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Day 19 Green My favorite book of all time from Dr. Seuss #WinterGames2021 #PhotoChalange #WishesandBlessings @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Perfect 💚📚 1mo
StayCurious Great choice! 1mo
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I read green eggs and ham to my brother last night. I love and recommend this book because it's my brother's favorite book he practically knows it by heart! it's also a rhyme book!

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Hey reading friends! Shortlist is UP! https://themorningnews.org/article/the-2022-tournament-of-books-shortlist-and-ju... Thanks for the tip @BkClubCare !

Turns out I read the “wrong” books from the longlist. 😆 No matter. My TBR now is set. I‘m just a little disappointed that so many are known to me (Erdrich, Rooney, Groff etc.) Interesting that No One Is Talking About This made it despite losing on the Summer Camp tourney. Whadda ya think?

Chelsea.Poole Thanks so much for the tag. I‘m unfamiliar with quite a few on the list and I, too, read several from the long list that didn‘t show up here. I‘m interested in Trees and still need to read Klara 2mo
Ruthiella @Chelsea.Poole I‘m really also looking forward to 2mo
AceOnRoam Thanks @Ruthiella 🐓 2mo
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AceOnRoam I have read a total of..... 1 😁 2mo
Ruthiella @AceOnRoam it‘s a start! 😂 2mo
Megabooks Well, I‘ve read 7, have 1 in progress and bailed on another. I‘m surprised Everett made the shortlist two years in a row, but he‘s a very ToB-style author. Now to plan logistically how to read them.😁😁😁 2mo
Ruthiella @Megabooks I‘m surprised too about the Everett. They probably threw us a curveball on purpose! 2mo
BarbaraBB I am very pleased with the Everett on the shortlist. It‘s gonna be my Zombie! I‘ve read 5 so far, so my tbr is clear now too! 2mo
Suet624 Thank you for letting us know about the shortlist. I hadn't heard. Well, I've read three and I have a fourth in my possession. So away I go to read! I adore the TOB. 2mo
Ruthiella @BarbaraBB Good idea for the zombie vote! It‘s a tough call when one hasn‘t read all the books yet to know who to vote for! 2mo
Ruthiella @Suet624 You‘re welcome! I‘ve only read 4 of the 18, so my work is cut out for me! 2mo
BarbaraBB It‘s a wild call indeed but they always need the zombie vote quite soon. And it‘s GOOD (edited) 2mo
Ruthiella Tag for#TOB and #ToB2022 (edited) 2mo
sarahbarnes It happened so fast! And I‘m excited for The Trees too! Just got it from the library this week. (edited) 2mo
vivastory It's an interesting list. I've only read a couple. I have a couple more on my immediate TBR. I don't think I'll be following along as closely this time 2mo
Ruthiella @sarahbarnes I know! It caught me by surprise! 😅 2mo
Ruthiella @vivastory There are some interesting outliers for sure. If I want to be a completist this year, I‘ll probably end up buying a few since my library doesn‘t carry them. 2mo
BkClubCare @Ruthiella - I am already trading a few but if I break down to buy more, I‘ll throw 1-2 your way. I can‘t believe I managed 5 from the longlist and NONE move on. And I gave them all 5 stars ✨ 🤣 2mo
Ruthiella @BkClubCare I know! 😂 My shortlist prediction skills were equally poor. But at least you had five 5 ⭐️ reads!!! 2mo
Lindy Six books I loved are on the shortlist, so it looks good to me. Especially happy to see Patricia Lockwood‘s get another chance. And there‘s one that I bailed on, so I look forward to reading the judge‘s takedown of that one. 😉 2mo
Ruthiella @Lindy I didn‘t love the Lockwood (though I did really like her memoir) but it‘s definitely telling that it‘s on the shortlist despite already going through the summer competition (and the Women‘s Prize). It could go all the way and win it! 2mo
Well-ReadNeck This definitely makes me rework my TBR!! But I did pretty well - read 12 and will probably read all of the rest except the Sally Rooney 😜 Once again, in agreement with @Ruthiella — didn‘t care for the Lockwood. Not yet sure which will get my zombie vote. 2mo
Well-ReadNeck Ok, @BarbaraBB going to read The Trees this weekend, in case it needs to be my 🧟 2mo
Lindy @Ruthiella I am always looking to be surprised, and to encounter an unusual voice or style; Lockwood delivered all of that. 2mo
Ruthiella @Well-ReadNeck 12 out of 18 is outstanding! In keeping with our mutual reading alignment, I WILL read the Rooney, but frankly am not looking forward to it. I don‘t dislike her but her books do nothing for me. 😅 2mo
batsy I've read three 🎉😅 I'm so glad to see When We Cease to Understand the World in there; one of my favourite contemporary books I've read recently. A weird melange of science, philosophy, and fiction that takes you out of the present into different worlds. 2mo
Ruthiella @batsy I‘m really looking forward to that one and am glad it made the cut! I first heard about it on the podcast Bookfight. Something makes me think it will enthrall me similarly to a previous ToB contender 2mo
batsy @Ruthiella I have a copy of Sudden Death and I've been meaning to get to it! 2mo
Cinfhen Ha, only one of the longlist books I read made it onto the shortlist BUT it‘s ECHO WIFE, which I really liked!!!!! So I‘m very pleased about that!! I‘ve read 7 books and own one, which is the Everett!!! I‘m really glad to see the Lockwood but disappointed to see Rooney & Ishiguro, of course not surprised. (edited) 2mo
Ruthiella @Cinfhen I‘m looking forward to reading The Echo Wife. Klara and the Sun had a guaranteed slot due to winning the Summer Camp competition, but I‘m disappointed by the Rooney title too. On the other hand, the love/hate for her books does make for good commentary. 2mo
Cinfhen Ugh, I forgot Klara won 🤪 2mo
Cathythoughts Thanks must have a look. I have the Echo Wife ordered & I‘m looking forward to it 👍🏻 2mo
Ruthiella @Cathythoughts You are welcome! I just read the first two chapters of The Echo Wife - very intriguing! 2mo
squirrelbrain I too read the wrong books! I‘d read so many off the longlist, but only 4 from the shortlist! I‘m halfway through Libertie though, and also had to bail on the Meruane due to the subject matter. I think I can get hold of most of them…. 2mo
Ruthiella @squirrelbrain I really liked the historical fiction part of Greenige‘s debut novel, We Love You Charlie Freeman, also read because it was on the TOB shortlist in 2017). Libertie sounds intriguing. 2mo
BkClubCare @Well-ReadNeck WOW!! Looking forward to your thoughts on The Trees 🌳 I saw some zombie chatter for it on goodreads. No wonder I never remember my zombie choice- I usually don‘t have one. Not enough time 2mo
KarenUK @megabooks I‘ve read 7 too, and about to start Our Country Friends which is our B&N bookclub currently. I‘m surprised I‘ve read so many already, not like me at all! 😂… thanks for the tag @Ruthiella 2mo
Ruthiella @KarenUK 7 books is an excellent start! I‘ve always wanted to try Shteyngart. I thought I‘d start with Super Sad True Love Story but I guess now it‘ll be instead 2mo
Flaneurette Thanks for the tag! I guess I‘m gonna have to finish the Rooney. At least the Franzen and the Powers can go on the back burner. I‘m going to have to buy the Everett bc there is long wait at my library but I have most of the others. I thought I had another week or so before this came out! 2mo
Ruthiella @Flaneurette I does seem like it came out on the heels of the longlist announcement! I‘m glad the Franzen didn‘t make it. I kinda wanna read The Corrections and call it a day for him as an author. 2mo
Readerann @Ruthiella Oh dear. I‘ve read…1 (Klara). I just finished Bewildered and am currently reading Hell of a Book (I like them both.) I have 6 longlistees (?) on hold at the library, only 2 of which made the shortlist. I think I‘ll go ahead and read those 6 and see what else I get to. Looks like I won‘t be a completist this year! 😙 2mo
Ruthiella @Readerann I‘m shocked that Hell of a Book didn‘t make it. The NBA winner is usually a shoe-in! As is the Booker winner, which also got skipped. I have a bunch of shiortlisters on hold-hopefully they won‘t all come in at once (but they probably will!😆) 2mo
4thhouseontheleft I‘m going to join in #tob this year if you could add me to the tag list! And my wagers were pretty off. I have 3 books from the library right now, only 1 made the shortlist. 2mo
Ruthiella @4thhouseontheleft Always happy to have another TOB fan in the mix! My shortlist predictive skills were also poor! I will be sure to copy you as I review the shortlist books I read. 2mo
Centique Hi @Ruthiella I feel bad that I‘ve held you up with reading that EL Doctorow book! We‘re out of lockdown now but I also have a lot of things to get through for 2021 and you probably do too with TOB. Don‘t let me hold you back though if you wanted to read it now. I will look for a copy after Christmas 😘 2mo
Ruthiella Let‘s read Doctorow in 2022! I have PLENTY to read in the meantime . 😆 2mo
Centique @Ruthiella excellent, 2022 it is 👍 1mo
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Lady Joker, Volume 1 | Kaoru Takamura
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1. Completing a #bookspin book every month so far.

2. The tagged chunkster I'm working on.
#TwoForTuesday @TheSpineView

Thanks for the tag @EadieB!

@Sola Raynor @hollyvoncount @ICantImReading @IndoorDame Do you want to play?

SolaRaynor 1. I finished “The Anglo-Saxons“ A History of the Beginnings of England“.

2. I'd like to read “The Woman on the Orient Express“, a fictional novel about Agatha Christie.

#Eggs #DaveGreen777 #Nessavanamusic
DrexEdit @Sola Raynor 👍☺️ 2mo
TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 2mo
ICantImReading Thank you, that book sounds good! ☺️ I have quite a few I‘m hoping to read before the end of the year, but one I‘m looking forward to picking up soon is 2mo
DrexEdit @ICantImReading that sounds like a lovely book! 2mo
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Hey! The 2022 Long List for the 2022 Tournament of Books has been announced! I‘m so excited! 😝 I‘ve read 10 of the 68 books. Will any of you be following along in March 2022? #ToB #ToB2022

rsteve388 Thank you I have been googling this for like the last month. So thank you! 3mo
Ruthiella @rsteve388 Excellent! My work is done! 😅 3mo
Megabooks I just skimmed them, but I‘m going to go back for a closer look later! Thanks for the heads up!! 3mo
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squirrelbrain I‘ve read 15 on the list - better than I thought. I only took part in CampTOB last year (for the first time) so I‘m intrigued to see how this works. I‘m trying to have a no-pressure year with challenges in 2022 but I‘m sure I‘ll get involved somehow. 3mo
Cathythoughts Thankyou for posting ! Can‘t wait to have a look … and add to my TBR 😂❤️❤️❤️💫 3mo
Ruthiella @Megabooks It‘s a lot of books to take in at once. Especially since they include plenty of outliers! 3mo
Ruthiella @squirrelbrain 15 books is great! Also, you can totally observe the tournament from sidelines and still enjoy it, I think. Take 2022 to observe and see how you like it. 3mo
Ruthiella @Cathythoughts It‘s always fun to read about the books that are completely new to me on the long list! 3mo
4thhouseontheleft @squirrelbrain I‘ve only observed #tob from the sidelines but considering getting involved in 2022! (Although not sure how it all works) 3mo
KarenUK 13 for me…. Thank for sharing! Got a lot of reading to do! 😉 3mo
vivastory Thanks for the tag! I'll have a look later 3mo
squirrelbrain We can be newbies together! @4thhouseontheleft 3mo
MicheleinPhilly I only did a quick skim but I think I‘ve only read 1. 😬 I do own another 10 or so. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Looking forward to exploring all of the totally new to me titles. 3mo
kwmg40 I've only read 1 from the list so far. Looking forward to another ToB! 3mo
4thhouseontheleft I've read 4 on the list, lots more reading to do! 3mo
Ruthiella @KarenUK I usually try to get to two or three longlisters before the shortlist is announced. 3mo
Ruthiella @4thhouseontheleft I try to be fairly relaxed about the longlist...68 books is a lot! 3mo
Ruthiella @MicheleinPhilly It‘ll be a good excuse to get to some of your physical TBR sooner rather than later! 3mo
Ruthiella @kwmg40 It‘s my favorite reading event of the year! 😅 3mo
Ruthiella @vivastory You‘re welcome 😊 3mo
Chelsea.Poole Ooohh thanks for the tag!! I have read 13 but have several others on hold at the library/Libby. Several I‘ve been thinking of adding tbr, and this list might be the nudge I needed to pull the trigger! 🐓 📚 (edited) 3mo
4thhouseontheleft @Ruthiella it is! I I‘ll be waiting until the shortlist comes out, but I actually have 2 on the list checked out from the library right now! (edited) 3mo
AnneCecilie Maybe. I‘ve read 9 and own 1. There‘s also a couple of others I want to read. Then I hope my library will have some once the list is narrowed down. 3mo
BarbaraBB Thanks for the tag! I‘ve been sooo looking forward to this! I‘ve read only 10! And I am having a few on my shelves. But I‘m off now to devise which ones I‘m going to need a copy of! 3mo
BarbaraBB @Chelsea.Poole @KarenUK @squirrelbrain Impressive you‘ve read so many already. I‘ve read 10 but want to read a few more before the shortlist is announced. I am excited to see a new Everett! (edited) 3mo
BarbaraBB @Megabooks You‘ve read sooo many of these!!!! 3mo
Ruthiella @Chelsea.Poole Totally! I try to read only those I‘m interested in anyway from the longlist and use it as a way of prioritizing. 3mo
Ruthiella @4thhouseontheleft I have one checked out now too which made me happy 3mo
Ruthiella @BarbaraBB You are welcome! The first thing I do when I get the longlist is see which are available at the library. I wonder what the chances are for Percival Everett making the shortlist a second year in a row.🤔 3mo
Ruthiella @AnneCecilie I only get serious about the shortlist because there is no way I could read all 68 by March 2022. 3mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I have! 😁 but I read a lot of books this year period. 😉 I am very excited to see which make the shortlist. I plan to read the whole shortlist, but I‘ll pick and choose on the long one. 3mo
Megabooks I‘ve read 18 and bailed on 3 and have 3 on my shelves unread and am currently on the waitlist for 1 at the library. Not bad! @BarbaraBB (edited) 3mo
Suet624 Thank you so much for tagging me. I hadn‘t realized the list was out. I‘ve read eight and I have three more sitting on my table that I got from the library. They all look so intriguing. I love this tournament. 3mo
Ruthiella @Suet624 It was only released today. I love this tournament too. Unlike many other book prizes, it introduces me to many books I normally would not be aware of. (edited) 3mo
Suet624 You‘re exactly right. 3mo
BkClubCare I‘ve only read the #TOBSummerCamp ones. Which is typical. I will spend some time checking the library availability. And guessing!! Which will be on that darn shortlist. 3mo
Ruthiella @BkClubCare The Booker winner is pretty much a sure bet to make the shortlist. 3mo
Cinfhen Thanks so much for sharing!!! I‘ve actually read 18 & own another 2 which I‘m planning on reading for other challenges in 2022. I never attempt the long list…it‘s LONG 😉😆but I‘m curious about the shortlist!!! I‘ve enjoyed participating in @BarbaraBB version of #ToB challenge 🥰Now off to check out the other 40 books I‘m not familiar with 😁 3mo
Ruthiella @Cinfhen 18 read! WOW! Right up there with @Megabooks. 😲 Impressive. 3mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen So impressive, 18 books! I need recommendations as I‘m definitely not going to read all 68 of them 😂 (edited) 3mo
Cinfhen I actually have @Megabooks to thank for some of my books!! It was her reviews which inspired me to pick up the book 😍😘so I‘ll continue following Meg for inspiration 🥰 3mo
Cinfhen I‘ll have to go back and let you know which of those 18 I enjoyed @BarbaraBB xx 3mo
Simona I have read 11 books so far and I‘m planning to read some more from the list, but not the whole longlist. Longlist like that scares me 😳 Thank you for tagging me😘 3mo
Ruthiella @Simona You are welcome! I only try to read the complete shortlist. Like you, 68 books is waaay too long for me! 3mo
batsy Fun! Thank you for sharing. I am going to *try so hard* to read along this time. Think I've only read about 7 😅 3mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB @Ruthiella this has been a big reading year for me period! I really want to get to 500 books!! I am 35 away as of today. There are three I‘ll tag here that I‘m surprised didn‘t make it. 3mo
Megabooks And this one…should‘ve gotten it for your birthday, Barbara…perhaps Christmas 😉 @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @Ruthiella 3mo
Megabooks And this one, which I‘m rereading now. I know you weren‘t a fan, Barbara, but it seems very ToB. @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @Ruthiella 3mo
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing those 3 @Megabooks I‘m really interested in this one 👉🏽 I don‘t recall your initial review 3mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen just retagged you in my review! 👍🏻😁 3mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen check out @EvieBee ‘s review of that one too!! 3mo
Cinfhen I‘m definitely going to use a credit if I can‘t find it on #Scribd…thanks @Megabooks 3mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen you‘re welcome!! 😘😘 3mo
Ruthiella @batsy Trying to read the shortlist is a challenge, no doubt. Especially some since there are ALWAYS a few that aren‘t to my taste and are a bit of a trial to finish. 😅 3mo
Ruthiella @Megabooks @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB I agree, the three books Meg noted are real omissions. I also expected and miss Mrs. March and (edited) 3mo
Lindy Thanks for posting! I will be following, though I don‘t plan to read everything. I‘ve already read 16 on the list, bailed on 3, and have 3 others lined up for reading in the next month. Best part of this list: the new-to-me titles like the one set in Ancient Sumeria— 3mo
Ruthiella @Lindy I also love the discovery aspect of the Tournament! 3mo
BarbaraBB @Megabooks @Cinfhen I haven‘t read Nobody Somebody Anybody but had it stacked after your review. Both others I read and are real #ToB books indeed. I haven‘t read your two suggestions either @Ruthiella and will check them out. Personally I really think at least one Charlotte McConaghy should have made it to the longlist. And I expected this one, that‘s on my shelves but I haven‘t read yet: 2mo
Flaneurette Woohoo! Thanks for the tag, I do plan on following along, love the TOB. I‘ve only read 8 and am currently reading 2 more. I have more on hand that I hope to get to soon! 2mo
Ruthiella @Flaneurette You are welcome! 8 with 4 more coming is an excellent start! I love following the tournament and reading the judgments and commentary. 2mo
Well-ReadNeck Welp, there goes my TBR!!! Several that were not on my radar. I‘ve read 33 of 68, so not too shabby. 2mo
Ruthiella @Well-ReadNeck 33! Amazing 😲. You might have already read the shortlist! 😜 2mo
Cinfhen I liked this one too @Ruthiella @BarbaraBB @Megabooks but I can‘t figure out what makes the list 🤷🏼‍♀️👇🏽 2mo
Cinfhen I thought this one would make it 2mo
Cinfhen OMG @Well-ReadNeck 🙌🏻 which are your favs???? 2mo
Cinfhen @BarbaraBB I think you might like Infinite Country or 2mo
BarbaraBB Thanks @Cinfhen I will take note 📝 2mo
BarbaraBB @Well-ReadNeck I‘m in awe too and curious what are your favorites?? 2mo
Well-ReadNeck @Cinfhen my faves: Nightbitch; We Run the Tides; Whereabouts; A Spindle Splintered; The Other Black Girl; Fight Night and Detransition, Baby (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing @Well-ReadNeck haven‘t heard about this one - curious 2mo
Cinfhen And I‘m definitely going to pick up 2mo
Ruthiella @Well-ReadNeck @cinfhen I just put a hold on it at my library. It‘s under 150 pages! 2mo
sarahbarnes Yes! A lot of books on here I‘m interested in checking out! 2mo
Ruthiella @sarahbarnes It‘s always an interesting mix of known and unknown titles for me! 2mo
Readerann @Ruthiella I will definitely be following the action! I have only read 1 and own 1 other (but my bday and Christmas are coming up 😀). There are several I want to read and I‘ve added more from the comments here. I‘m trying to remember - does the short list come out in January? Thx for the tag. 🤗 2mo
Ruthiella @Readerann The shortlist usually comes out in December, which is good for me because I have to take time off work then anyway. 😀 2mo
teresareads I mostly use the long list as motivation to put a few books on hold so I'm at the front of the line for ones I'm interested in if they make the shortlist. I already read 4, had 3 on hold already, and added five more. I don't intend to read the shortlist this year, but I've said that the last couple of years and end up changing my mind every time. 😏 2mo
Ruthiella @teresareads I try not to put too much pressure on myself to be a shortlist completist. But I do find I appreciate the judgement and commentary more when I‘ve read the book. But there are books that do defeat me. I‘m glad Peaces didn‘t make it. I‘d have real trouble finishing it. 2mo
azulaco I will follow along, although I have found some of the past #ToB picks unremarkable. I‘ve only read one of the books on the long list. Several are on my reminder list. (edited) 2mo
Ruthiella @azulaco There are always at least a couple that make the shortlist that I don‘t get on with! (edited) 2mo
cariashley Late reply to this post, but thanks for the tag! I was debating trying to read the whole shortlist again this year as I was disappointed with the summer picks, but I don‘t know that I can resist 😊 (edited) 2mo
Ruthiella @cariashley I usually try to read the whole shortlist...it is a great temptation! 😀 2mo
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I laughed so hard.

Powell's Books | Portland, Oregon (Bookstore)
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1. Summer and Fall
2. Working out in the pool.
3. Powell's Books in Portland, Or
4. My husband's raise.

I tag @nataliepatalie, @Tera66, @BookZombie, @RamsFan1963 @Trashcanman, @LibrarianRyan

#WonderousWednesday #Eggs

NataliePatalie Yay dad! 5mo
Blueberry @Nataliepatalie 👍🏼😍🙃 5mo
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The Good Egg | Jory John
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lazydaizee Nice image, made me smile. 6mo
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I had a chance to meet the author once and she was hilarious so have been keeping her book in mind for awhile to see if it was as funny as she was in person. It was an interesting book and while not as funny maybe as she was in person it was still pretty humorous.