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The Dinky Donkey | Craig Smith
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Got some cute books from the book order this month!!! #teachersoflitsy

Two Can Keep a Secret | Karen M. Mcmanus
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Just started today and already two hours in. Really needed a can‘t-put-down kind of mystery and this is the right level of attention I can give at this point in the semester. I‘m drowning in grading! #teachersoflitsy #professorsoflitsy

Snow Day: A Novel | Billy Coffey
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First snow day of the school year! We have about an inch and it‘s still coming down! I‘m going to watch Jeopardy with my daughter, read, and catch up on some grading! #teachersofLitsy

TheRiehlDeal Enjoy your snow day! We got a few inches up here in Central New York. Just a normal day for us. 3d
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First time ever working with the #enneagram. We are spending our next staff retreat day focused on it and I was reading this in preparation. Turns out I am a pretty obvious number 9 and I believe I have an 8 wing. #teachersoflitsy

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When you‘re teaching a diary/journal unit for English literature and decide to focus on the Holocaust.

Every lesson I read a chapter and students are composing a diary from the perspective of Bruno with his thoughts and feelings about everything he is experiencing.

At the end, students will present this as an accompaniment to this text to know more about Bruno 😍

#teachersoflitsy #teacherinspo

LoverOfLearning Wow. What an excellent literature lesson. Fantastic. I'm the the students are really engaged. 2d
Thewanderer92 @LoverOfLearning thank you so much for the feedback! Kids are absolutely loving it at the moment :) 2d
LoverOfLearning Oops I meant to say I bet the* 2d
LoverOfLearning @Thewanderer92 and good I'm glad they enjoy it 2d
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The Map of Salt and Stars: A Novel | Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar
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Qatar Foundation International has funding to provide sets of Middle East Outreach Council awarded books for classroom use. Open to K-12 public or public charter school teachers - US only, sorry. Full details here: https://www.qfi.org/opportunities/meoc-educator-book-awards/ #Teachers #TeachersofLitsy

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To Kill a Mockingbird: A Graphic Novel | Harper Lee, Fred Fordham
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#weeklyforcast #bookreport
📚 November Road on ch. 19 #botmbuddyread
📚Garden of Lamentations 4hrs left #audiobook
📚Lilli de Jong finished parts1-3 #LilliRead
📚The Scholar p.115 #MyIdealBookClub
📚TKAM graphic novel - up to what is comparable in book‘s ch7 This graphic novel has gorgeous illustrations and remains true to plot and necessary quotes. Perfect for struggling readers. #teachersoflitsy
📚StellaFortuna- finished #bookclubpick

Cinfhen Nice mix of genres and reading platforms👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 6d
SilversReviews Loved STELLA FORTUNA!! 6d
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Game Changer | Tommy Greenwald
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This week‘s silent reading book with my classes is about a freshman football player who suffers a severe concussion at practice before the season starts and everything that goes on around this event. It is told in text messages, doctor‘s notes, one sided conversations at his bedside, etc.

#middlegrade #YA #TeachersofLitsy #MsDsLibrary

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One of my students joined Litsy after I talked about it in class. Join my in cheering on this young reader. You can follow him at @owen_willl_do_it
#LitsyWelcomeWagon #teachersoflitsy

MatchlessMarie Welcome @owen_willl_do_it ! You'll love it here. 📚✌💜 2w
TheSpineView Welcome @owen_willl_do_it to Litsy! The best book community around! 💜📚💜 2w
marleed So cool! Following! 2w
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Jas16 Welcome to Litsy @owen_willl_do_it 2w
Birdsong28 Welcome to Litsy @owen_willl_do_it 🎉🎊📚📖 2w
CarolynM Welcome to Litsy @owen_willl_do_it 👋 1w
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🥳 @owen_willl_do_it 5d
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#weeklyforecast #bookreport #teachersoflitsy
Did not meet my predictions for Stella Fortuna (p.180).Was glued to World Series! 🙌🏻Nationals! Read up to page 77

TKAM: met goal. Finished ch. 3. We have a class of readers this year! The discussions generated with any book we read have been stimulating & so enjoyable. These students are not afraid to share their thinking.
A Thousand Roads- did not open!!!
Garden: audiobook. On ch 13.

Cinfhen I too met and “failed” with some of my reading goals... that‘s JUST the #LifeOfAReader 2w
kspenmoll @Cinfhen Sure is! Love your hastag #LifeOfAReader ! (edited) 2w
Cinfhen 😘😘 2w
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