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Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes: The Essential Mysteries in One Sitting | Jennifer Kasius
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A pocket-size tome of the essential Sherlock Holmes mysteries, featuring synopses, character profiles, and illustrations.
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Starting the weekend off with a bit of Sherlock Holmes.


zezeki That Tangled mug though 😍😍 8mo
tpixie Great mug! Lady night I fell asleep watching the Homes & Watson movie with Will Ferrel & John C Reilly It was pretty funny- slapstick 8mo
charl08 Lovely edition! 8mo
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erzascarletbookgasm The mug is cute but I think the mini book is more cute! 💚 8mo
Sarah83 Cute mug 😍 I love this tiny Holmes. 😍 I think @rubyslippersreads gifted me this some time ago 😍 8mo
rubyslippersreads @Sarah83 @erzascarletbookgasm Yes, it was me. I 💚 tiny books! 😊 8mo
Sarah83 @rubyslippersreads do you know how many tiny books are printed? 8mo
julesG @Sarah83 Waterstones had quite the collection. Including a tiny one with Austen's works. 8mo
Sarah83 I have Sherlock, Jane and Agatha 😍 I send you a picture later. I am at my mother's. 8mo
julesG @Sarah83 There's Shakespeare Plays, Shakespeare Sonets, Dickens, Hardy, Joyce, Brontë,... 8mo
Sarah83 So many? 😍 8mo
rubyslippersreads @Sarah83 I‘m not sure. I have Jane Austen, the Brontës, and the same Agatha I sent you. Then there are the ones @julesG mentioned. And searching on Amazon, I see a Winston Churchill one. 8mo
rubyslippersreads @Sarah83 I also see Poe, Mark Twain, War & Peace, Thomas Hardy, and Oscar Wilde. 😊 8mo
julesG @rubyslippersreads There are a lot of these tiny collected works. I'm thinking about getting the War&Peace one and be done with the book. My first attempt at reading W&P must have been 20 years ago. 8mo
Sarah83 @rubyslippersreads it's a really great collection of tiny books 😄 8mo
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julesG 😍 1y
GingerAntics 💙💙💙 1y
Caroline2 😍 beautiful!!! 1y
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Bookwomble They look cute 😊 1y
GidgetsTreasures75 I make mini book jewelry! Take a look on my page or gidgetstreasures on Instagram!! (edited) 1y
Adriannagab Cute 😍 1y
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OMG!! 😮 @quietjenn You really went overboard I feel sooo spoiled!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! The books are perfect and that journal! THE LINES ON THE PAGES ARE THE NOVEL!!😃 How freakin cool is that!! Those stencils are going get sooo much use!!! You really went above and beyond, I‘m trying to remember what all I put in your box, I‘m afraid it won‘t compare! This is only my second swap, and you have blown me away! THANK YOU!!💕🎉❤️🙌🏻

BeckyK I love those notebooks! What an amazing gift 😍 2y
quietjenn Yay, I'm so glad up hear that you like everything! You were very fun to buy for and I thought the journal was perfect. 😊 2y
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Thank you @Sarah83 for my #ConanDoyleSwap box! I love everything - the books will be a great edition to my library & the pocket sized book is adorable. The magnetic bookmarks are my faves, and I love the Sherlock one. I can‘t wait to use the brass seal & wax. Everything is perfect! And the card is beautiful - I‘m going to frame it. ❤️

Thanks to @Beckykearns for organizing this super fun swap!

BeckyK Ahhh what an amazing package! It‘s been so much fun! I‘m loving seeing these unpackings 😊 2y
batsy Such fun! ❤️ 2y
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Sarah83 Glad you you like everything 😍 2y
wanderinglynn @Sarah83 Did you open your box? (edited) 2y
Sarah83 Yes I did. I post a pic later on. Sitting still in the bus for Lake Constance. 2y
wanderinglynn @Sarah83 Enjoy your vacation! 😀 2y
LeahBergen How lovely! 2y
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