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Parts of this book I couldn‘t put down but other parts were so boring I wanted to give it up. I‘m not satisfied with the ending, I‘m not satisfied with the weird hotel/well drama, I don‘t know. I feel like this book could have been great.

birdie_gw Never read this author and don‘t plan to - have heard such good things about some titles but just can‘t bring myself to approach! 5d
pdxannie @birdie_gw it was extra long but if it had been edited down to an appropriate length I think it could have been great. But yeah, I can‘t say I recommend. And I don‘t think I‘ll pick up anything else by him unless it comes with a write-up from someone I adore 4d
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Wind-Up Bird Chronicle | Haruki Murakami
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#ItTakesAllKinds @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Eggs

Yep, I wrapped the book, as I lugged it around for months while I was reading it 😅

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Perfect 👍🏻 1mo
Eggs Well done 👍🏼 1mo
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Les Chants de Maldoror | comte de Lautramont
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"I received life like a wound and I have forbidden suicide to heal the scar."

The Perfect Friend | J. V. Cardy
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Well now:
1. Samantha Heather Mackey , because she is me. She is.
2. Hmmm... Dracula? Walter Hartright?
3. Done. I just finished the #Netgalley ARC and while I didn't like the last two chapters and Epilogue too much, I really really liked this insanely twisty book. It often went directions that had me literally gasping out loud.

#Bunny #ThePerfectFriend #psychologicalthrilers #horror #surrealism
#WondrousWednesday @Eggs
@BeeMagical My Bunny🖤

Yuki_Onna Thank you for the tag last week, Randall! This was fun!

To answer your question: I really really don't want to get your hopes up too high, because my mental health is (and has been for at least 1,5 years now) baaaddd... So don't expect results anytime soon (supposed you agree to this, anyway...)
But I'm talking about translation into German.
Your curiosity must be rewarded.. 😎
(edited) 2mo
The_Penniless_Author Ooh, I would totally agree to that! (And of course, I understand it may never happen, just letting you know I'd be into the idea if you ever felt up to it.) I don't know how that works with my publisher, but I could find out if/when it becomes a reality. 2mo
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Amor4Libros YAY for tackling your prompt!! 🙌🏽 2mo
RaeLovesToRead Thanks for the tag 💕 2mo
RaeLovesToRead Oh wait it's a reading challenge tag! 😁 need to get watching haha 2mo
The_Penniless_Author Btw, I unfortunately can't seem to shoehorn my current read into a #TPRC prompt, so I'm still stuck at one. 🫤 2mo
Eggs Thanks for playing and sharing 👏🏻🥰🙌🏻 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2mo
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Birds and Birthdays | Christopher Barzak
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@Skygoddess1 We wish you a very happy birthday!! Let‘s all join in with good wishes for a day of family, friends and fun - as well as great books! 💕📚🥳🎂🎉🎶🎈#LitsyLoveBirthdayCrew

Laughterhp Happy birthday!! 3mo
AmyG Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎈 3mo
TheSpineView Happy Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 3mo
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Pageturner1 happy birthday 🎊 3mo
jdiehr Happy birthday! 3mo
Deblovestoread Happy birthday 🎈🎂📚 3mo
Skygoddess1 Thank you everyone! 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁 @Skygoddess1 3mo
Read4life Happy birthday, @Skygoddess1 ! 🥳🧁 3mo
TieDyeDude 🎉 🎈 Happy Birthday! 3mo
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TheSpineView Beautiful 3mo
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The Milk of Dreams | Leonora Carrington
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My heart is full. ❤️ Got to travel to Kansas City this past weekend where I lived for 10+ years. I was spoiled by my girlfriends there AND I had the immense pleasure of spending an afternoon with @vivastory. After being friends on Litsy since 2016, it was so great to finally meet Scott in person. ☺️ The two cool books are from him. So thoughtful! My only disappointment was that I missed seeing Taylor Swift. Next time! 😀

kspenmoll Sounds beyond wonderful! So happy for you! 4mo
Ruthiella Fantastic! 😃 4mo
LeahBergen Aww, that sounds wonderful! 4mo
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BarbaraBB That sounds wonderful! Happy for you - and Scott! 4mo
batsy How wonderful! 💜 4mo
squirrelbrain How lovely! ❤️ 4mo
Reggie Scott is wonderful! So glad you got to spend time with him. 4mo
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Les Enfants Terribles | Jean Cocteau
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This weekend I went to exibition sharing an eye of how children are portayed in (children‘s) literature - often as enfant terribles. It was very interesting.
Can you guess the books portrayed in the two smaller pictures?

Dilara Pippi Longstocking on the left (looking at the stripy stocking). Not sure sure about the right picture. Alice in Wonderland, maybe, if the teacup is a clue for this book ? But I must say I can't associate anything with that booted, naked leg. 6mo
Ruthiella Pippi, Alice and Struwwelpeter! 😃 (edited) 6mo
MariaW @Ruthiella Everything correct! 😊 6mo
MariaW @Dilara Both correct. I took the picture with the teacup on purpose otherwise I would have felt like you did. 6mo
Dilara @MariaW 😇 👏 6mo
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Birds and Birthdays | Christopher Barzak
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Let‘s all wish @ScoobySnacks3 a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The #LitsyLoveBirthdayCrew hopes your day is outstanding! Have fun, eat cake & find a few moments to read a good book. Happy Birthday!

Laughterhp Happy birthday!!! 7mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick 🎈🎁Happy Birthday🎁🎈 @ScoobySnacks3 7mo
Librarybelle Happy Birthday @ScoobySnacks3 ! 7mo
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jdiehr Happy birthday! 7mo
Deblovestoread Happy birthday 🎈📚🎂🎈 7mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy birthday 🎉🎁🎈 7mo
dabbe HB, and check your email! 😍🤩😍 7mo
Read4life Happy birthday @ScoobySnacks3 🥳🎂 7mo
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Antonin Artaud, Selected Writings | Susan Sontag, Antonin Artaud
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“No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell.“

Remembering Antonin Artaud on his birthday.