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Books. Travel. Animals. Japan, South-East Asia, North Europe, World - literary fiction, thrillers, mythology, ghost stories, plays, classics...
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Unknown Male by Nicols Obregn
Nine Perfect Strangers | Liane Moriarty
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Finally finished this one - started it back in June 2021.
Yay! 😊
Reached my goal for #JoyousJanuary @Andrew65 and
that gorgeous cover?!?
- Snow White, Glacier Lake AND Innuendo for #Pantone2022 #Pantonereadingchallenge2022 @Clwojick

Now my reading year 2022 can finally start... 🥳
#readathon #readingchallenges

RaeLovesToRead I love how this book starts out so good and then goes absolutely nuts halfway through 😆🤣🤣 3d
Clwojick Woohoo! 3d
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 3d
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Nine Lives | Peter Swanson
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I don't usually 'do' the whole new releases thing, i.e. I don't follow the book release dates and such.
Did a bit of googling, however, and the ones I'm excited for are:
+The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen
+The tagged: Nine lives
+The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi
+ @RaeLovesToRead stated that Alan Rickman's memoirs are to be released later in 2022! Heck yeah!

ErinSueMreads Alan rickman!?!?! Literally can't wait. 5d
Yuki_Onna @ErinSueMreads Yes, right?? Rae said so... So excited for this! It's such a loss that Alan isn't with us anymore... 5d
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RaeLovesToRead I'm really looking forward to reading what he had to say. I was a huge fan 🥰🥰 5d
hannah-leeloo I'm also looking forward to the Alan Rickman be was a great man 5d
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead Me too! Well, maybe not a HUGE fan, but he was always one I loved seeing in films and he struck me as a wonderful person... I'm also so looking forward to reading his diaries! Thank you for telling us! 🥰 5d
Alfoster Both Nine Lives and The Golden Couple are good!❤️👍👍👍👍 5d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for playing!! 5d
tokorowilliamwallace I usually don't go for new releases, either. Unless they are philosophy, psychology/neuroscience, or in the social sciences. The preorders I made last year were about cultural memesis, a new science and study of walking, and feminist theory written by an Indian professor in London; and I guess BOTM picks are new or early releases, but I'm not paying $25-30 for new fiction that way! I mostly source from library sales, thrifting, and LFSLs. 2d
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Untitled | Anonymous
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Saw this in town last week. 😮 I don't agree.

#readmore #stickers #winterreading #readathon

Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Just learned about this one and excited

Though I'm reading more regularly than last year & my reading year has started well, I'm still terribly slow.

My goal is to finally finish Nine Perfect Strangers, my ongoing read from 2021,
so I can eventually start my new reading year properly.
It's entertaining, funny and now picking up its pace - yet I'm still struggling to concentrate on reading.

#readathon #JoyousJanuary #winterreading

Andrew65 Good luck 😊👍 1w
Yuki_Onna @Andrew65 Thank you! 😊😁 1w
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Buchhandlung Wittwer Stuttgart | Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Bookstore)
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First bookhaul of 2022 at my fave local bookstore! 📚🖖


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The Shining | Stephen King
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Late to this one, but now's the time... 😊


❄ One very personal goal regarding my loves

❄This nice sunny day and four people in my life

#WondrousWednesday @Eggs

Tagging everybody who hasn't played this one yet and wants to! 😊


Eggs Lovely! Thanks for joining in ❤️📚🙏🏻 2w
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1Q84 | Haruki Murakami
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❄That depends - on my mood, the genre and/or the book.
When there's magical realism and or surrealism involved, slow burn is perfect
most times. 👌
❄What an epic. Enjoyed the plot of that one playing out so much.

@TheSpineView #two4tuesday #HarukiMurakami

Wanna play? @Enchanted_Bibliophile @BookBosomed1 @SoyTooSaucy

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 🤩📖📚 2w
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Look what #LaBefana brought! 🎇 It's opening day and I love my parcel! @thewallflower0707 Thank you so much, Svenja! ✨ #holidayvibes and #sweets ... *Yum!!! 😊

Thank you so much for organizing the #LittleChristmasSwap ! @bookish_wookish ! #LCS #winterreading #LitsySwaps

Nine Perfect Strangers | Liane Moriarty
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Thanks for the tag, dear @hannah-leeloo ! 💙
#thoughtfulthursday @MoonWitch94

✨Thank you! Get back into reading again in the first place, I guess. My tentative reading goal would be 35 books this year, but that's not really important...
✨ commitment
✨Started it in June last year, put it off for a long time. I want to finish it as I'd like to start my new reading year afresh afterwards. It's an entertaining read, though and I enjoy it...

Yuki_Onna Happy 2022 to all of you! I'm happy and deeply grateful to have found such wonderful friends here. All the best to everybody!

Wanna play @Nute @trashcanman @RaeLovesToRead @BeeMagical ?
RaeLovesToRead Thanks for the tag! 😊 I hope 2022 brings you some nice surprises 😁 Good luck getting back into reading. Don't worry about how many books you read, just enjoy them and share with us! 💕 2w
BeeMagical I can‘t wait to read this one too Bunny!💗 2w
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead Thank you so much, Rae! 😊 Let's hope exactly that! 💕 2w
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The Black Dahlia | James Ellroy
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🎄🎄🎄 Look what arrived!!! 🎄🎄🎄
@kaysworld1 @MaleficentBookDragon

The missing #jolabokaflod package! I started an enquiry at the German Post.
It looks like they delivered it already on December 17 - but to someone different under another address who only now found the time to put it in my mailbox, where I found it yesterday evening...😀

Yuki_Onna Could DHL/German Post PLEASE stop messing up big time?! I feel bad to participate in #swaps #LitsySwaps already because there's a delivery problem with them every so often. My swap matches do everything right and early and in time - and DHL drops the packages SOMEWHERE without notifying me. 🤬
Which makes everyone feel ... 😣, especially my matches and the swap organizers, who should feel good, not the opposite...
kaysworld1 @Yuki_Onna It's ok hun I'm glad you got it now xx 2w
Yuki_Onna Thank you soo much, dear Kay! 🤍 I love my parcel! Can't wait to dive into the book and - white chocolate? Yuuumm!!! 😊 @kaysworld1 2w
MaleficentBookDragon Wow. I am just happy it FINALLY made it to you. YAY@! 2w
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Spin Me Right Round | David Valdes
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My #Bookspin / #BookspinBingo list for January. 🥳

The first seven ones would be rereads for me I'm just in the mood for. All of these I either especially enjoyed (and I would like to see whether I still enjoy them as much) or fit my mood atm.
Let's hope 2022 reading will be more fun and successful than last year's...

Happy 2022 to all of you, dear fellow Littens!


TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 3w
Nute Happy New Year, Samantha!💜🥳💜 Cheers to having a lot more fun in 2022! 3w
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Other Mrs. (Original) | Mary Kubica
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Your #Jolabokaflod parcel put a smile on my face, @Mrs_B 🎄
Thank you so much, Lucy!! I hope I'll be able to write back soon...
Merry Christmas to all of you, dear friends!

@MaleficentBookDragon #Christmas #Christmasreading #bookishtraditions #Litsyswaps #Iceland

Mrs_B Merry Christmas! Keep Smiling! 💙 💙💙 I hope you enjoy the book and get that chocolate open!!! 😆 1mo
RaeLovesToRead Merry Christmas 💕 1mo
StaceGhost Merry Christmas! 🎄 1mo
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kaysworld1 I take it you still haven't received mine yet? I did send it honestly and I sent tracking to the event organiser woman for both parcels. I feel so bad do you want me to send something else for you so you don't miss out? Xx 4w
Yuki_Onna @Kaysworld1 It's still not here, sadly. But don't worry, I'll ask Chelle for the tracking number first! Surely we can figure out what mess the delivery company has created...
@MaleficentBookDragon Chelle, would you please send me the tracking number of the parcel? Even if it says it was delivered successfully (which it isn't, at least not with me), once I have the tracking no., I can start an enquiry with the German Post where it was dropped.
MaleficentBookDragon @Yuki_Onna I just sent it to you. Let me know what you find out. 3w
Yuki_Onna @Kaysworld1 Please don't worry, dear! None of the issues with the German Post/DHL are your fault in any way and I don't mean to make you feel bad!!! 🧡
I thank you and I'm happy you are my match!!!
International swaps are so exciting - That's not the issue. You did everything right!!! The thing is the German Post/DHL - They are messing things up so often... Even parcels within Germany-I'll find out where your parcel is! 😉👍 I'll let you know!
Yuki_Onna @MaleficentBookDragon Thank you so much, Chelle! I've started investigating and I'll let you know!😁 3w
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Can Anybody Help Me? | Sinad Crowley

Please? ... I can't go on.
Is there no luck for me?

TheAromaofBooks ❤ ❤ ❤ I don't know what all you are going through, but I'm praying for you and sending warm thoughts your way. ❤ 1mo
BeeMagical Sam❤️❤️ I‘m not sure what‘s going on but I am always, always here! I know you are far but we could always WhatsApp❤️❤️ I hope you‘re okay but know it‘s okay to not be❤️ …thinking about you bunny🐰❤️ 1mo
RaeLovesToRead Are you OK? Is there anything I can do to help? Don't despair, things can always get better 💕 1mo
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RaeLovesToRead A song that has helped me a lot when I've been feeling at my lowest is Be Still by The Killers. It has such wonderful lyrics. It's about remembering and valuing that you have a good heart no matter what happens in life. If you're feeling very sad, please find somewhere quiet and have a listen to it. However you are feeling now, things can and will get better. xxx 1mo
Trashcanman I'm here if you need someone to talk to. I am wishing you the best my lovely friend. 1mo
RaeLovesToRead Please let us know you are OK. I'm worried about you ❤ 1mo
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical Bunny, darling...💗, @Trashcanman lovely friend back 💛,
@RaeLovesToRead 🤗 , @Mrs_B thanks so much!!! , @TheAromaofBooks Thank you!!!

My dears, thank you for your messages. I'm not ok. Still alive though.
I don't know how to go on.
Sadly, I don't have WhatsApp (I boycott it 🤐). Is Telegram an option for you?
BeeMagical Bunny💗 just set up telegram - @beemagical (username) 1mo
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical Bunny ❤ You're ... awwwwww...
I can't. I simply cannot. I don't know what to do. Maybe I can pack it into email bit by bit.? I will use Telegram when everything is fine again. When.
I'll give you my email: sachmets_desert@web.de
I'll have to write in bits and pieces once I've got enough strength. I don't know.
(edited) 1mo
Mrs_B @Yuki_Onna hey, you have my email please do feel free to email me anytime xxx sending you big love 1mo
Mrs_B You have my number if you want to iMessage if you have an iPhone? 1mo
BeeMagical ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4w
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical ❤️❤️ I have mailed you, Bunny 🐰 Love ❤️ 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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It's here - your parcel has made it 😊 Thank you so much - I'm excited!
@Mrs_B 🎄🎄🎄

@MaleficentBookDragon #jolabokaflodswap #jolabokaflod #Christmas #booksforChristmas #winterreading #LitsySwaps

Mrs_B Yayyyyy!!! Phew! 1mo
Mrs_B Geez I hope after all this you like it and don‘t already have it! You can open the brown wrapping - there‘s Christmas wrapping paper inside. :) 1mo
Mrs_B @Yuki_Onna OPENING DAY!!!! Hope you like it 😘 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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My #LittleChristmasSwap parcel arrived! Yay! ⭐
Thank you, Svenja! @thewallflower0707 I'm excited!

@bookish_wookish #LCS #Christmas #LitsySwaps

bookish_wookish Yay! 🎄 1mo
thewallflower0707 Phew, and I‘m relieved 😅 🎄🎉 1mo
Yuki_Onna @thewallflower0707 😂 Me too... 🎄✨ 1mo
BeeMagical I spy a persimmon!😍 this package is too cute! 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thank you for the tag, @hannah-leeloo ! 😊
@Eggs #WondrousWednesday #holidays #Christmas #ChristmasReading

1. Just chilling ... Meeting and chilling with loved ones. ❄
2. Haruki Murakami, David Lynch (a film director, but never mind... 😅) and Banana Yoshimoto (although I tend to neither like nor 'feel' her books... What does that say about me? 🤔)
3. A shelf of surrealism and mochi ice cream... 🖖

Wanna play, dear Bunny? @BeeMagical 💗

BeeMagical What flavour of mochi!! 1mo
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical Bunny!!! 💗💗💗 Thanks for the Bunny tag yesterday!!!
All flavours, plz, if you ask me... 😊 But in this case it was pistachio... 😋*Yum*
I'd love to try the matcha variant,
but you only get it in bigger cities like Frankfurt, it seems...
tokorowilliamwallace Nice, another David Lynch enthusiast! What are some other film directors similar to him you like? 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Posted my #LittleChristmasSwap package yesterday! Hope it arrives quickly and safely! ❄❄❄

#LCS #Christmas #ChristmasSwaps #LitsySwaps #Christmasreading

thewallflower0707 Hi, have you received my e-Mail? 2mo
Yuki_Onna @thewallflowe0707 I have! Just responded to it! 💝 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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My #bookspin list for December. Much as I'd love to participate in #bookspinbingo as well, I doubt my ability to. This year is about survival, not reading... @TheAromaofBooks

Yuki_Onna ...
All the other low-key readathons I'd like to join this December:
#Adventathon hosted by @ozma.of.oz
#Wintercosy @Puddlejumper
#AveryMerryReadathon @TheSpineView
for which my goals are to hopefully at least finish my #bookspin book as well as Nine Perfect Strangers, which I started in ... what? June?
and #HolidayHorrorReadathon @Patchshank
because mysteries, thrillers and ghost stories are basically all I read anyway... ❄
(edited) 2mo
RaeLovesToRead I'm terrible at completing reading challenges usually, but it doesn't stop me from signing up for them! 😁😁 2mo
Trashcanman Like a shiny new thing 2mo
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TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! Good luck!! 2mo
Yuki_Onna @Trashcanman 😆 I wish... I wish it were like that, George... 🖤 2mo
TheSpineView Good luck!🤩📖📚 2mo
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Snowman of My Dreams | Rob Matthews
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Thank you for the tag, @wanderinglynn ! 😊
@TheSpineview #two4tuesday #Christmas #winter #December #Decemberreading

❄the lights, snow, Christmas Markets, festive decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas shopping, the darkness, the smell of cinnamon or mulled wine...

❄I also don't have a set December TBR. Let's see what I'm in the mood for... ?

Would you like to play this one @RaeLovesToRead @hannah-leeloo ? ❄

wanderinglynn Ooh yes, the smell of cinnamon 🎄💚 2mo
TheSpineView Brr... snow. Not ready for snow yet. Thanks for playing! 2mo
Yuki_Onna @TheSpineView We had the first snowfall of the year the day before yesterday - but it didn't stay. I like snow and the cold - the only thing I cannot stand in winter is rain when it's cold... Brrr.... I much prefer snow to rain in winter! ⛄ 2mo
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TheSpineView @Yuki_Onna I'll send you my snow!🤣🤣🤣❄❄❄ 2mo
Yuki_Onna @TheSpineView 🤣 Please do! Do you get much snow? 2mo
TheSpineView @Yuki_Onna Not really. Generally about 3 to 5 inches during the course of the winter. But there are always the years that are the exceptions. 2mo
Yuki_Onna @TheSpineView You're lucky! Most years, we don't just get a bit of snowfall that doesn't stay or no snow at all. Just icy rain... 😖 2mo
RaeLovesToRead The lights 🥰 2mo
tokorowilliamwallace Mood reading seems all I can do currently for the last few years. 1mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
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Just discovered this round of #20in4 #readathon. I'm late to the party, but as I seem to have some time on my hands this weekend and on Monday, maybe I can get at least a bit of reading done?
Even 4 hours in 4 days would be an improvement for this year's reading... *hopeful upward glance* 😀

@Andrew65 #winterreading

Andrew65 Good luck, great to have you with us. 😊👍 2mo
Yuki_Onna @Andrew65 Thank you! 😊 I'll do my very best... 😁 2mo
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No Title | None
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Just returned from the post office... The #jolabokaflodswap boxes for my two matches are posted and on their way. 😊 Safe trip for them! 🤍

#Christmas #LitsySwaps #Iceland #Decemberreading

Trashcanman ❤️ 2mo
Yuki_Onna @Trashcanman 🤗 I think of you so much... 2mo
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Milk and Honey | Rupi Kaur
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1. Haruki Murakami, Wilkie Collins, Neil Gaiman

2. Hmm... 🤔 I'd say Hiraku Makimura (in Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami) - an unsuccessful overrated writer character... 😆 Honi soit qui mal y pense...

3. Tagged. Saw it today when shopping for #jolabokaflodswap and #littlechristmasswap and bought it immediately. Discovered it on here earlier this year... Typical #blameitonlitsy buy... ⬇

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@TheSpineView #Two4Tuesday

1. Tagged.

2. I like that it's an anthology with ghostly stories - that's why I requested it from LibraryThing Early Reviewers... I like that I won it. 😊
So far, however, the stories somehow aren't 'my thing'... I can't put the finger on the reasons - writing style? The way the ghostliness is featured?
Let's see how it will turn out...

#LibraryThing #EarlyReviewers #ghosts #ghoststories

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 2mo
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1. Murakami Haruki. For setting dreamscapes and allowing me to escape reality.
And most importantly, for enabling me to write again and making me want to.

2. No.

3. This play... I was introduced to theatre because of it. That changed my life.

I love this! Thank you @ozma.of.oz
#sundayfunday #gratitude #harukimurakami #literature #theatre #change

Wanna play @hannah-leeloo @MySharonaK @BeeMagical ?

ozma.of.oz Peter Pan is an excellent doorway to the joys of theater! Thank you for sharing! 2mo
Yuki_Onna @ozma.of.oz Peter Pan, dear? 🤔 While I certainly agree with you, 😉
it was Andorra by Max Frisch my mother went to watch with me at theatre.
It was required reading at school at 10 grade and she knew I enjoyed it.
So she got us tickets. I fell in love with one of the actors. I got to know him.
That was the start of everything...
ozma.of.oz Whoops! I think I commented too fast! Someone else tagged Peter Pan, and I was still thinking about it. So sorry! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I‘ll have to look up Andorra. I don‘t think I‘ve heard of it before. (edited) 2mo
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Yuki_Onna @ozma.of.oz No need to be sorry at all! 😚 I was just a bit puzzled... 😂
Max Frisch was (along with Friedrich Duerrenmatt) the most famous modern author of Switzerland. His novels and plays are frequently required reading in Germany. Andorra is one of his most influential plays - about someone who is made a scapegoat and the society that kills him with their prejudices. It's often thought to be set in Nazi Germany. It made a huge impact on me...
Yuki_Onna @ozma.of.oz Btw, I really enjoy these kinds of conversations that ensue from ... mistakes or misunderstandings, if you will... 🤗
Of course, plays by mid-20th century mid-European authors are quite obscure outside of Europe... 😛 So I don't expect anyone apart from the bourgeoisie of the German speaking countries to have heard of it... 😁
(edited) 2mo
ozma.of.oz That sounds like a really intense read. Finding some works that I wouldn‘t normally be exposed to or pick up on my own is entirely why I do these questions! 😁 And yeah, misunderstandings can make for some really interesting discussions. 2mo
BeeMagical I saw this too late!🤦🏼‍♀️💀 2mo
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical No worries! 😁 That happens to me frequently... 😁 Maybe you'll play this one next week? 😊 2mo
Yuki_Onna @ozma.of.oz Ha! Then I'll try to do my job and tell you about obscure European authors/books even more in the future! 😝
-Well, as a German, we are used having to deal with the Nazi era, Hitler, WWII etc. in films, books, documentaries and conversations on a daily basis.
Andorra is intense in topic, sure, but I really like the writing style of Max Frisch (He's one of my fave writers) and I enjoyed the discussion in class.
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The Curse of Morton Abbey | Clarissa Harwood
post image

Thank you for the tag, dear @hannah-leeloo ! 💛

▪ My loves 😊🧡🧡

▪ Hmm, I think punctuation and spelling errors... Is copy-editing that much out of fashion? 🤔

@MoonWitch94 #thoughtfulthursday

Wanna play? @Nute @slategreyskies

Nute Thanks for the tag!💕 2mo
Yuki_Onna @Nute You're welcome, dear! 🧡 2mo
MoonWitch94 Thanks for playing ✨📖🍂 2mo
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Alice | Christina Henry
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🐱‍👤 Thrillers, esp. psychological thrillers, are my faves. But I will read all of these genres as long as they are not too gory or vulgar.
🐱‍👤 Tagged. Read this one in January and found some of the characters REAL scary.

#Two4Tuesday @TheSpineView
#thrillers #horror #truecrime #mysteries

Have you played this one already? Would you like to?
@RaeLovesToRead @Soytoosaucy @BeeMagical @Enchanted_Bibliophile

RaeLovesToRead Awww look at those paws!! 2mo
RaeLovesToRead I like mysteries the most... I don't remember being properly scared of a book since Nancy Drew times! Haha 2mo
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead Yeah, I KNOW! 😂😊🐾 2mo
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead Mysteries are also great, but I MUST like the detective/investigating people, and that's very often not the case... I tend to find them annoying... 😅
Never read Nancy Drew... It's not well-know in Germany. I learn only now that I joined the international book community how much I missed... 🤔
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Desire: Vintage Minis | Haruki Murakami
post image

I'm doing your prompt and borrow your pic, if I may? @RaeLovesToRead
It's beautiful, I love road trips and travels by night... 🥰 Just the 'In Transit' vibes I like...

My Top 5 writers, as of November 2021: (more of a Top 7... 😁)

1. Haruki Murakami (David Lynch)
2. Wilkie Collins
3. Neil Gaiman
4. Daphne du Maurier (Natsuo Kirino)
5. Agatha Christie

#writers #authors #top5 #favouriteauthors #nighttimevibes #mystery #magicalrealism

RaeLovesToRead No problem, glad you like it! Some great picks there 😊 3mo
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead Thx! Soo happy you're back @ work! 😊 I just noticed that... Sometimes Litsy doesn't update me on new posts of the people I follow? 🤔

RaeLovesToRead Thanks! I've been doing some locumming the last few months... Good excuse to buy something sparkly! Haha 😁 3mo
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Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead Absolutely! The best excuse! 😁
What kind of doctor are you, if I may ask?
RaeLovesToRead I'm a GP (General practitioner) 😊 2mo
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead Ahh... That's very demanding 👩‍⚕️ Kudos to you - if nobody has told you yet today 😊
Btw: I noticed you like Chris Brookmyre - I've recently bought 'Fallen Angels'. That'd be the first one of him for me. Have you read this one yet?
RaeLovesToRead It is demanding but luckily I'm very part time! Haha. I love Chris Brookmyre... not read Fallen Angels yet... hope you enjoy it 😁 2mo
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead Very part time sounds good! 😄 I'm also in the process of reducing my fulltime job to part time... I'm in a rut and want to get out. But then I need to feel better and get out of sick leave again first... That will still take a few months, I reckon...
Fallen Angels is on my mood TBR... You know what that means, right? 😁
RaeLovesToRead Mood TBR? Nope don't what what that is! 2mo
RaeLovesToRead Good luck with getting out of the rut. It's so hard when you feel stuck. Wishing you a good recovery over the next few months 💙 2mo
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Grimms' Fairy Tales | The Brothers Grimm
post image

Thanks for the tag, @hannah-leeloo! 😊

1. Tagged. My grandmother had a huge, ancient edition printed in old Fraktur hand, which I learned to read at an early age (around six or so...) It was my fave book for many years and I pored over it for countless hours...

2. Cold, grey and rainy ☔

3. The wonderful men in my life... 😊

#WondrousWednesday #love #rainydays #fairytales
Wanna play, @RaeLovesToRead @MySharonaK @BeeMagical ?

StaceGhost This was mine too! My dad had a leather-bound, gilt-paged edition that made me feel like I was reading something so magical. I stole it when I moved out haha! (edited) 3mo
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost I feel you so much! 😁 I also stole that old edition when I moved out *cough* (i.e. I *convinced* my grandmother she wasn't interested in that book anymore anyway...) 3mo
StaceGhost @Yuki_Onna hooray! What a gorgeous heirloom! I would love to see a picture of the Fraktur (edited) 3mo
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Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost Of course - I'll try to take a few good pics asap, ok? 3mo
Eggs Thanks for joining in 😍👍🏼📚 3mo
Yuki_Onna @Enchanted_Bibliophile Thank you for the tag! 😊❤ 3mo
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Frankenstein | Mary Shelly
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Waaah! Look what just arrived! 📓
Stacey, am I right in presuming I owe you this???
I absolutely adore it! What a wonderful surprise!!!
You are just... 😙 Of course I felt compelled to check out the Etsy shop after receiving this gorgeous necklace!
Thank youuu!!! 🖤 @StaceGhost

#Frankenstein #gothic #bookjewelry #etsy #classics #Halloween #surprises #bookishitems #kindness

StaceGhost Yay!!! Yes and it‘s well deserved after all the hunting you did for your package haha! 3mo
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost You're so good to me! 😁 You made my day so often already now... 3mo
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⚡ Tagged.
⚡ Don't really have a preference. Multiple authors can provide a lot of suspense, but then, if the single author is good - all's well. 😊
⚡ We weren't told many spooky stories in our childhood, but I discovered a pretty spooky fairy tale in Grimm's Fairy Tales pretty early on: The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was. 😨😊

#sundayfunday #Halloween #spooky
🐲Happy Halloween, everyone!!!😈

ozma.of.oz Oh that Grimm tale is an excellent choice! Thanks for posting! 😈 3mo
Trashcanman All the death in the course of a life. 3mo
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post image

#AllHallowsReadSwap #AHS #AHRS #AHRS21 #Halloween #AllHallowsEve #HalloweenSwap #mystery

Awwww, Stacey! I feel so blessed to have you as my swap partner! 🧡
I just opened your parcel, and wooow, I love everything! You've spoiled me!🎊🎃
🧡🖤 Thank you so much!!!🖤🧡
I'm so happy that the parcel could be found - it was 100% worth the - errm... fuss? - caused by the local delivery company!!! 😁😚

@StaceGhost @MaleficentBookDragon

Yuki_Onna Thank you soo much for hosting, Chelle! It's been awesome! 🎃 3mo
StaceGhost Yay! I‘m so glad it was worth the struggle haha! 3mo
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost It was - most definitely!!! 🤗😎🤩 I loove your choices! And the skeleton and batty bag??? Priceless! (edited) 3mo
RaeLovesToRead Wow, great covers!!! 3mo
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post image

#HauntedHollowSwap #HHS #HHS2021 #Halloween #HalloweenSwap #ghosts #AllHallowsEve

Woohoo! Thank you so much, Jenny! 🖖
👻👻👻 I have only now found time to open your parcel - thank you!!! 👻👻👻
I really really enjoy it! And the socks... Spot on! 👌😊

@jenniferw88 @wanderinglynn
👻 Thank you again for organising everything, Lynn! Awesome! 👻

jenniferw88 You seemed rather excited about Halloween socks when you posted the swap surveys @wanderinglynn shared 😂 Glad you like everything! 3mo
Yuki_Onna @jenniferw88 We don't get many cool Halloween-themed socks here in Germany, so these are just 👌! !!
The same with pumpkin spice - we don't get it here. Thank you for trying to find sth flavoured... It's a pity Europe doesn't seem to like pumpkin spice... 🤔🎃
Happy Halloween!
wanderinglynn Yay! 🎃🧡 Japan isn‘t big on pumpkin spice either. This is the first year that Starbucks here actually had pumpkin spice lattes. 3mo
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Halloweenland | Al Sarrantonio
post image

Participating in the current #20in4 #readathon Oct. 29 - Nov. 01 🥳
Thanks for hosting @Andrew65 !!!

My goals? I don't hope to read anything near 20 hours during those four days, no. I hope to read at all... 😅
And: Could I PLEASE make a dent into The Curse of Morton Abbey? Please?
I've been expected to review that one for quite some time...

#Halloween #gothic #readathons

Andrew65 Good luck 😊👍 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Thank you for the tag, @Hannah-leeloo! 😗
This one was tricky, therefore I play one week after the tag.

🦇 Yes, a diary/planner and a bookish things/reading journal...
🦇 Hmm, as I cannot concentrate on reading at all this year and have trouble on finishing anything, I'd say October was one of the better reading months of 2021.
I didn't finish anything, but at least I read a bit... 😄
🦇 There's still hope that everything's gonna be good soon. ❤

hannah-leeloo I do hope that the good you're hoping for comes to you my friend ❤ 3mo
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The Curse of Morton Abbey | Clarissa Harwood
post image

Haven't done much reading this month, much as over the whole year.
But today, on this special occasion, I've already read 12% more of this novel. 😀
🥳 #BirthdayBash


RaeLovesToRead Is it your birthday? If so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 😊😄 3mo
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovestoRead No dear, it is @TheAromaofBook 's birthday, and she has asked who wanted to read along... My b'day is on the end of June... 3mo
RaeLovesToRead Ahhh sorry... @TheAromaofBooks HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 🍰🍰🍰🎂🎁🎉🎉🎉 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Thank you for reading with me!!! And thank you for the birthday wishes @RaeLovesToRead!! 😁 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

🥳🥳🥳 Woohoo! Dear@StaceGhost-It's found! It's here!🥳🥳🥳

I inquired online and it seems it was the German delivery company that messed up big time - along with the local driver of the company who simply dropped the box at a post office somewhere in town - neither my local post office nor the main post office, of course - and that WITHOUT leaving any kind of notification... 🤬

#AHS #AllHallowsReadSwap #Halloween #autumn

Yuki_Onna If you had not left a message on my post, @StaceGhost, I'd never even have known about the arrival of the parcel and it would have been returned or destroyed... 😖
I had to pay a safe-deposit charge at this post office and a customs fee as well...
If I'll ever meet this driver, I'll kick his ***** 😤👿

However, I'm happy IT IS HERE!!! 😁😁😁
MaleficentBookDragon Well that has been one scary adventure for the 📦 I‘m glad it has been found. 3mo
StaceGhost Oh my goodness! You went above and beyond!! I‘m so sorry but so happy you received it! I‘m sending that driver some bad juju but at least your persistence made a difference! Now here‘s hoping the contents are worth it haha!! 3mo
See All 7 Comments
StaceGhost I sent you something a little extra since you had to work so hard! Hopefully the second package makes it to you more easily ;) 3mo
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost THANK YOU for alerting me and for your support! And, above all, for that wonderful box I cannot wait to open. 😁 That adventure has had the effect of making this swap and your box even more special. 🤗
And now to wait...
Grrr, and YESSS to the bad juju to that driver! 😎

@MaleficentBookDragon Yes, that poor little box! 😂 I'm happy it's home now.
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost Whattt?!? No, my dear, there's no need for that! You're too sweet! Ahhh... 🤩 3mo
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost However, IF you already sent me that extra, most definitely keep the tracking number! 😅😁 3mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
post image

Due to recent circumstances I just HAD to post this... 😁
👻 Saw and snagged this somewhere on Litsy. Too cute, right?👻

#Halloween #ghosts #zodiacsigns #autumn #spooky

hannah-leeloo Lol I'll settle with lighting candles🕯 ♐ 👻 @CymbaX13 @TheWolfbehindTheEyes 3mo
StaceGhost I love how gleeful the Sagittarius ghost looks about it too lol this is golden 3mo
hannah-leeloo I'll swap with ♋ ❤ 3mo
See All 14 Comments
hannah-leeloo Definitely looks triumphant and eager @StaceGhost lol 👻 3mo
Yuki_Onna @hannah-leeloo @StaceGhost You're both Sagittarius? Too cute! I know so many lovely Sagittarius people... 🏹
I'm a Cancer and totally so... 😊🦀 I also love the Taurus ghost... Soo accurate... 🥰
hannah-leeloo So that's why you're such a good friend! Even as a ghost that's so sweet ❤ 3mo
StaceGhost Haha! I‘m an Aries but I love the Sagittarians and Cancers in my life ❤️ This is very accurate for me too lol 3mo
BookBosomed1 Gosh, darn it. Why do the Aries always have to be making such a scene!? Le sigh, from an Aries.
BeeMagical So true 😂 I‘m always rearranging shit👏🏻😂 3mo
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost @BookBosomed1 Recently, I've come to love a very special Aries in my life. 😊 The ghost is accurate as heck also imho. They DO make a scene, but very charmingly so... 🥰 So: Be proud! 3mo
Yuki_Onna @hannah-leeloo Awwwww Hannah! 😊 3mo
StaceGhost Hahaha! I embrace my wild howling ;) it‘s mostly joyful these days— congrats on the fire in your life :D 3mo
BookBosomed1 @Yuki_Onna ditto to what @StaceGhost said. We are special souls. 3mo
Yuki_Onna @BookBosomed1 @StaceGhost Oh yes, you are! 🥰 I relish the new 🔥 in my life ... (edited) 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

🎃🎃🎃 It's here! 🎃🎃🎃

#HauntedHollowSwap #HHS #Halloween
@WanderingLynn @jenniferw88


jenniferw88 And now to wait! 😊 4mo
wanderinglynn Yay! 🙌🏻🧡🎃 4mo
BeeMagical Yay! Did not know you were in Germany! It‘s so beautiful, I can‘t wait to go back! 3mo
See All 11 Comments
Trashcanman How are you? 😘 3mo
Yuki_Onna @Trashcanman George❤
I'm... I don't know... In between everything, if that makes sense... How are you?
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical Yeees, I'm German. Don't know whether I like it here or not. Most times I don't, I'm afraid... 😅 -You have been here? Where? 3mo
BeeMagical @Yuki_Onna I wish you weren‘t afraid😢❤️ I am half German, I‘ve been twice. A few years ago we visited Leipzig, Berlin and Switzerland. I loved the farm life in🇨🇭it was beautiful. 3mo
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical You're half German? How cool!
You visited the hippest cities of Germany, so no wonder you like it there. 😉 And Switzerland is NOT Germany! 😁😝 Ask any Swiss person about that...😎 I like Switzerland a lot, too, and have been there often.
I just often feel I don't fit in with the German mindset at all and don't like most landscapes in the south. I feel like I wasn't born in the wrong body/sex; but I was born in the wrong country...😅
BeeMagical @Yuki_Onna haha I know Switzerland isn‘t Germany😂 and they will 100% let you know if you get confused😂 🇨🇭was my favourite place to visit - the mountains were gorgeous! I‘d move in a heartbeat! Any countries you‘d love to move too? 3mo
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical Jep, Switzerland IS so beautiful (although I'm more of a seaside type than a mountain type, tbh). It's my fave of the three German-speaking countries...
There are several countries I'd love to move to! There are several countries in Western/Northern Europe, and - if it weren't for language/health and social insurance issues, I'd move to Costa Rica, Guatemala or Japan in a heartbeat, too.
BeeMagical I‘d love Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Japan or anywhere in the UK! 🖤 3mo
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All Hallows Eve | Penning Michael
post image

Another picture of a parcel at the post office 😁

🎃🎃🎃 The #AllHallowsReadSwap parcel is sent! 🎃🎃🎃
It's on its trip around the world... 🌍 Hope it arrives quickly and safely!

#Halloween #HalloweenSwaps #AHRS2021 #autumn #autumnreading #thrillers #darkreading #LitsySwaps

StaceGhost I forgot to write #allhallowsread on your box! Mea culpa 😅I saw it was delivered and thought you might want to know what it was for— sorry to ruin the surprise! 3mo
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost 😮 Stacey, are you sure it was delivered??? And to the right person???
For I didn't receive any box and also didn't get any notification... 🤔
What postal service did you use?
StaceGhost Uhoh! Oh no! USPS LH152055104US, Delivered 10/12/2021 5:18pm GERMANY that‘s awful! I triple checked the address and I had to write it out multiple times for USPS international (edited) 3mo
See All 6 Comments
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost ... Strange... Arrrgh... Neither parcel nor notification are here... Yep, according to the tracking number it was delivered, but definitely not to me... 😰Hmm, what now?
I think I'll try my nearest post office. -I'll try to check that out, dear!
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost Would you care to send me a mail to my addy ... so that we can check the postal address? (edited) 3mo
StaceGhost @Yuki_Onna any luck? I‘m so sorry it hasn‘t shown up yet. I‘m not sure what to do 3mo
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Catch Me When I Fall | Nicci French
post image

Thanks for tagging me, @hannah-leeloo 🧡

1. This year - no, alas. I've hardly been reading this year and #Scarathon2021 would be too much for me right now.
I wouldn't be a valuable addition to any team... Supporting #TeamSlaughter in spirit, though😝

2. Tagged. Fits my mood atm.

Wanna play, @RaeLovesToRead @BeeMagical ?

@TheSpineView @Clwojick
#Halloween #autumn #thrillers #October #Octoberreading #Two4Tuesday

🎃Happy October Reading!🎃

hannah-leeloo Awww you're valuable as my dear friend silly you 🙃❤🫂 4mo
TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 🖤🎃🧡📖📚🧡 4mo
Yuki_Onna @hannah-leeloo Awww, thank you, Hannah! 🌹💜 4mo
hannah-leeloo Always here if you need to talk hun 🤗 4mo
Clwojick 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

My attempt of getting into organized reading this year
With all that's going on in my life I doubt highly I will finish more than 1 book in October. Reading just isn't a top priority in my life this year, I'm afraid...

But then, Spooky Season - Halloween as well as autumn - is far too tempting with all the readathons and stuff going on and it's the perfect time for reading my fave kinds of books - dark and thrilling... 😈

Yuki_Onna ... So I'm just going to do the low key readathons without many requirements - Just to be part of the fun. 🍁🍂

So, this is my selection of interesting books for this October's #Bookspin as well as #Screamathon and #SpookOWeen. Some, like 1 and 2, I will need to prioritize, as I'll have to review them asap, while others just fit my moods, needs and likes atm...
Happy reading, ev'ryone!

@TheAromaofBooks @4thhouseontheleft @TheSpineView
(edited) 4mo
Yuki_Onna My goal? To read as much as I can manage and as I like...

⬆ All of the above is why I'm not participating in #Scarathlon 2021... I hope to participate again next year - and will support #TeamSlauther in spirit this year!
#Halloween #autumn #fallreading #autumnreading #thrillers #monsters #ghosts #readathons #darkness #mentalhealth
(edited) 4mo
RaeLovesToRead I loved The Thirteen Problems! 😊 4mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in all the challenges & whatnot, so it's always good to focus on reading for the sake of reading!! 4mo
llcoolnate productive october!🎃 4mo
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post image

1. Woooh... 🤔 Soo many... I think vampires might be top of the list.

2. Tagged. It's awesome. 🐙🐉

3. Soo many again!!!
The Grey Man, Dullahan, Black Dogs, Black Horses, Kraken, Succubi, Incubi, Noppera Bo...

@MySharonaK @Cazxxx @RaeLovesToRead @kezzlou85 @magyklyxdelish @AkashaVampie @BeeMagical

#SundayFunday #horror #monsters #mythology #yokai #Ireland #Japan #deepseacreatures #Iceland

ozma.of.oz I had to google the Grey Man and that is spooky! Thanks for posting! 4mo
Yuki_Onna ... Important addition to my original post:
Vampires! But courtesy of @RaeLovesToRead: Of the non Twilight variety! Exclusively of the non Twilight variety! 😁☝

@ozma.of.oz Thank you! The Grey Man, right? I discovered him in a 'Fairies of Ireland' book - he's brrr.... 🥶😬 Irish and Japanese supernatural beings tend to be creepy as heck...
(edited) 4mo
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Halloweenland | Al Sarrantonio
post image

🎃🎃🎃 The #HauntedHollowSwap parcel is posted! 🎃🎃🎃

#HHS #autumn #Halloween

wanderinglynn Yay! 🙌🏻🖤🎃 4mo
Trashcanman ❤️ 4mo
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Halloweenland | Al Sarrantonio
post image

My two cents... 🎃
Some of the choices were quite narrow (pumpkin/jack o'lantern; haunted hause/costume party...) Esp. the last one was not easy, as I like black cats a lot, too, but... Gotta love bats... 🦇

#HHS #HauntedHollowSwap #Halloween #Samhain #autumn
Maybe I will get into the mood for Halloween this year ...

Untitled | Unknown
post image

Cheating. No book.
Song lyrics, hitting home so hard today...

Writer(s): Steve Naghavi, Joke Jay

Trashcanman ❤️‍🩹 4mo
Yuki_Onna @Trashcanman Thank you so much George. 🙏❤
Your kindness means a lot to me.
How are you (If you don't mind talking about it?)
Trashcanman @Yuki_Onna I'm miserable, I'm scared of everything and afraid to make the wrong choice in almost every aspect of my life. I feel like a coward and I am beyond exhausted. My depression is constant and my thoughts of suicidal ideation remain high. All I want to do is sleep. 4mo
See All 9 Comments
Yuki_Onna @Trashcanman Oh boy... 😩😭 Sounds familiar...
Where do you live? In the US? (I'm only asking because of time difference issues)
Trashcanman @Yuki_Onna I live in Los Angeles, California. It's 2:52pm right now. 4mo
Yuki_Onna @Trashcanman Oh, of course - maximum time difference... 🙄 I live in Germany...
- If you ever want to talk, please tell me, ok?
I am a good listener when I like the people talking to me - and I don't know you at all, George, but I kind of feel we can relate to each other. You know?
Trashcanman @Yuki_Onna Thank you so much Samantha, my email is lozano1830@gmail.com I thank you for your kindness. Truly I do. 4mo
Yuki_Onna @Trashcanman Thank you so much, George!
I'm going to write to you as soon as I can. I will!
I hope so much you are - at least a teeny tiny bit - better today?
How are you feeling?
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The Riddle of the Sands | Erskine Childers
post image

Back from the island and missing the sea... 🌊
Therefore posting the book purchases during our holidays on our favourite German Frisian Island. 😊⛱

#bookhaul #holidayreads #beachreads #islandholidays #indiebookstores #supportindiebookstores #localbookstores #supportlocalbookstores #islandlife

post image

Finally! 😝 Thank you for the tag, @RaeLovesToRead!

1. Nope. Absolute rubbish. But that's part of the fun, isn't it?
2. Hardly read book series at all. So, TV: The tagged one.
3. Yeees! Above all the locked room trope; also lonely, abandoned islands, ghost towns, derelict carnivals/fun fairs... Creepy dolls, creepy clowns... Road trips...
4. My wonderful husband and second chances in life.


RaeLovesToRead Yes to the locked room mystery!!!! Less so on the creepy clowns hahaha 😂 4mo
Eggs ❤️📚💗 4mo
Yuki_Onna @RaeLovesToRead 🖤 Locked room stories 🖤
Ohh, the evil clowns scare me to pieces... But somehow that attracts me? 🤔😂
Am I VERY weird? 🤔
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Halloweiner: Blank Journal Notebook | Dartan Creations Staff
post image

1. Most years, yes 🎃
2. Halloween socks? 🤔 Cool! My size varies between 8 and 9,5 (US).
3. Black! Red, silver, purple, dark blue.
4. Don't know... Scarves? Blankets? Earrings?
5. I like bookmarks a lot, but I have far too many and hardly use them. So journals and pens would be my fave.
6. No clue! Have seen so many fantastic ones over the years...
7. Like hats a lot, but they tend to neither fit nor suit me, so: No... 😔

#HHS #Halloween #autumn

After Dark | Haruki Murakami
post image

1. Every now and then, you're lucky and life gives you a second chance.

2. I know it technically begins in September, but September is still a summer month to me.
For me, autumn begins October 1st.😉

3. Tagged. It would be my third reread then, but I'm so in the mood for that violent dreamlike trip again... 🌃🏩🌙

#thoughtfulthursday #summer #autumn
Rae: I haven't forgotten about the WondrousWednesday tag, it just doesn't seem to work here.. ⤵️

Yuki_Onna ... I'll play it next week, when I'm back from the island, ok? 🧡 5mo
MoonWitch94 Thanks for playing 🌻📖🍁 5mo
RaeLovesToRead Just seen this! No worries 😊 Agree September should be summery... but it's feeling quite autumnal this year 🍂 5mo
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The Rumour | LESLEY. KARA
post image

Started this baby yesterday afternoon. 🏖
The first few pages are very promising...

#thrillers #suspense #psychologicalthriller #beachreads #beach #vacation #summer #summerreading #autumn