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The Snow Queen | Joan D. Vinge
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This is between a pick and a so-so. It was a little on the long side and everyone‘s journey seemed to drag a bit, but I felt like Moon had to go on such a journey to learn her purpose and so we could see different parts of the world. It was definitely an interesting read and now I have to go read the Hans Christian Anderson tale.

#Booked2019 - Political Intrigue
#swordandlaser #swordandlaserpodcast

Cinfhen You‘re almost there!!! 9h
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American Pop: A Novel | Snowden Wright
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#PopSugar2020 #Pop2020 It‘s HERE!!!!!

BarbaraBB Oh wow, thanks! Just another evening of me and my spreadsheet ahead of me 😍 21h
Cinfhen Darn, I meant to tag you xx 20h
Cinfhen I already found some double dips and potentially triple dips!!!! 20h
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Cinfhen I‘m not doing Read Harder! Are you?? I skipped it this year 20h
Cinfhen @BarbaraBB 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽💋💋 20h
Emilymdxn Im so excited! Definitely going to do this methodically next year rather than kinda lackadaisically as I did this year - I want to plan my reading much more next year so this will definitely help me. I love all the prompts! 20h
Kangaj1 Fun! It's new book challenge season! How do I sign up for #Booked2020? 20h
Tex2Flo I didn't even LOOK at the popsugar challenge all year. It was everything I could do to read more non-fiction! Next year for sure!
BarbaraBB I am doing the ones you do except for the non-fiction one. Instead I do Around the Year in 52 books. So a lot of challenges again. I don‘t know if I‘ll finish them all. But I love the planning! Has Readharder been published yet? 20h
Cinfhen I don‘t think so @BarbaraBB but I LOVE the planning too @Emilymdxn @Tex2Flo the BEST part is finding books that cover multiple prompts from various challenges!!! 19h
Cinfhen Glad you want to join #Booked2020 @Kangaj1 I‘ve tagged you in the original post 💜 19h
KarenUK Thank you so much for sharing!!!!😘💕 17h
KarenUK I‘m going to do #booked2020 and #Pop20 and maybe..... #readingEurope2020 but that might be too much for me... I‘m not the fastest reader! 😂 17h
Cinfhen I‘m most “challenged “ by #ReadingEurope @KarenUK there is no way I‘m going to read 46 books and half of those countries are VERY OBSCURE ~ I‘ll just have fun with it and see how far I get 17h
Cathythoughts Yes I agree , I‘m just hoping to dip into #ReadingEurope ... I know I won‘t finish that many books in a year... this posted challenge looks great too 😳🤔.. My main objective is complete #booked2020 @KarenUK 7h
Cathythoughts Who are the organizers of #pop2020 ? 7h
Cinfhen PopSugar is an online site that runs the reading challenge and there is a BIG pop sugar group on GoodReads that really bolsters the challenge. I‘ve participated since 2016 (I think) @Cathythoughts It‘s a good blend of “easy” and “challenging”🤓 7h
Cinfhen You were a dynamo with #Booked2019 @Cathythoughts !!!!! I bet you can up your challenge intake 😊😉😘 7h
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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind | William Kamkwamba, Bryan Mealer
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I was wind-turbine spotting my entire journey home while reading this the other day. Such a good book!

William grows up in #Malawi, helping on the farm, curious about everything, and with a desire to learn. I don‘t think I‘ve ever read a description of famine from someone who‘s lived through it, the fact that you knew it was coming and could do nothing to avert it. And after, his desire to educate himself, & his persistence to build his windmill.

RachelO Absolutely loved it. A fascinating story well-told. Belated #readaroundtheworld #Malawi, plus #BBRC #GrownUp #nonfiction and #nfnov #booked2019 #booktomovie #nonfiction2019 #aboutsurvival 21h
RachelO Can you tell it‘s the wrapping-up-challenges time of year?! 21h
Cinfhen Well played!!! And the fact that you loved it....makes it even BETTER😁 21h
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa It‘s a great book! 20h
LibrarianRyan Yeahhh 20h
BookwormM You are really on a roll with SA any options for Togo 19h
RachelO @BookwormM Think it‘s going to be tough to find anything - the library usually has something tucked away in the stack, but apparently has made an exception for Togo. So far, this is the option: 16h
RachelO @BookwormM ... but I‘m not sure I really want to tackle it. Have you found anything? 16h
Clwojick 🙌OH my gosh! Look at all those challenge tags! Love it! well done 🙌 11h
rsteve388 6pts 11h
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Kindred | Octavia E. Butler
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This was not what I was expecting, for some reason I thought it was going to be more of a ‘tough‘ read. The subject matter is obviously difficult but it was a page turner at the same time. It was very tell not show. Good characters and I loved the premise. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #pocmcparanormal #booked2019

Cinfhen Nice review!! 2d
youneverarrived @Cinfhen thanks 😘 2d
BarbaraBB I‘m going to read this one too for that prompt. Your review is encouraging! 2d
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Cathythoughts Great review! I already have it stacked & your review makes me eager to read this 👍🏻❤️ 1d
Cathythoughts I just picked it up on kindle 👍🏻❤️ 1d
youneverarrived @BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts I really hope you both like it 🤞 1d
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Untitled | Unknown
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I have been participating in reading challenges since I discovered them in 2016. I always enjoy figuring out what I‘m going to read for them and plotting it out so I don‘t get stuck later on. Lately, I‘ve noticed that I‘m really struggling to stay motivated to read and I wonder if it‘s because I‘ve been placing unnecessary guilt on myself when something I want to read isn‘t applicable to my challenges. Anyone else experience this? 🤔

TrishB The reason I don‘t really do them! I‘ve done one this year and it hasn‘t dominated my choice of reading and I have one book to finish for it. But I don‘t do any others as I then feel resentful when I don‘t want to read that particular book. 2d
Balibee146 I'd say yes they can it depends on the individual. They have been the tipping point for slumps for me several times. I love the idea of them but I'm quietly a natural rebel about everything...including my own previous plans lol....I've given them up totally and am much happier.... Just the occasional spur of the moment buddy read for me these days! 2d
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Yes! They can definitely do that! I‘ve tried to limit mine and prioritize ones that encourage my personal goals, like MountTBR on Goodreads which is to get me to read books I already own. But even then I feel like at this time of the year especially...that I‘m picking what‘s next for a challenge, not necessarily what I want to read next.🤷‍♀️ 2d
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Reviewsbylola Idk if it causes slumps for me, but I‘ve noticed that besides planning what I‘m going to read, challenges rarely excite me. I‘m very picky now about joining. I unceremoniously dumped one of my two challenges this year (#pop19) a few months ago. Now I only do #booked2019 2d
TheSpineView I don't do reading challenges because I hate the boxed in feeling. I want to read what I want when I want. 2d
ravenlee I tried a couple challenges and just couldn‘t stick with them. They made me feel resentful, even though I picked my own books for the prompts. But this summer I LOVED the library‘s summer reading program challenges...so maybe they fit at certain times and don‘t at others. 2d
MicheleinPhilly I typically don‘t do challenges because I HATE trying to plan my reading. And I‘ve noticed that when I say “I‘m going to read this this and this” the last thing I want to read is this this and this. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2d
keys_on_fire @Reviewsbylola that‘s exactly my problem. I get more excited about the puzzle of figuring out what fits the category than the actual progress of reading the books. I think I‘m gonna give up on the popsugar one for that reason @Riveted_Reader_Melissa (edited) 2d
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @keys_on_fire I gave up on popsugar and Read Harder a few years ago, the categories were either getting too repetitive or too narrow. 2d
keys_on_fire @MicheleinPhilly @ravenlee that‘s exactly how I‘ve been feeling. I think I‘m gonna give myself a break next year from them and see if I notice a difference. 2d
GingerAntics I have this problem. I‘ve tried doing reading challenges (outside of choosing a book count for the year), and I always end up with this issue. I usually end up abandoning it because I guess I‘m more of a pantser when it comes to reading. I read wherever the winds take me, sometimes I read something based on where a line of inquiry from a previous book takes me. 2d
Caroline2 Yep!! I hear you. I‘m doing non-fiction November at the mo and I had to take a break and read a very lit novel in the end as I was in a slump. I‘m takin a break from challenges now too. 👍 1d
Caroline2 @GingerAntics me too!!! 🙋‍♀️ I do that! I love book chaining! 😆 1d
GingerAntics @Caroline2 I think it‘s a very natural way to keep reading. You‘re interested in it now, might as well read it now. When you get bored with it, you can choose something else. I love it! I‘m so glad I‘m not the only one. 1d
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Indian Horse | Richard Wagamese
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This book broke my heart. Painful story of a native Ojibway Canadian taken to an abusive and horrific residential school who finds some solace in playing hockey, but even that joy is tainted by experiences he must confront. Saul‘s story and what so many children went through will stay with me. Beautifully written. #indigenousauthor #booked2019.

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Greenwood | Michael Christie
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Amazing family saga and climate crisis manifesto. This is one I‘ll be recommending to everyone. #Edelweiss

Suet624 Love what you did with the photo. 2d
Emilymdxn What a gorgeous cover! 2d
Tamra Want to read! 2d
Reviewsbylola Sounds like this would have been a good pick for the #booked2019 prompt #clifi. I really disliked the book I read for it. 2d
reluctantangeleno Oh my gosh, this cover! 😍 2d
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Yeah... So I thought this was kind of a mess... The story felt all over the place to me, like it didn‘t know what it wanted to be. Things were set up that ended up going nowhere. Cedar got on my last nerve. The world building was practically nonexistent and left me with more questions than answers the latter of which I wouldn‘t necessarily mind except some things just seemed so out of left field and/or so implausible given the zero ⬇️

shadowspeak17 explanation they got that it took me completely out of the story. Part 2 was mildly entertaining at least, but most of the book was a slog, and by the time Part 3 rolled around I was just ready for it to end. I‘ve heard good things about Erdrich, so maybe this wasn‘t the best book of hers to start with. 🤷🏽‍♀️

#booked2019 #IndigenousAuthor #catsoflitsy #Ember
Cinfhen I read a different book by her and loved it but it was bleak as hell 2d
Cinfhen I think this particular book was universally panned 2d
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BarbaraTheBibliophage Good on you for slogging through. May the next read be 💯 better! 2d
shadowspeak17 @Cinfhen Maybe I‘ll try that one next. I would like to give Erdrich another shot. 10h
Cinfhen Not many people liked Shadow Tag either so maybe try a different book of hers / I think this one is meant to be good 10h
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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I‘m finally going to finish Moon of the Crusted Snow as I neglected it last week.
To complete #Booked2019 , I have set aside The Light Between Oceans from last week‘s forecast and will return to it once I complete the challenge.
I‘m excited to read The Gauntlet.
I started Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy this evening. 🎧
The Kitchen is to shake it up and it‘s due at the library soon.

Cinfhen Liar has been on my #ReadersRadar for a long time. Can‘t wait to hear what you think about it 💙 2d
Bookzombie @cinfhen Mine too! I bumped it up after reading Girl in Disguise because one of the individuals in Liar is in it. (edited) 2d
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