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North Korea Journal | Michael Palin
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An interesting look at North Korea and their people. I always enjoy Michael Palin's adventures. #catsoflitsy

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Finishing up a too-short weekend by dipping back into some of the essays, interviews & questionnaires in this fun foodie volume so I can review it soon as part of #AbramsDinnerParty. Max🐱says that “Cats on Food” would be a far more interesting book. I think he is a bit biased. 😹
#CatsofLitsy 😽❤️#MaxTheCat

LeahBergen Handsome Max! 😘😘 6h
DebinHawaii @LeahBergen He says thank you & sends his 😽❤️ 6h
Texreader Do it Max! 6h
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DebinHawaii Max sends 💜& 🐟 back @Cinfhen 😘 5h
DebinHawaii @Texreader 👍🤣😹 5h
Cinfhen 💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙 5h
Sace Max! ❤️ 1h
Soubhiville Good to see you Max! 💙 45m
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All Systems Red | Martha Wells
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A little overhyped, but I enjoyed the writing. I look forward to reading more about Murderbot and may have to name a future foster kitten after it.

Winter Games | Tim Grundmann, Jim Jinkins
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Found this at the consignment store today! It was the on #HolidayMovieBingo movie that I love but didn‘t own. Now I do! (Will do a proper post once watched!) BTW, this #catsoflitsy is wild-eyed because @toddred29 is playing a game of “Lazers & Feathers!” 🤪

#WinterGames #TheFilthyAnimals #HolidayMovie

@StayCurious @Clwojick @rather_be_reading @GypsyKat

GypsyKat ❤️❤️❤️ 9h
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In the Dream House: A Memoir | Carmen Maria Machado
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This was my most anticipated new release of 2019, and now it‘s made my top books of the year. 🙌🏽 I loved it. Machado‘s writing is excellent, as expected, and the experimental aspects add to the layers of her story rather than detract from it. Also, the choose your own adventure chapter was brilliant. I would highly recommend this.

#catsoflitsy #Ember

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This is Oscar, my new foster kitten. He‘s a cuddly little guy and a good reading companion.

Scochrane26 😻😻😻😻look at that sweet face! (edited) 11h
JenReadsAlot Cuteness! 😻 10h
merelybookish Adorable! 10h
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ljuliel Pretty as a picture. 10h
effani What a sweetheart! Welcome to Litsy, Oscar! 😻 10h
rubyslippersreads So cute! 😻📚 10h
Tamra 😽 10h
Amiable Adorable! 10h
BookNAround What a sweet looking boy. We‘re terrible at fostering. So far we‘ve kept two and only allowed one to be adopted out. We‘re going to try again after the holidays. Fingers crossed we do better at it! 10h
LeahBergen Oh myyyyy! 💕💕💕 10h
CoverToCoverGirl Adorable! 9h
Meaw_catlady Hello Oscar!! 9h
TheBookKeepers Omg!! 😍 9h
Christine Sooo sweet! ❤️ 7h
BookwormM What a cutie pie 🥰 5h
LiteraryinLititz Welcome, Oscar! 3h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Meet Kanaya 😽 My daughters adopted her from the shelter for me for Christmas!! I haven‘t gotten to pick her up yet due to the procedures that have to be done so hopefully this week!

I wasn‘t sure about her name... No one at the shelter knows how to pronounce her name correctly... Should I change it? Suggestions?

I‘m happy to be joining the #catsoflitsy club! I‘m sure I‘ll be muted!! 🙀😹

Who else has cats?!

Scochrane26 I have a part-Siamese cat (brown & white like grumpy cat). His name is Griffin. He‘s had at least 2 previous names due to being a foster cat, living w/ a family, then being returned to foster mom. I‘ve had him almost 2 years. It seems many Littens have black cats. (edited) 11h
Meaw_catlady Pawwwdorable!!!! Love love love her !! Name her whatever feels right when you take her home !! 11h
Tamra So super sweet!! 😻 It doesn‘t even matter what the name! 11h
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Scochrane26 Do you have literary names you like? Do you know her personality? She‘s got some bright eyes. I always like Minerva. 11h
Librarybelle Congratulations on your new addition! I am sure if no one has muted me for posting my three guys, you won‘t be muted! 😻 Definitely choose whatever name you would like. 11h
BookNAround She‘s gorgeous. We have a bog standard mog kitty. He‘s mostly white with dark grey markings that make look like a cow. His name is Ozzie but the kids call him Coo Katze. 11h
Eggbeater She's beautiful! Congratulations! 😍 11h
BookwormAHN Congratulations, she's gorgeous 💙 11h
Soubhiville Oh, congratulations! She‘s beautiful. You can absolutely change her name, she‘ll learn whatever you decide it is. You have a reading buddy now💜 11h
JenReadsAlot Yay! I have a 6 month old named frankie that shows up here from time to time! 11h
ljuliel That‘s a nice kitty. I‘d change the name to something different. Call her Scout. If I ever get a pet dog or cat, I‘m naming it Anne , whether it‘s a boy or girl. I like the name. 11h
LauraJ Welcome to the club! I foster a lot of cats and find that an appropriate name usually appears once you get to know the cat in question. 11h
mrp27 Awww so sweet!! 10h
Reagan Haha I assume people mute me, I love my cats! Congrats she is gorgeous. 10h
Purrfectpages What a beauty! I‘m assuming it‘s pronounced Can-i-ya, but I could be wrong. When you meet her you will know if you should rename her or not! 10h
Jas16 She is lovely 10h
peaknit So pretty! 10h
LeahBergen Oh, she‘s gorgeous! 💕💕 10h
NeedsMoreBooks 😻😻 9h
MrBook 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 8h
MrBook Hmmm, can always rename that beautiful delight something related to the color. 😁 8h
Birdsong28 So cute and welcome to the club. 😍📚📖 5h
Kaila-ann 🙋🏻‍♀️ I have a tuxedo cat. Welcome to the club. 3h
CarolynM She's lovely. Welcome to my world where the cat rules the house and you are her servant (in her mind anyway)😂 2h
AmyG What a beautiful girl. I am so excited for you both! I say. If you want to change her name...do it. I look forward to many cat and book pictures. I now dub you....a crazy cat lady. 😘 now
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Untitled | Unknown
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Roxas has a favorite way to nap, and it's with his head pressed against books! 🤣😂💕📚 #catsoflitsy #littenkitten #roxas

MidnightBookGirl The cuteness overload is real! 15h
Sace ❤️ 15h
Leftcoastzen Super cute! 15h
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Yoricke_SouthAfrica Cats and books make the purr-fect pair. So cute 💜 15h
Karisa I love the smell of books too, buddy. 😊 14h
Meaw_catlady Omg !!!! Adorable ! 😻 13h
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When the cats are comfy and no books are in reach, you resort to your least favorite way of reading-- the Kindle phone app. #kindle #lazysunday #snowyday #cuddlebuddy #littenkitten #catsoflitsy #adventuresofthegmen #itsthelittlethings #lifeisgood

Scochrane26 I try to make sure I rescue my book before the car gets comfy but doesn‘t always work. 15h
cherinium @Scochrane26 Me too, but today I failed. I thought I had one, but turns out it was one I just finished a few days ago. The one I'm currently reading looks similar without the dust cover. I just grabbed the wrong one off my nightstand. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 15h
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