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Zero Days | Ruth Ware
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This was a solid thriller, I really liked the white hat hacker perspective and the setting in that high tech, high stakes world. A great escape that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for this one during #jolabokaflod @MaleficentBookDragon ! #BookspinBingo @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 3w
MaleficentBookDragon I‘m glad you liked it. I actually picked that one up off my bookshelf today to read, but then a library hold came in so it went back on the shelf. 2w
Julsmarshall I have been there, @MaleficentBookDragon ! 2w
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Thank you @Ericalambbrown for the amazing Jolabokaflod gift! I apologize for the late post, I had to go out of state for a family situation and put my mail on hold. Everything is getting better now, and it was lovely to come back home to this fun swap! #Jolabokaflodswap #Jolabokaflod @MaleficentBookDragon

Ericalambbrown You are so welcome! I‘m so glad it was there for you when you returned 💕📚🎁 3mo
RosePressedPages @Ericalambbrown The chocolates and caramels are delicious!😊 3mo
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My Bad: The Apology Anthology | Paul Slansky, Arleen Sorkin
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I‘m so sorry @TheLudicReader for not sending your #jolabokaflod package much, much, much sooner. I have sent you a package from Amazon that should arrive on Saturday. Once again, I‘m so sorry.

TheLudicReader No worries. 🙂 3mo
MaleficentBookDragon No worries. I should have confirmed that you got the first email. 3mo
TheLudicReader Amazon did not let you down. Book and chocolate arrived today. Thank you. @melissajayne 3mo
melissajayne @TheLudicReader great to hear; hope you are enjoying the book and the chocolate soon 😊 3mo
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#12DaysOfChristmas #12BooksOf2023

October brought me this short story collection by an author I hadn‘t heard of but who was recommended by @Megabooks And rightly so. It‘s an amazing book with interwoven stories about women and I am so glad @Itchyfeetreader sent me another book by Kim Cooper for #jolabokaflod. Can‘t wait to read more by her!

Megabooks This was such a lucky find for me at Parnassus!! I‘m so glad you loved it too. 🥰😘 3mo
Andrew65 Love the title and cover! 3mo
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Bookshops & Bonedust | Travis Baldree
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#Rushathon #OutWithTheOldAndInWithTheNew #readathon
#Naturalitsy #MidwinterSolace

I spent my NYE #HyggeHour finishing my last book of 2023 & thoroughly enjoying it (& gummy pineapples & colas) 😋 I💚Legends & Lattes & may love this even more. I‘ve been savoring it slowly this week since getting a copy for #Jolabokaflod from @fandom_hellspawn99 & I want to stay with these characters!

Now I‘m on to my #OUABC Up All Night box to ring in 2024. 🎉

DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 3mo
AllDebooks Perfect x 3mo
Andrew65 Excellent 👏👏👏 3mo
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Hercule Poirot at Christmas | Agatha Christie
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Just time for one more in 2023! Thanks Mr K for a great #jolabokaflod pick!

The Go-Between | L.P. Hartley
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My Christmas #bookhaul. Two books are from #jolabokaflod events I organized at school for teachers (our 4th year) and for our student book club (our first year). The other books are from lovely Littens @dabbe @AmyG and @Blerdgal_Fenix …all of which came packed with other goodies. You are the best!

merelybookish The Go-between is so good! 4mo
AmyG I saw the book I got you on your TBR…I so enjoyed it. You are welcome! 4mo
ShelleyBooksie Awesome book haul! I look forward to the reviews. 4mo
dabbe Now I have 4 more reads on the TBR! #theneverendinglist You're the best, too, my dear! 💙❄️💙 4mo
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You could say I made a pretty good book haul this year! With my #jolabokaflod fun, thanks again, @MaleficentBookDragon and generous family including my amazing sister, @Ireadkidlit , I have a lovely pile to tackle!

LeahBergen Nice! 👍 4mo
Ruthiella Awesome pile ‘o books! 😃 4mo
TheBookHippie Ooooooo nice!!!!! 4mo
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Smarkies Lovely! 4mo
LatrelWhite You‘re going to love Covenant of Water, Zero Days, Heaven and Earth Grocery Store. 4mo
ju.ca.no 😍😍😍 4mo
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Iron Flame | Rebecca Yarros
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Thank you @Jess everything is great in my #Jolabokaflod package @MaleficentBookDragon

Jess Happy reading! 4mo
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The Dog Stars | Peter Heller
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Thanks for the Christmas gift Jenny @jenniferw88 - it sounds great! I thought I hadn‘t heard of it before but it‘s on my Litsy TBR, so I must have! 🤣

Also pictured is a rather challenging-looking jigsaw from hubby - that‘s my Boxing Day all sorted! 🤣

Ruthiella That puzzle looks amazing! 🤩 4mo
julesG 😍😍😍 Both good gifts. 4mo
willaful Our boxing day will be spent putting the advent puzzle pieces back in their individual boxes. 😂 4mo
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jenniferw88 Haha! It's a bit like me and my #Jolabokaflod swap book this year! I try to avoid books near the top of people's Litsy TBR, as I think others are bound to choose them! 4mo
TrishB That jigsaw looks great! 4mo
squirrelbrain @TrishB -I‘m getting there with it…will hopefully finish it tomorrow. Still haven‘t quite figured out all of hidden books yet though. 4mo
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