perhaps I should for better retention! 4y
litmuggle I dont wright in everyday books either but I do mark in my Christian books. 4y
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Bostonmomx2 I don't generally mark up novels (although will use the highlight feature in my Kindle) but will always and often use my highlighter when reading nutrition/health books. 4y
LauraJ I write in my nonfiction books frequently, but rarely in fiction. 4y
CouronneDhiver I don't mark anything down into my books, but I have nothing against making notes in a journal. 4y
CindyMyLifeIsLit I'm an English teacher, so annotating novels is like second nature to me. I don't do it in light reads, only in classics and those that require some depth in thought. 4y
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