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Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy
Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy: A Novel | Rumer Godden
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From a New York Timesbestselling author: A novel of a womans journey from prostitute to brothel madam to murderess to nun in postWorld War II France. A sense of adventure and an eagerness to savor life to the fullest impel young, orphaned Elizabeth Fanshawe to escape her cold, unloving home and enlist in the British Army as a driver in 1944. Dispatched to Paris at the close of the Allies war against the hated Nazis, she soon finds herself swept up in the intoxicating celebratory glee of the newly liberated French. But after she meets the charming, seductive Patrice Ambard, Elizabeths life takes a sharp turn down a very dark road. Her love for the dashing, hypnotic Frenchman draws Elizabeth, now called Lise, into Patrices world of crime and high-class prostitution, where she is broken, hardened, and then transformed into the whore-turned-notorious-madam known as La Balafre, or the Scarred One. Still, her great fall will not be complete until circumstances drive her to commit a shocking murderand imprisonment ultimately sets her free. A haunting tale of disgrace, degradation, and glorious redemption told in flashbacks from the convent of Belle Source, where Soeur Marie Lise of the Sisters of Bethany remembers her years of sin and her eventual salvation, Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy is moving and powerful fiction from one of the most admired British novelists of the twentieth century. Rumer Godden, author of Black Narcissus and In This House of Brede, has crafted a truly transformative tale about faith, forgiveness, and the mercy of a loving God.
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Book - Five for Joy
Author - Favel Parrett
Movie - Forrest Gump
Singer - Feargal Sharkey
Song - Fernando, Abba

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CBee Thanks for playing! 😃 3mo
Lizpixie Wow. Blast from the past with your singer choice! I still find myself singing A Good Heart sometimes #OnceAn80sGirlAlwaysAn80sGirl 3mo
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Second hand book sale at the church down the road. I hadn‘t planned to go and may have been quoted as saying “it‘ll be filled with popular books I won‘t want”

Feeling sheepish now 😜

Kavalier and Clay is to replace my copy that a friend borrowed and lost. 🙌

vivastory Great haul! Kavalier & Clay is a favorite. 7mo
LiteraryinLawrence Hedgehog is a favorite of mine! 💗 7mo
AlaMich @vivastory I heartily second this opinion!! 7mo
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LeslieO Nice haul! 7mo
vivastory @AlaMich I definitely need to read more Chabon! 7mo
Dragon Good haul! 👍📚💚 7mo
merelybookish Eye spy a Rumor Godden! 👀 7mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish I spotted that, too! 😆 Nice haul! 👏👏 7mo
merelybookish @LeahBergen Nice! 😁 7mo
Centique @LeahBergen @merelybookish that was the book that changed my whole mood about book buying today! 7mo
Centique @LiteraryinLawrence I‘ve heard so many lovely reviews of it, I‘m excited to read it! 7mo
Centique @Dragon thank you! 😘 7mo
Centique @LeslieO makes a nice start to the weekend 🥰 7mo
BarbaraBB What is the what is excellent too! 7mo
CarolynM Great haul! I loved Run. 7mo
Leftcoastzen Wow , nice titles! 7mo
Megabooks Lovely stack! 7mo
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After being reminded by other posts that I wanted to read more Godden this year, I chose this novel off my Kindle shelf. One of her convent novels, it tells the story of Lise, a prostitute/madam/murderer turned nun. While exploring themes of forgiveness and redemption, Godden doesn‘t shy away from the grittiness and messiness of life. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
(TW: violence, sexual abuse)

EvieBee I just love a good nun story, and Godden is so good! Must read. 2y
MaureenMc @EvieBee I love Godden, too. And this particular nun story is wild, but so good! 😁 2y
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I bought this story about Lise, who goes from brothel to prison to convent, for 5 cents in college & read it 2-3 times--it's a terrific potboiler. Rereading 25 years after, in addition to having forgotten many details, what younger me missed was the nuance, the grey areas in the heroine's makeup, above all the pathos. Either way, it's one of those shorter reads you just can't put down. (In This House of Brede already on the long-term list ...)

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