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Wolf Gone Wild | Juliette Cross
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Catching up on a few reviews. First up is this delightful paranormal romance. I loved Mateo and Evie together. Alpha added another layer of both humor and depth to Mateo‘s character. The Savoie sisters and their various powers were a lot of fun. I‘ll definitely be continuing this series. If you like witches, werewolves and romance, you‘ll probably like this.

Many thanks again to @LeslieO for gifting me this book in the #hauntedhollowswap ❤️✨

MeganAnn Chose this as my fantasy title #doublespin @TheAromaofBooks ✨ And another romance for #swoonathon @kimmypete1 @MidnightBookGirl 💖 3mo
kimmypete1 This is on my TBR! 3mo
MeganAnn @kimmypete1 it‘s a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy it when you get to it 💖🐺🔮 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I got this one in my #Swoonathonswap box this month!!! It sounds so fun and I love the cover!! 3mo
LeslieO So glad you liked it!🙂 3mo
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Thank you @BookNAround for my Valentine‘s Day goodies!! I am SUPER excited about these! I almost picked up Eight Perfect Hours at work today. And I love the candy and the card was so sweet! I‘m seriously debating on whether or not sleep is necessary and if I should start one of these right now! Yay! Thanks so much! Also the packaging was just too cute! #SwoonathonSwap

Playing the Palace | Paul Rudnick
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@Shadowfat thank you so much for this lovely #swoonathonswap package! You are so sweet to send an extra book. Playing the Palace is actually on my wishlist and I've been meaning to try out something by Jasmine Guillory. And Casey McQuiston is always a good choice 😍 Thank you thank you!! I can't wait to read them all (and eat all the snacks - how did I not know Skittles gummies were a thing?! 🤤)
@kimmypete1 @MidnightBookGirl

Shadowfat I'm glad you liked everything and that it showed up on time! 3mo
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@vonnie862 Thank you so much for the #swoonathonswap gifts!!! I love it all! I've got to agree with you about the cover of The Stranger I Married - but it sounds really good though, and I can't wait to read it 😊
Also, can I just express how jealous I am that you have access to a trader joe's?! The closest one is a 2 hour drive for me... you can bet I'll be opening up at least one of the chocolates tonight 🤣

vonnie862 Not gonna lie...I was super close at eating your treats, lol. I had to wrap them asap to prevent me from pigging out. I hope you enjoy them! 3mo
Johanna414 @vonnie862 hahaha I wouldn't judge if you'd had to shop for chocolates twice after eating the first batch- the sea salt butterscotch ones are amazing! 3mo
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The Heartbreak Bakery | A. R. Capetta
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Wow! Thank you so much @BookBosomed1 for my #SwoonathonSwap package! You went above and beyond and I love everything!! My daughter was already trying to steal those little gummy bears! 😂
I can't wait to break into my romance books, thank you again! ❤🥰 @kimmypete1 @MidnightBookGirl

BookBosomed1 Yea! So glad you liked it. I had quite the adventure finding those two romance books; however, my friend assured me they are worth the effort in finding them. Enjoy! 😉 3mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego That wrapping paper is amazing❣️ 3mo
kellyann28 @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Isn't it though?! I want to up my themed wrapping paper game now 😂 3mo
kellyann28 @BookBosomed1 they sound 🔥🔥🔥 3mo
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Storm and Fury | Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Thank you… thank you @kimmypete1 for the wonderful books and Reese‘s hearts love it had such a great time picking things out for my swap and receiving my box loved this swap… looking forward to more of your swaps … so happy to get these two books can‘t wait to read them 🤗📖 #SwoonathonSwap

kimmypete1 Yay! I‘m so happy. Sorry about the napkins lol, I didn‘t want it to be crushed. 3mo
Ddzmini @kimmypete1 no worries I‘ll use them for Christmas and Valentines Day napkins 🥰📚🙌🏽 3mo
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I love this sweet #swoonathonswap package! Thank you so much @Charityann 😘❤️ I know that these are going to be perfect reads when I have intense work weeks and need escape!
Thank you so much for hosting @kimmypete1 @MidnightBookGirl this was a great addition to Valentines Day ❤️

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The Highland Fling | Meghan Quinn
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It's opening day!!!! Thank you @TheAromaofBooks for my #SwoonathonSwap! I can't wait to dive into these books or the chocolate!

@MidnightBookGirl @kimmypete1

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 3mo
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It Ends With Us | Colleen Hoover
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🙌 It's time to open our swap packages 📦!

I got some delicious chocolate & an awesome CoHo book♥️.

This came from Amazon and didn't have a note in it so I'm not sure who to thank for these goodies, but I love them! So lmk if you had my name 😁.

#swoonathon #swoonathonswap #litsyswap
@kimmypete1 @MidnightBookGirl

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@alexus_sb I ❤️the books you chose for the #swoonathonswap. I squealed with delight when I saw the tagged 📖; I loved her first one. I am about to dig into the other choice you sent me: English village, bookstore, & a dog on the cover = perfect for me! I am also set for treats. 🤩 Thank you so much. ❤️ Thank you for hosting @MidnightBookGirl & @kimmypete1

alexus_sb Oh yay! I‘m so glad you love them! Yes, her first book was great, the second is on my TBR as well. And Much Ado About You was definitely one of my fav reads in 2021. Just so cute! I hope you like it. Have a wonderful Valentine‘s Day! 3mo
BookBosomed1 @alexus_sb I wish I didn‘t have to work so I could dive into Much Ado. Something to look forward to later tonight. Happy Valentine‘s Day! 3mo
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