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These are the TBR for the week, along with an audio book. But only one was on my #WantToReadInDec so that list may have to go out the window 🖼 #TBRTuesday

A Redbird Christmas | Fannie Flagg
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#seasonsreadings2016 #day1 #wanttoreadindec Okay, I know this stack is way overly ambitious but I can't resist all the lovely books at the library. These are all books I want to finish or start during December. And now I'm caught up with the photo challenge, too! ❤️🎄📚💚

Megabooks Great stack! 6y
Reviewsbylola Love it! 6y
Jokila Omg, me too lol. Every time I walk in to get a hold that's arrived for me, I have to pass the new releases shelves, where I see all the books people are posting about, like Hag-Seed and The Mothers etc, and I end up grabbing a pile 😣 6y
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Wizard and Glass | Stephen King
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So I love my book clubs, but I'm sooo ready to be done with my "required reading" this month and take a breather with Mr King continuing down the Path of the Beam. Only 60 pages left of Tess of the D'Urbervilles and I'll rejoin my favourite ka-tet with Book #4. (I'm behind on my Seasons readings post so here's Day #1 ?) #seasonsreadings2016 #wanttoreadindec

TheNextBook Yes! I'm on three now for #darktowerdecember and I am loving being back with the ka-tet. 6y
Eugeniavb Didn't know there was a #Darktowerdecember! Soooo excited! 6y
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TheNextBook Yes. I needed a re-read and quite a few others did as well. So #darktowerdecember. 6y
Eugeniavb Yes I'm re-reading before the movie. Yaaay! @TheNextBook 6y
TheNextBook Welcome to the Ka-tet. 6y
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Dark Matter | Blake Crouch
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#WantToReadInDec this is my top priority as soon as I finish term grading.



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Some of the books that I can't wait until 2017 to read. Mainly cos they're library books 😊 #seasonsreadings2016 #wanttoreadindec

Suzze Ha! Very funny. 6y
Lacythebookworm Blankets ❤️❤️👍 6y
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Book Thief | Markus Zusak
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My #wanttoreadindec stack. I feel like my monthly wish stacks never work really out so keeping it small this time and hoping to get through these 3 longer ones before year-end. Fingers crossed and Night Circus starts tonight. No more delays! And Book Thief has been staring at me for YEARS. The time is now! Hopefully...😉

JSW Night Circus!!!!!! 😍😍😍 one of my most favorite ever. (No pressure) 6y
Myhusbandhatesreading I really liked The Book Thief and I think Night Circus is on my TBR 😊 6y
BeththeBookDragon All great picks!!! 6y
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Jas16 Loved all three! You have a great month ahead of you. 6y
Yournewfriendsams Great group here! 6y
elkeOriginal @JSW I have heard that too often to keep postponing it - it starts tonight!! 6y
elkeOriginal @Jas16 @BeththeBookDragon @Yournewfriendsams It's nice to hear I made good choices 😁👍 6y
Centique This is the first stack I've seen where I've read all three! All wonderful. Enjoy, enjoy!! 6y
Sue I'm with @JSW - The Night Circus is just beautiful. 6y
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The Chemist | Stephenie Meyer
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A day late but here is what I #WantToReadInDec for the #SeasonsReadings2016.

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Zorro: A Novel | Isabel Allende
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This was one of my #wanttoreadindec books, but I listened to the first CD, and I'm so bored! I don't know if it's the book or just my expectations, but I wanted this to be exciting, and so far I'm getting boring failing marriage and soldier in retirement sprinkled with a few interesting historical and cultural references. Maybe I'll come back to it later sometime. I also plan on finishing Neverwhere! #seasonsreadings2016

BethFishReads A couple of friends of mine said same thing so I didn't bother trying 6y
Shmemilina Oh no I just bought this at a book sale! 6y
readinginthedark @BethFishReads Yeah, none of my friends have read it, and it had mixed reviews. But I guess I was hoping it would move a little faster. 6y
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readinginthedark @Shmemilina I know! I was excited about it, but it was just moving to slowly for me. It might be better after Diego grows up; I didn't get very far. 6y
Shmemilina I tend to really enjoy Isabel Allende too, and I loved the movie... Oh well, I guess it'll just go towards the bottom of my VERY extensive tbr pile lol! 6y
readinginthedark @Shmemilina I love the movie, too! Haven't ever read Allende before; which is your favorite? 6y
MariaCristina I remember reading this in a Latin American and Spanish Literature course, and writing a paper on the War of the Spanish Succession. I think I liked it okay? Now I want to revisit... 6y
Shmemilina My favorite is Ines of My Soul; it was an option for 9th grade pre-AP world history summer reading. It was a super interesting and empowering story of a woman in early colonial South America. @readinginthedark 6y
readinginthedark @Shmemilina Fascinating! Maybe I'll give that one a try instead. 6y
readinginthedark @MariaCristina That sounds like an awesome class! I'd be interested to hear what you think re-reading it! 6y
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Beloved | Toni Morrison
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#seasonsreadings2016 @RealLifeReading A day late because I just decided to do this! #wanttoreadindec.
Beloved to finish my 2016 reading challenge. Hollow City and Library of Souls to return to the library before the due date. A Torch Against the Night to return to a friend. And a reread of Anne of Avonlea because it makes me so darn happy!

RealLifeReading Anne always makes me happy too! ❤️ 6y
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