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#7days#spines #7days7covers day 4
Spin on the covers posts , show 7 spines , 7 days
No explanation needed.

Tamra Cute bookends! 2mo
Leftcoastzen @Tamra they are actually for tealight candles , you can see the light thru eyes ,ears,and mouth .I use the fake ones so inside doesn‘t get sooty (edited) 2mo
batsy Love this photo! 2mo
Leftcoastzen @batsy Thanks! 2mo
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When Love Arrives | Johnnie Alexander
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We have tons of great green reads! Have you read any of these titles?

#green #spines #romanticsuspense #contemporaryromance #historicalromance

No Exit: A Novel | Taylor Adams
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My current TBR stack! Last year I set a goal to read or remove every physical TBR book I owned. I made it through all but two last year and am setting the same goal for 2019. 📚📚

Thanks to my 2018 challenge, most of these books have only been on the shelf for a handful of months, with Cuentos de Eva Luna as the one exception — I‘ve had that one for about 10 years! 😬

#tbr #tbrstack #bookstack #toread #bookpile #readtheworld #hardcovers #spines

8little_paws Damn, good for you! I'm working on the same goal myself. What's that really thick one? 11mo
8little_paws @naj that trilogy looks amazing! 11mo
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readordierachel Wow, great job! Was it hard to stick to your goal? 11mo
readtheworld @Naj Yup, that‘s it! I love the Everyman editions and found this one at a library sale. 11mo
readtheworld @readordierachel It was hard at times, and it did force me to really think about whether I wanted to read a book I‘d bought... I DNFed and donated several of them but read most. I like that it‘s forcing me to have good turnover on my TBR. 11mo
Naj @8little_paws It is. I've heard great things about it. It's high up on my TBR this year. 11mo
IamIamIam That's quite an admirable goal!!! 11mo
SilversReviews Love this photo..pretty cool. ENJOY No Exit!! Leave the lights on when you read it. 😊 That is a terrific goal. (edited) 11mo
readtheworld @SilversReviews I have to work up my courage before that one... I‘m usually not great with scary books 😬 11mo
ephemeralwaltz I love this photo! 😍😍Great job with sticking to your goal! 👏👏 11mo
StephanieMarie Wow congrats! I am in awe of your accomplishment! That would take me 5+ years... 11mo
readtheworld @StephanieMarie Thanks! I didn‘t have a huge TBR to begin with, though — I never like having too many unread ones around. 11mo
StephanieMarie @readtheworld I think I have over 300 not even exaggerating. It's stressful lol 11mo
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Frostbitten | Kelley Armstrong
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A spine and some #spines. #ReadingResolutions

ravenlee I have a shelf that looks like that! 1y
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Farewell My Lovely (Revised) | Raymond Chandler
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These #spines really irritate me because I‘m missing the tagged book!

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Look at all of these #spines! Our vacation apartment is right across the street from a coffee shop and a bookstore, so obviously I had to do some vacation book shopping (that's a thing, right?).
#ReadingResolutions #PhotoaChallenge #vacation

CindyE09 It‘s totally a thing! 1y
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Here are some of the #spines on my bookshelf for #ReadingResolutions. Which have you read or want to read?

Five of my favorites from these shelves are:
- The Heart‘s Invisible Furies
- Good As Gone
- The Husband‘s Secret
- Little Fires Everywhere
- Circe - currently reading for #LitsyBuddyRead

#botm #bookofthemonth #Circe #bookshelf #allthebooks

PS: Happy Pub Day to #HerPrettyFace by #RobynHarding!

jillannjohn Defending Jacob is so good! 1y
Jess7 I agree! I liked that one too. I haven‘t read his other books, but I‘ve been meaning to. I like that Defending Jacob examined a father‘s love for his child. @jillannjohn have you read the author‘s other books? I know he wrote Mission Flats and this one: 1y
jillannjohn @Jess7 I haven‘t read anything else by him. I‘ll have to check those out. Thanks! 1y
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Twisted | Andrew E Kaufman
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RadicalReader @guinsgirlreads you have the most unique username I have ever seen! What inspired it? 14mo
guinsgirlreads @RadicalReader thanks! It‘s from my penGUINS hockey team!!🐧 14mo
RadicalReader @guinsgirlreads I for the longest time thought it was in another language lol rotfl 14mo
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Farewell, My Lovely | Raymond Chandler
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Liz_M 6 good titles there! But perhaps the bottom book should stay at the bottom of the tbr. 😁 1y
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