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Hydrate Littens! #hydrate #selfcare

CrowCAH Happy Litsyversary! 10/23/22 3mo
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#fbvr3 #teamfitlit #longislandsound #RickyNeckStatePark #saltwater #beach #swim #nostalgia #hydrate #familydayout.
Spent most of the day at Rocky Neck State Park on the Long Island Sound.Swimming, sunning.Sand in my toes. 4 trains went buy which never ceases to excite my two. Memories of days like this while growing up-all 8 of us piled in the car for a day of swimming & reading on the beach.Tuna salad sandwiches, potato chips, grapes, lemonade.

wanderinglynn How fun! 👍🏻💚 3y
Reggie What nice memories! 3y
kspenmoll @Reggie They are such wonderful memories! Talked with my sister that night about those beach days.❤️ 3y
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#hydrate #thesummercountry #literarycrew #buddyread
My first steps outside the house since Saturday evening. Got as far as the porch. But I am hydrating...cannot put down the tagged book.So immersed in the 2 time periods(1812, slavery exits;1854, 20 yrs post emancipation)the lush,hot setting of Barbados with its slaves, white plantation owners,Redlegs (white poorest of poor, living in”inhospitable terrain”,& the city dwellers of Bridgetown.❤️📚

Crazeedi Glad you are enjoying this, I did too!! #buddyread 3y
kspenmoll @Crazeedi I just finished the book tonight. Could not help myself. So much to think about- learned so much about Barbados, etc. really loved the book.#buddyread #literarycrew (edited) 3y
Pamwurtzler I look fed it too! 3y
Librarybelle Yay! 3y
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For the “Related to a Podcast” challenge of #booked2019.

Also pictured: library water bottle filled with cucumber water... because HYDRATE.

Also pictured: a very sweet valentine‘s day gift of a candle that‘s supposed to smell like BOOKS. Because someone knows me well.

#sawbones #books #hydrate #podcasts

Lindy Does that candle actually smell like books? 4y
SkeletonKey @Lindy - Naaaah, it‘s reminiscent but mostly vanilla-y. 4y
Lindy @SkeletonKey The paper in old books gives off a sort of vanilla smell as its compounds break down. So, I guess the candlemakers might have been trying to capture that. 4y
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SkeletonKey @Lindy - I‘ve read that! It‘s a pleasant scent either way. 4y
sarahbarnes I need that water bottle. 😁 4y
SkeletonKey @sarahbarnes - I do have the power to get more 😁 4y
sarahbarnes Oooh...I would be interested in discussing that power with you further. 😁 4y
SkeletonKey @sarahbarnes - They‘re $5 at my library, can be shipped by me 😄 4y
sarahbarnes That‘s awesome! I‘m definitely interested! I would happily pay $5 + shipping. 4y
sarahbarnes I can email you my address, and get the $$ to you however is easiest for you! 4y
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Quidditch Through the Ages | Kennilworthy Whisp
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Look at my new water bottle that I totally 100% forgot I ordered 😍

#swell #quidditch #harrypotter #wizardingworld #hydrate #water #mpls #twincities

rather_be_reading 😍😍 4y
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