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Let's Get to Know Each Other
Let's Get to Know Each Other | Tony Evans
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In this four-session video study, Dr. Evans teaches about God's perspective of all races, and suggests way to combat racism and its effects.
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❤️ Hungary, Europe 🇪🇺
🧡 22
💛 I'm an ER nurse and I buy a lot of e-books 😄
💚 Engaged 💍
💙 She/her
💜 It's from a song by Slash and Myles Kennedy (I got to listen to it live) 🎵♥️

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-I live in Kansas City. Previously San Antonio. Born and raised in Western Montana. Three distinct weather experiences!
-I‘m old! But I identify as maybe 45 :)
-I‘m surrounded by so many book thrifting opportunities that it‘s become my favorite hobby. And I have an awesome public e-library.
-widow, but it‘s been a while. I‘ve become quite content at doing this life on my own.
-first name, last initial.
#GettingToKnowYou @JoScho

Eggs I‘m a widow too. Not spider 🕷 tho 2mo
cathipink I had assumed your name was Marley/Marlee this whole time 🤣 2mo
marleed @Eggs It took me a day to respond because I wasn‘t sure how to describe that status. It‘s been a while so I‘m not sure widow is the correct card to put down but on the other hand I‘ve really never figured out the single status either! 2mo
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marleed @cathipink I considered explaining my handle as old enough that my first name is now past tense - haha! 2mo
inthegreensandblues KCPL's ebook/audio selection is pretty good, I'm glad they allow me to be a member there. 😄 2mo
marleed @inthegreensandblues Can you get a reciprocal card with Mid Continent Library? They have an awesome e-lib. I was so sad when my San Antonio lib card expired because they have a premiere e-lib. I hunted around until I found I could reciprocate with Mid Continent- almost as good as SA! 2mo
inthegreensandblues @marleed I'm not sure, I'll have to look into that! 2mo
marleed @inthegreensandblues oh check, it‘s life changing. Mid-Continent supports all the Missouri side of KC that is not specifically KCMO. I live on the Kansas side but the JOCo library reciprocates with them. 2mo
Daisey I agree about Mid-Continent! I live further east in Missouri, but just close enough that my county library also has a reciprocal agreement. 2mo
marleed @Daisey Isn‘t it awesome! I love a great public library. 2mo
Amiable I love your comment about being old enough that your first name is now past tense. 😄 2mo
JoScho ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
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❤️ Lawrence, Kansas
🧡 38
💛 I work in insurance. I blow my budget on books. 😂
💚 Single
💙 She/her
💜 It has a couple meanings for me. It's also included in multiple songs' lyrics, which is probably how it first came into my head. ☺️

#gettingtoknowyou @JoScho

inthegreensandblues Hi new Litsy acquaintances @BeckyMerilatt @TheDaysGoBy 🙋‍♀️ 2mo
TheDaysGoBy My best friend is originally from Lawrence. Very cool 2mo
JoScho Thanks for joining in ❤️😊 2mo
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marleed Rock Chalk Jayhawk - KUuuuuuuu! 2mo
inthegreensandblues @marleed At times like this, I really don't understand why I don't have a Jayhawk emoji. 🤣🤣 2mo
inthegreensandblues @TheDaysGoBy I didn't grow up here but it's been my chosen home in adulthood. As long as I'm in Kansas, I'll be here. 😁 2mo
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❤️ Illinois
🧡 32
💛 Administrative Assistant for University English & Spanish departments
💚 Married
💙 she/her
💜 Same as my Instagram #gettingtoknowyou

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Are bar sandals like Birkenstocks?

@LibrarianRyan #BBRCgettoknoweachother

josie281 I was thinking the same thing about the bar sandals! 4mo
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So I have to admit I haven‘t really started the challenge yet 😗but I have the lists and good intentions!! Hoping to make some headway this weekend!

LibrarianRyan No worries. 4mo
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1. Puzzles & Crafting - specifically: screen printing, wood working, cricut
2. Dystopian, YA, horror
3. Just fish - a beta named Pazuzu and his tetra, Cory catfish and blue velvet shrimp friends
4. Yes :)
5. Toys/Merch from my two favorite shows: Futurama and Sherlock

Crazeedi Welcome to litsy!🎉🎉🎉 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love fish 🐠❤️ 9mo
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