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Clear: A Novel | Carys Davies
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Looking good with my mom‘s new begonia!

The first book for #CampLitsy24 is a pick! Join @BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain and me to discuss on June 8 and 15. Excited to read what everyone thinks. 😁🏕️

squirrelbrain Hooray! I really liked it too! 22h
BarbaraBB So glad it‘s a pick for both of you! @squirrelbrain 21h
Megabooks @squirrelbrain @BarbaraBB excited for our pre-camp discussion! 21h
Soubhiville Yay! I‘m excited to start it. 18h
sarahbarnes Yay! I‘m excited to start it soon! 14h
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All Fours | Miranda July
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Managed to get a signed copy of All Fours for #camplitsy24 from B&N!

Can‘t wait!!

The holds for the library copies are like 24 weeks out so I decided just to splurge and buy physical copies of these two. I have holds for The Alternatives and James which should come just in time (fingers crossed!). I‘ve also maxed out the number of books I can have on hold across both library cards (NYPL and Brooklyn public library). Whoops 😅

BarbaraBB That is great! I am still waiting for Bear! 24h
Megabooks Awesome!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 21h
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Clear: A Novel | Carys Davies
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If not for #CampLitsy24 I‘d have missed out on this surprisingly tender story. Three characters: a husband, a wife waiting behind for his return, and a solitary man on an island. The island, itself a character, is described with such detail - the wind, the gulls, the sea - I wandered with the husband as he tries to learn the language of the islander so that he can tell him he is being forced to leave the island. It‘s beautifully told.

peaKnit I have this one up next for camp litsy, can‘t wait! 2d
Suet624 I hope you like it too. 💕 2d
vivastory I loved this story collection by Davies 2d
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squirrelbrain Glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to our discussions. 2d
Tamra I think you‘d love her other work. She‘s an auto buy for me. 😊 1d
Suet624 @Tamra @vivastory Thank you for encouraging me to read more of Davies‘ work. This is my first and I‘ll definitely look for the earlier work. 23h
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Dark Across the Bay | Ania Ahlborn
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#WeeklyForecast 22/24

Looking forward to all three of these. I already started The Amusements, which is engaging from the start. A new Ania Ahlborn is always a treat and it‘s time to start reading our first #CampLitsy24 book so @Megabooks @squirrelbrain and I can think of some questions for our discussion about it on June 8 and 15 (plenty of time, I know, we just can‘t wait 😀).

squirrelbrain I already finished Clear, but not posting my review of course! 🤪 2d
BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain Can‘t wait to hear it! 2d
Megabooks I just posted that it‘s a pick for me, but no more. 🤫🤫 22h
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Clear: A Novel | Carys Davies
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Luthien joined me in the hammock this morning as I finished this short novel. It provides an interesting glimpse of some important moments in Scottish history, but what I loved were the descriptions of the island and the focus on language as John learns to communicate with Ivar.

#CampLitsy24 #DogsOfLitsy

Sace Interesting. When I first read the synopsis I had no interest in this book, but you had me at "about language". 3d
Suet624 Just finished too and really, really liked it.
Daisey @Sace The author bases this aspect on the now extinct Norn language of some northern Scottish islands. Actual words and their meanings wasn‘t something I was expecting either. 3d
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Tamra I love all of Davies‘ writing, though the end of this one seemed to get the short shrift. Maybe leaving it more ambiguous would have been better? 🤷🏾‍♀️ (edited) 3d
dabbe #lovableluthien 🖤🐾🖤 3d
Daisey @Tamra Yes, I agree the ending was a bit surprising and abrupt, but I couldn‘t decide how to comment on it in my review with any clarity but no spoiler. 3d
Daisey @dabbe Aww . . . You gave Luthien her own hashtag. 🥰 🐶 3d
dabbe @Daisey She deserves it! ADORABLE! 🖤🐾🖤 3d
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So many books acquired this week! I got a few from the Amazon sale, including the tagged, which I‘m super excited about. My pre-ordered All Fours arrived, too, for #CampLitsy24. I‘m excited for Mother Doll and Murder Road from the longlist. The one that‘s hard to see is The Best American Essays 2023. Happy reading weekend everyone!!

Ruthiella Very interested to hear what you think of Mother Doll! That was my longlist pick, but I haven‘t read it yet. 4d
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Lost on Me | Veronica Raimo
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#StorySettings Day 16: These are the books we are reading as part of my #College book club called GatheringReaders. I just realized I have FIVE summer book clubs: two on Litsy (1) #CampLitsy24 and (2) #EuropaCollective. Then I have three face-to-face ones (3) this #College group with doctoral students and faculty (4) Emirates Lit Foundation book club, and (5) book club of two read-aloud with 22 yo daughter coming home for the summer!

Eggs You‘re ambitious!! Go You ❤️📚💚 5d
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Butter: Roman | Asako Yuzuki
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Making a head start on this, because it's looooong. #camplitsy24

squirrelbrain Ooh are you going or coming home?! 6d
Oryx @squirrelbrain Going to NI 😊 6d
squirrelbrain Hooray- enjoy! 6d
TrishB Have fun ♥️ 6d
BarbaraBB Enjoy 💕🏕️ 6d
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Clear: A Novel | Carys Davies
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What an exquisite jewel of a novel! A cloudy, green-and-grey jewel. With such a short book, there was more mood than story—but the depth of loneliness and connection conveyed here was gorgeous. My only complaint was that I wanted more—just a couple more chapters of resolution—and yet I also understand why the author closes the story where she does.

I had this on my holds list and it came in RIGHT before it got picked for #CampLitsy24. ⤵️

BarbaraJean (Cont‘d) I had little confidence I could get the hold timing right if I sent it back, so it was an early read and hopefully I can remember the details for the discussion! @BarbaraBB 1w
Hooked_on_books I read it before it was even picked, so we‘ll be in the same boat for camp! 1w
BarbaraBB Encouraging that you loved it so much! Can‘t wait for 8 June! 1w
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mcctrish Mine just arrived 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
squirrelbrain Great that you loved it! ❤️ 1w
lauraisntwilder This is on my list! I'm you liked it! 7d
rockpools Lovely review! 5d
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In Defence of the Act | Effie Black
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Weekend book haul. 😁 Lots of my holds came in at the library at the same time (as they do) and I found a couple of books on my TBR at at used bookstore. And I splurged on a copy of the tagged book since I can‘t get it at the library yet.

vivastory Great haul! The Sarah Waters has been lingering towards the top of my TBR for awhile now & I have been wanting to try Penelope Lively 1w
Ruthiella I loved Fingersmith and Alias Grace. Not read that Lively title, but I loved everything else I‘ve read from her! 1w
Cathythoughts Great ! I loved Fingersmith and Alias Grace too ( especially Fingersmith ) … and I‘m interested to read In Defence of the Act (edited) 1w
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batsy Great stack! Really want to read the Olga Ravn and Effie Black ones. Loved both Alias Grace and Fingersmith. 1w
squirrelbrain Great stack! In Defence is likely to be in my top books of the year. I just found Disappearing Earth on Everand, in advance of Bear for #camplitsy24 1w
BarbaraBB Such a great haul! I loved all the ones I read! 1w
sarahbarnes @vivastory same on both fronts! I‘ve read Moon Tiger which was very good. (edited) 1w
sarahbarnes @Ruthiella that‘s great to hear on all fronts! I‘ve only read Moon Tiger and loved it. 1w
sarahbarnes @Cathythoughts I‘ve wanted to read it for awhile and that‘s very good to hear. 1w
sarahbarnes @batsy that is great to hear! They‘ve been on my list for awhile. 1w
sarahbarnes @squirrelbrain that is high praise! I‘m really excited to read it. @BarbaraBB also highly recommended it. 1w
sarahbarnes @BarbaraBB that is great news! I was convinced to get In Defence of the Act from your review! 1w
BarbaraBB That one is so good! But so are Fingersmith and Alias Grace and Disappearing Earth 😀. You‘ll love them and need to read a lot before they are due back 😉 1w
BarbaraBB Oow and What I‘d rather not think about too! 1w
sarahbarnes @BarbaraBB I know - how am I going to read them all before they have to go back?! 1w
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